1. Kody

    I’ve read all the articles and comments under your YOGA section and I’m failing to see any comments relating to negatives. Can someone please explain to me why YOGA is bad? I’ve done it a few times and noticed it helped me relax, but I didn’t notice any negatives. I’ve also read research on how it can be helpful, but never anything bad. If research is showing it can help vets with PTSD, then what necessarily do you have a problem with?

  2. CW

    Sandra Lee Smith, I appreciate your comments and concerns. I knew about the abridgement of military chaplains’ freedom to minister in the name of Jesus (a friend’s husband who was a chaplain retired from the military for this very reason), but I did not know about these things concerning the VA. 🙁

  3. CW

    I was very fortunate to find a copy of Louis Zamperini’s autobiography not long ago. It is much better, has much more information about his post-war Christian life than the popular biography, Unbroken. I mention that here because the power of God liberated him from PTSD which resulted from horrible personal persecution and torture he suffered in a Japanese prison camp during WW2 — he did not need yoga because Christ Jesus the Lord set him free! A new movie is out this very weekend about this, which was not covered in Unbroken. I’m hoping to see it ASAP.

  4. Sandra Lee Smith

    Dear sirs: The VA began using this about 3 years ago, when they began pushing alternatives for “pain management”, instead of dealing with chronic pain, and touting it as a “safe alternative”; mind you that was less than a year after then began prohibiting chaplains from praying in the name of Jesus or in anyway mentioning Him in the VAs! They can’t even do so at veterans’ funerals now. I hoped it wouldn’t catch on; that people would investigate before buying into it, but no, and as a”mere client” at the VA, I have no authority to speak out against it except to individuals and to refuse to participate myself, having learned what Yoga actually is, many decades ago, in the process of studying other religions as well as Christianity, so as to understand where they were in error. Yoga belongs in the same dust bin with astrology, seances, fortune tellers, and many other of Satan’s LIES. It’s nothing more or less than a worship of false deities, and Christians especially need to become aware. Not only is Yoga a path to idols, so too are all the “martial arts” as they were originally developed as forms of worship as well. They really aren’t military; and they aren’t innocent or harmless ways to exercise, any more than “meditation”on anything but God’s Word is harmless relaxation.

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