1. Paulina,
    Are you saying that Lighthouse Trails seems to have a lot in common with the Eastern Orthodox Church? That’s an interesting statement. Can you explain what you mean? Wondering if maybe you meant to say “they” instead of “you.”

  2. Paulina

    Have you guys heard of Eastern Orthodox Church? You seem to have a lot in common, obviously not everything. Right now, there seems to be a big trend toward that, since everything else seems to be imposing. Consider reading “orthodoxy and the religion of the future”.

  3. Thank you for alerting us to this, JC.

  4. We found this link to substantiate what you stated: https://www.wycliffe.org/events/events-details/explore-wycliffe-live-part-4-the-practice-of-silence.
  5. Here is more information about Wycliffe’s former and long-time (17 years) “Spiritual Formation specialist,” Sue Russell: https://thrive.asburyseminary.edu/dr-sue-russell-relationshift/.
  6. Sadly, Wycliffe is turning to mystic, panentheist Henri Nouwen: https://www.wycliffe.org/Resources/Serve/explore-serving/Wycliffe_USA-Recommended_Reading_List_for_Successful_Prayer_and_Financial_Team.pdf
  7. Wycliffe Global Alliance (associated with Wycliffe USA promoting lectio divina: https://www.wycliffe.net/helpful-resources-wycliffe-world-day-of-prayer-11-november-2022/
  8. Like a majority of Christian organizations today, Wycliffe is being influenced by contemplative spirituality. Once an organization starts in this direction, in time, it becomes unrecognizable.

  9. JC

    And now Wycliffe has added Spiritual Formation heresy to its ranks. Sue Russell, the Spiritual Formation ‘specialist’ now has two Webinars on the website. One is about ‘hearing God’ (without the Scriptures) and two, entering God’s presence in “The Silence.” Yes we are to enter in with reverence and awe and confession in Jesus name, but the phrase, “The Silence’ is now the universal platform for all to enter in no matter what faith. I also personally talked to a missionary from Wycliffe who said he reads Dallas Willard and feels people just have ‘misunderstood’ Spiritual Formation. (October 2022)

  10. Dawn

    Dear Tereese – I appreciate your heart. Most Christians are not aware of what has been going on for many years. The latest term is convergence. There is a fast paced agenda racing towards the New World order, which includes one world religion. It sounds so inviting, as it presents a unity based on having “more in common then we don’t.”. It is well organized, and well executed. The Lord Jesus Christ, Peter, Paul, Jude, have one major common message. In the last days deception would run rampant, leading into the great falling away from the faith that was once delivered to the saints – apostasy. Unless one is truly grounded in the word of God, it is very very difficult to see through the maze. It will suffice to simply direct your attention to these two WORTHY ministries (also on YOUTUBE):
    [1] Proclaiming the Gospel, Mike Gendron. (a former Catholic); and, [2] rogeroakland.org, and, understandthetimes.org. (Both Roger Oakland)
    (Book) Another Jesus?: The eucharistic christ and the new evangelization Paperback – May 25, 2020
    by Roger Oakland
    Tereese, May the Holy Spirit open your understanding as you genuinely seek to know THE Truth..
    Sincerely, and respectively, submitted….

  11. Mary

    The Roman Catholic church belongs to satan, as does all the Evangelical church that practices a subtle form of works. Come out of her my people, gather together in a group and forget most churches, if you have a Grace Church go to it. The churches have all been taken over by Satan and he is using his ministers to do it, they are all marching towards Rome, all Roads lead to Rome.

  12. Michael Dove

    The romanist church places a curse on anyone who believes in Justification by grace alone through faith alone. These are found in canons 9 and 12
    What else is there to say except romanism is a false cult and satan’s church

  13. Elizabeth Bennett

    Dear Aaron,
    To be born again in the spirit is to admit we are all sinners, Romans 3:23; According to God’s law, the penalty for sin is death, but God gives us another option, eternal life 6:23; God loves us so much that he sent His only Son Jesus Christ to be crucified in our place on a Roman cross, even though we are sinners Romans 5:8; and whoever repents and calls on Jesus shall be saved, Romans 10:13. John 3:16 says that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Jesus lived a perfect life doing His Father’s will to the end, even death on a cross. Jesus arose from the dead on the third day and will come for those who love Him soon, which we call the Rapture. Aaron, may you have a blessed new life in Christ! Read a King James Version of the Bible daily. I try to read the entire Bible through every year. It is a blessing and joy.

  14. Richard

    It’s sounds like you’re serving another Jesus which Paul warned about in 2 Corinthians 11:4. You’re supposed to come out of the harlot Roman Catholic Church (RCC), abandon all its doctrines and practices, not stay in it. That’s what ex-priests Charles Chiniquy (50 Years in the church of Rome) and the recently deceased Richard Bennett did (bereanbeacon.org). You can also see ex-Catholic father and son duo, Patrick and James, at excatholicsforchrist.com/. On Berean Beacon’s website there are testimonies of former priests and nuns which found the real Jesus Christ and rejected the RCC.

  15. Patsy Mason

    Amen! Bible believers should never join the Catholic Church or be a part of this global movement. May our God deliver us from all deception, which is moving into our churches. Let us study the Word! Our only protection from these false teachers, like Rick Warren who are leading the way!

  16. Tereese

    I am a Roman Catholic and I study Scripture. Not only I, but most of the Catholics I know do as well. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking Catholics don’t read or study scripture…”Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of God.” St. Jerome said that and he was responsible for translating the Greek (language of the elite and educated) into the Latin which was the language of the regular people. I believe in Jesus Crist as my Lord and Savior…He is everyone’s Lord and Savior and your job and my job is to help people know,love and serve God via His son Jesus Christ – because (as hard as it is to believe) there are many many people in the United States that have never heard of Jesus and we don’t help them by arguing about Him as Christians.

  17. Ralph

    For those of us that read the Bible in the English language we need to stick with the authorized version KJB. Also, for commentaries get one that predates Wescott and Hort. There are some great ones by Matthew Henry and John Gill.
    Henry Guinness and Charles Spurgeon we’re warning people in the late 1800s about the deceptions they saw creeping in.

  18. Mike

    Hendrickson publishers sell them.
    Also, YouTube both Reg Block at His channel labelled “rescuing the church” as well as John Doerr who came from a Roman Catholic Jesuit educated family and is the coo producer of three films.. a lamp in the dark, Tares among the wheat and a bridge to Babylon.

    God bless you

  19. Elizabeth Bennett

    I would not endorse any movement supported by the Pope or YWAM. It is ironic that the Pope is calling for the whole world to read the Bible when he does not. Very few R. Catholics read the Bible. I know because I lived in Spain for 5 yrs. The Spaniards were surprised when they found out I read the Bible. They called me a practicing Christian. Most monks and nuns do not read the Bible. During the Middle Ages people were burned at the stake for owning a Bible. Translators were burned at the stake for putting the Bible into the language of the ordinary people. The R.C. church insisted the Bible had to be in Latin. This Year of the Bible event is an attempt to lure evangelicals into the R. C. Church and the Pope is succeeding.

  20. Crystal, UK

    Which Bible are they wanting us to read??? The Catholic bible, the Passion bible, the Message………what days these are……

  21. Heidi Lavoie

    Yes, thank you Lighthouse Trails. One must ask also, what version of the Bible will be promoted. No doubt, The Message will be in the mix. And that is not the Bible.

  22. T. I. Miller

    Jesus; If you love me you will keep my commands, Man is to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Jude: Boldly defend the faith. Paul: Be diligent to present thyself unto God, a workman that not need be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
    Today all too many are well pleased to do the exact opposite. I hear from BSF defenders is that they love it because they avoid all controversy. BSF demand that no one defends the faith or tries to evangelize the lost and the confused.
    Pastors boast that they want people to know what they are for, not for what they are against. They unashamedly name drop false teachers. Is this out of willful ignorance or lack of discernment or sinister motives? Irrespective they are harming Gods flocks.
    Church growth and unity is the, golden calf of today.
    Jesus preached the truth in John 6 and thousands of followers walked away from him. Is this today’s pastors biggest fear? Should it not be giving an account on the day of judgment instead?

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