1. Frank Schlernitzauer

    In my mind battle of Armageddon is thee end, takes place in Rev. 20 after satan is released from his thousand year internment; he deceives the whole world which surrounds Jerusalem, Thee End vs 9 Rev 20.

    Ezekiel 38-39 (again in my mind), can only take place after first of the five horseman of Rev 6 who rides longest having come in peace breaks his seven year covenant of peace with Israel and world after 3 1/2 years of peace. (Daniel tells us by peace he destroys many) At this point we know Tribulation starts, abomination that makes desolate takes place in Temple, Jews are to run for their lives, but- for 3 1/2 years(?), seems implausible. Though we are told except those days be shortened no flesh should be saved, Mt 24:22 kjv. But an even more loaded word is first word of next verse 23 which says “then” informing us of what takes place next, during this time of [21] “great tribulation.” ‘False Christs, and prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders,’ during great tribulation period- obviously life though under great distress does go on.

  2. Frank S

    My reply is specific to viewpoint of Arnold Fruchtenbaum ‘s view which he “says that this event will happen before the rapture of the church and the Great Tribulation, the seven-year period that will precede the end of this age and the “Day of the Lord.” Therefore, it could happen at any time now.” Scripture refutes this view as rapture according to Matthew 24:29-31 kjv takes place ‘immediately after tribulation of those days, … .’ The day of the LORD we are told in Amos 5:18,20 kjv takes place when the sun and moon go dark and stars fall which is what takes place Mt 24:29-30, note the whole world sees this and mourns; the next verse 31 the trumpet sounds and the elect are gathered! Thee earth dwellers in vs. 30 mourn because they know wrath is coming next upon them, which is why vs. 31 tells us trumpet sounds and the elect are removed as we are not appointed unto His wrath, we have to be removed. We are here for time of tribulation but not His wrath which will be poured out on earth dwellers Rev 3:10.

  3. Wendy Adams

    Hi Mr. Pearce
    Please send me Light for the Last Days July 2022 you referenced in your article.
    I really learned a lot.
    Mrs. Adams

  4. Roger

    Thank you Tony for your update, and thank you to LTR for posting this.
    Another site which gives news in Israel is Debka https://www.debka.com/# although mostly internal news rather than the broader spectrum that Tony shares through his website.

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