1. T. I. Miller

    “Beware the good ol boys club among pastors. ”
    Wisdom for today.
    I don’t care how loving any pastor is to the sheep. It doesn’t mean they have wisdom and humility.
    ” Wise men receive godly council, fools recieve it not.”
    They are the shepherds and God will judge them and hold them accountable for their prideful rejection of godly council.
    We must at the very least inform and warn them of every false movement sweeping through the churches.
    They are supposed to be Watchmen on the wall. Expect to be patronized. They will first thank you to your face yet dismiss and ignore you completely.
    Now what? if we kick the dust off our shoes at the door, how does that help those who remain?

  2. K

    Excellent Truth or Consequence video by Warren Smith. One can expound on it with the false prophet Jonathan Cahn, Dallas Jenkins and his false Chosen series.
    Be not deceived, know God’s Word, the Bible.
    All of you steadfast ambassadors at Lighthouse Trails, keep fighting the Faith for the one True God, Jesus Christ our Savior.

  3. Mike

    Great message. Even more relevant today. Perhaps you can provide links to messages by Johanna Michealson as well. Warren references them and think they would help provide additional context.

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