1. Sorry Natalie. We definitely can’t agree with that reasoning. There’s nothing to “reclaim” here by Christians when it comes to Yoga. it never belonged to Christians (which reclaim would imply). Even Hindus will tell you that Yoga is the heartbeat of Hinduism. The Bible is very clear about not mixing truth from error, right from wrong, light from dark. Natalie, why dabble with darkness when the Bible tells us not to.

    There are some Christian leaders (e.g. Bill and Beni Johson of Bethel) who say we must “reclaim” the New Age. You can’t reclaim something that was never ours in the first place.

    We hope you will prayerfully seek out the truth in this matter.

  2. Natalie

    If dancing, cycling or walking etc was hijacked by a religion/cult would you stop doing that?
    Stay away from classes that push spiritual element. But I’m certainly not going to let the enemy steal these wonderful movements from me. As Christian’s we need to reclaim them & share the One who blessed us with the gift of movement to others.

  3. Yes, in thinking about the verse that says God will not share or give His glory with another (Isaiah 42:8), if only more Christians realized that because the roots of practices such as Yoga, contemplative prayer, centering prayer, etc. are panentheistic (God is in everyone) and pantheistic (all is God), it means that they (the practices) are essentially trying to usurp God’s glory. If only people knew . . .

  4. Jeannie Glover

    Thank you for your words, I agree! It is so sad that people won’t open their eyes to the truth. They are fine to water down what Gods word says and that is an extremely dangerous thing to do! God is serious when He says He is a jealous God, there are none but Him.

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