1. Elizabeth Bennett

    When we read and study the entire Bible we need to read complete chapters; we must not take words or sentences out of context, picking and choosing only what we like. The Holy Spirit will give us understanding, not repetition of a few words. We must not repeat mantras as the heathen do.

  2. Tom Baer

    When you put something, anything in place of the one true GOD, you go against HIS commandments. Exodus 20.
    Look back to the 10 Commandments Thou shalt have no other GOD before ME. That includes any image.
    Exodus 34:14-16. The wrong type of worship is what GOD describes all through HIS writings as wrong.
    Look to Exodus 25 : 2, it speaks to worship coming from the heart of the individual man.
    Man must first learn of GOD through HIS writings , the bible to affect the heart.
    It is not clearing your mind, nor repeating 1 word or phrase. The bible does say to meditate on GOD’s Word.
    From Genesis to Timothy we are to think about, study, dwell in thought, about GOD’s WORD. Ps 1:2 “But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.”
    This article only touches upon the truth of GOD’s Word, and wordship as a daily practice.
    GOD is a jealous GOD, and will not share HIS glory with anyone. HE is the creator, the single only one.
    Look to John 4: 23-24 “… in spirit and in truth. ” Truth is something pure and unadulterated.
    True worship is also part of that equation.

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