1. admin

    Beth, the problem with contemplative prayer is that it won’t make Heaven more crowded. It actually keeps people from going to the Cross. If you would be interested, we can send you a copy of a booklet that clearly explains why contemplative prayer is so dangerous.

  2. Beth Hollis

    I fail to see how contemplation and quieting of one’s soul before the Lord in prayer (ex: Ps 46:10) is bad. I fail to see how judging one person simply due to affiliating themselves with another is a valid argument. I may be influenced by Ellen DeGeneres to be kinder, but that does not mean in any manner I would affirm her life choices or be a ‘follower’ of hers. . I have never heard Priscilla nor Beth Moore advocate mysticism in any realm – indeed, they passionately encourage others to follow the Lord (Jesus Christ) and do not even come close to points of mysticism. Drawing such divisive, rigid delineations I believe causes the church to detonate from within. We should want to reach the unreached – and use whatever means to reach them. A climate of internal judgment will result in skepticism and walking away from Christ. Didn’t Jesus himself admonish against such penury of spirit? Consider the analogous book The Shack. It came under attack even as spoke of God’s love. Surely Hurnard and Lewis may have felt similar skepticism for their words. Before we cast stones at Godly teachers simply because perhaps every absolute truth is not aligned perfectly (who can do that anyway?) we need to consider the larger focus – Making Heaven more Crowded.

  3. Merry

    Good work LT. I am trying to find a new church and was looking at one church online. On their website, their Adult Bible Studies included one by Patricia Shirer, one by Joyce Meyers, and one by Louie Giglio. I guess I’ll skip this church!

  4. kay

    this is hog wash….. she is one of the best bible teachers around…spend more time in the word instead of trying to cut down good bible teachers

  5. Beth Fehr

    My eyes have been opened to the Contemplative prayer movement and the danger it poses. I’m shocked how widespread and pervasive this false teaching is. Our church is showing a simulcast of Phyllis Shirer which led me to speak to my pastor. So far, he hasn’t responded to the truth, but I’m not giving up! Thank you for the ministry you do. Where could we find the truth if it wasn’t for you and others sounding the alarm.

  6. admin

    Kay, we believe if you will do the research, you will come to see that what we are saying is accurate and true. There is a reason Priscilla Shirer is drawn to contemplative mystics such as Jan Johnson. And it would be wrong to give her a pass just because she quotes from and points to these figures but may not come out and say it herself. By pointing to them and turning to them, she is, in essence, saying it herself. And she has a long history of doing this. We hope you will read some material so that you will understand exactly what contemplative spirituality is. Once you see that it is panentheistic and interspiritual in its foundation, you will then be able to connect the dots. You are angry because you feel we are attacking a nice person. We do not have any animosity toward Priscilla Shirer, but we are compelled to warn people about a belief system that is dangerous.

  7. Kay King

    After reading this article on Priscilla Shirer, I don’t feel that I can trust anything else your site says. What an exercise in taking a couple small phrases that Priscilla Shirer has said about her interaction and extrapolating it to sound like something totally different. SHAME ON YOU! I stopped counting how many other people/authors you quoted inferring that she agreed with them when you actually gave NO direct correlation that she did. If I were her, I would be tempted to sue you for defamation of Christian character. But she probably has too gracious of a heart and doesn’t want to waste her time. Next time, please give a true, direct and objective picture siting her own words instead of putting all of these other sources out there to try to make your point about contemplative prayer without actually citing her own words or writings.

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