1. Lisa Allen

    The Shack was pushed on us at church. At first I was excited for something good to read. It took 5 minutes to come to the conclusion this was in no way a good book but blasphemy. It divided us within our circle of friends.

  2. Trevor Morton

    A. Wright I am so grateful for the integrity of believers such as yourself, especially those charged with care of the flock as far as truth goes. To me what you were required by conscience to do was the epitome of faithfulness. The body of Christ is in desperate need of such people of principle. I am sorry for the great cost you have had to pay but am sure that one day soon your actions will be publicly affirmed by The Lord Himself. Thank you faithful shepherd. Shalom, Trev

  3. Sharon

    Thank you for the timeless encouragement from God’s Word! I appreciate Lighthouse Trails and their authors for helping me understand the deception, and how to recognize it wherever it pops up NEXT…..because we must realize we are in a spiritual battle and the enemy will just keep on trying!! He is going to use whatever works…..peer pressure (who wants to be the lone dissenter? …or to always be negative one?), best selling books, mini-series, popular churches and pastors, new “enlightened” ways of seeing God and Jesus, (and I am sure there are other ways) to distract us from the true, living God and Jesus Christ of the Bible. Thank you again.

  4. A. Wright

    ‘The Shack’ played a big role in my leaving my beloved friends and church after 10+ years. The first indication of a falling away was when our new pastor purchased enough copies of “The Purpose Driven Life” for each member of the church. When I read it, I was troubled and I questioned his decision in my position as Librarian. He was not happy. Shortly after, a copy of “The Shack” mysteriously appeared on my desk.

    Of course I immediately knew this was a test, and I started to read it. It didn’t take many pages before I felt sick at what I was reading, – after finishing the book, I put it in a drawer rather than putting it on the bookshelves. Shortly after I was privately questioned as it was obvious that the book had not been ‘signed out’, and was able to explain that 1) it was a stated rule that the Librarian had the responsibility to refuse the donation of a book that was not Biblical or appropriate. And 2) because I couldn’t return an unknown donation, it had been removed. Nothing was said further.

    At the next General Meeting, it was announced without warning, that the library would be closed down to make the space available for other purposes (which never happened). That year “The Shack” became a #1 best seller – and my church became ‘Emergent’ – and from then on became a shadow of what it had been. So many friends still rave about “The Shack” but to me it is heresy.😢

  5. claire

    Why are people still reading this stupid book? Because preachers and teachers and parents have fallen down on the job. Anyone who has any knowledge of the Holy Spirit can tell it is ridiculous.

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