1. Floyd

    Great for you. God is so good. He showed you the world that came from is not of the spirit of Christ.

  2. CW

    Ron, thank you for bringing up that issue. Not many Christians I know personally seem to understand it. Our children were given Star Wars toys when they were young, and shortly afterward demonic things began happening in our home. An 8-year-old son was actually the first one to notice. We prayed about it, dear husband burned the toys (with our children’s full consent) and prayed over our home, and the demonic activity ceased.

  3. Ron DeMitchell

    I should wonder if movies that promote witchcraft, like the Star Wars saga, had any influence on this man’s thinking in any wayas well. The Jedi are told to be mindful of the force. It reminds me of when Obi-Wan says to Anican, “Only a sith deals in absolutes.” (Revenge of the Sith). I would have to assume that these guys no longer believe in absolute truth–even if they did at one time. Would they endorse this so-called contemplative spirituality if they were committed to absolute truth? I highly doubt it.

  4. CW

    As I understand it, Borg also denied the physical resurrection of Christ Jesus the Messiah. His unscriptural beliefs, quoted in the article above, can easily be refuted with scriptures in the Bible. When I saw that he had participated in the “Jesus” Seminar — which denied much of Scripture and promoted belief in “another Jesus”, not the one who came from Heaven to reveal the love, truth, and power of His Father — I knew that reading/studying his books could not be a good thing.

  5. Lydia

    I am so tired of these self proclaimed ‘experts’ coming along and asserting that all of the main tenets of the faith are not true! YES, they ARE true, all of them! These evil wolves are all wrong and they are antichrists leading the church astray. Yet you would have to be pretty apostate yourself already to even give them one inch of credence, or right at the precipice of apostasy. No, the emergent church apostasy is alive and well. It just is better disguised. Now they are pretty much all in that titannic. The best way to find out what your kids believe is to ask them direct questions. If there is something amiss, just pry deeper and ask if they read any books by anyone that changed their mind and see where the popcorn trail leads. Sometimes it is a needle in a haystack to chase down all the new false teachers, but if you nip the heresies in the bud with the truth of the Bible, you will refute the errors well. We all must learn to take up the sword of the Word of God and wield it with skill!

  6. Joey W-D

    David Dean, that is just one of the saddest things that I am hearing from all over the world. What people once fought to preserve have now caved into the pressure and joined the heresey train and are riding free and happy down the wide road to destruction. Thank you very much for your opinion on the Borg article. It is nice to hear of someone whom actually attended that Seminary and knew what they taught back then. Makes this article written today carry the weight it needs to wake hopefully many up to what is taking place and they will get off the wide road to destruction and take the Narrow Way to home.

  7. David Dean

    I attended Lincoln Christian Seminary [now known as Lincoln Christian University] from Fall 1998 – Spring 2001. Back then, the class in Christology used a textbook by Millard Erickson to refute and debunk the heresies of Borg, John Dominic Crossan, and the rest of the Jesus Seminar. Now the texts used in that institution promote the very heresies of the Jesus Seminar they once fought.

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