1. charley

    Ms. Miller please read Colossians 2-16 about sabbath days. i take it you are an adventist who believe in the soul sleep lie where there is no life after death but the Bible teaches differently; we have a body, soul and spirit: Mark 8-36 – what does it profit a man if would gain the world and lose his. The law cannot save, only what Jesus Christ did alone at the cross of calvary. The seventh adventist church denies the immortality of the soul, that is no hell. We need to bow to the lordship of jesus christ alone, not the traditon and falsehood of ellen g. white.

  2. CW

    Aw, what a beautiful and meaningful hymn to be so ruined by these people! Unbelievable and oh so sad. Thanks for sharing the background, that it was written during the Civil War. I’ve been involved in church music pretty much all my life, and the background info of hymns never fails to bless and inspire me. I had never heard of Calvin College before this. I clicked on your link and saw the extensive info about their involvement in all those unscriptural things. {{shudder}} Is the college named for John Calvin?

  3. E lizabeth Bennett

    I sang this beautiful hymn at my sister’s wedding. It is troubling that not only is holy scripture being interfered with and changed but also our sacred hymns. I am sure the composers of our old hymns would not have approved; the emergents are actually robbing people and God Himself when they do this.

  4. Jacqueline Miller

    Such a wonderful organization you have!!! Please keep your minds open to the Bible truth of the Bible Sabbarh, instituted by God at creation., and forever a blessing. God bless you and your ministry at this time in Earth’s history.

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