Buddhism: Doorway to Contemplative Prayer

"As a movement, those who practice contemplative prayer, on the whole, tend to develop spiritual kinship to other religions, especially Buddhism."—Ray Yungen 

When Ray Yungen once asked Brennan Manning who he would recommend as an excellent source in prayer, Brennan said: Bede Griffiths.

"Mysticism from the East or from Western traditions relies on techniques such as repetitive prayers, repeating over and over a word or phrase (mantras, which maybe names of deity), contemplations of icons or images real or imagined, also involved are methods of emptying the mind, extreme asceticism and in some cultures the use of hallucinogenic drugs. Through these and other methods the mind goes blank or passive and one enters an altered state of consciousness. Buddhists call this state Nirvana or Satori...New Age people call it at-one-ness, etc...,Christian mystics perceive they have experienced some kind of ecstatic union with God."
[from Mystical Deception Files - Noah's Dove Research]

"...as Buddhism becomes increasingly popular in the United States -- outpacing Episcopalianism with as many as four million members -- a growing number of Christians are exploring Buddhist practices while remaining within their own tradition. Christian-Buddhist meditation groups, retreat centers, books and websites attest to the growth of the trend." read more

 *Mysticism Molds The Mainstream*
Aging baby boomers who dabbled in Eastern and New Age spiritualities in their youth are returning to organized religion and bringing those spiritual experiences with them ... more

Quotes by Those Professing to
Be Christians

"I want to be the best Buddhist I can be."
Thomas Merton

"I am struck in this book and in his Living Buddha, Living Christ, by Thich Nhat Hanh's ardent desire to re-enliven both his Buddhist tradition and the Christian tradition for the sake of the young people. He ends this book showing great compassion and concern about the future of the young and demonstrating how an awakened Buddhism and an awakened Christianity might assist them to face the grave problems of ignorance and despair, of violence and destruction, that face our species at this time."—Matthew Fox,
Going Home, Jesus and Buddha as Brothers

What is Buddhism?
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