1. Hettie

    All glory to God for finding a way to relate to people who would never, normally, pick up a Bible!
    It’s time the 21st Century Purists realised that God has shown us a way to reach the masses. The message that ” the Kingdom of God is at hand” comes through loud and clear. Start looking at the overall message and stop nit picking!!
    Our hope comes from God, and He used every means available.
    Blessings All.🙏

  2. Peggy Peuster

    I wonder how many unsaved people have watched it and that was the catalyst which led them to “confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” I highly doubt ppl like myself, who are 40+ years into this walk, will lose their faith bc of this show. If they did I would say that their faith was built on the sand and not the rock. Who are we to discern what God will or will not use, to lead a person to salvation??

  3. Twisting Scripture, and presenting a Jesus that’s not in the Bible. Something you would expect from a producer who has embraced Mormonism as acceptable Christian doctrine, and who uses a committed Roman Catholic as the lead actor for Jesus in his ecclesiastical fairy tale.

  4. Cherry Bieber

    I am always leary of things the masses embrace. It is so much easier to sit and be entertained with movies about the Bible, rather than studying it for ourselves. It is heartbreaking to see the effect the movie industry is having on the church.

  5. Don Grinde

    Thank you, I have long been concerned since this is theater production. The Chosen are often far away from the confines of scripture with imagination and assumptions.

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