May 21, 2006 Special Report

May 21, 2006 Special Report: Calvary Chapel Rejects Contemplative Spirituality and the Emerging Church!

Follow Up on Calvary Chapel Book

May 5, 2006

Many people have been asking if the Calvary Chapel book (When Storms Come) that had been altered (unbeknownst to the author) will be pulled from circulation. We spoke with Ramona Richards, the book's editor at Thomas Nelson publishers, on Wednesday. Ms Richards told us that as of that date no decision had been made to pull the book. She informed us that it can be a costly decision and had to be carefully considered. We explained to her the dangers of contemplative spirituality, and she agreed to read a book on this controversy, which we have now sent to her. Ms. Richards said she had been under the assumption that the author of the book, Pastor Chuck Smith (founder of the Calvary Chapel churches), had okayed the final edition of the book. Ms. Richards was unable to tell us how many copies of the book had been printed or were in circulation. We also discussed with her a new book published by Thomas Nelson called Yoga for Christians. Ms. Richards told us that the book, and others like it, would help to bring practices from the "East" into the lives of Christians as "spiritual disciplines."

Whether Pastor Smith's book is pulled from the market or not does not change the fact that the book is well into circulation now, having been released several months ago. An online bookstore describes the book like this: "From the ability to discern spiritual warfare and how it can affect our emotions to the realization that God is intimately aware of everything we are going through, these messages will restore hope and peace to the weariest of believers." Unfortunately, these weary believers will also be exposed to contemplative references and favorable mention of mystics (Anthony De Mello and Lawrence Hoffman) who teach un-biblical prayer practices.

We prayerfully beseech Pastor Smith to rectify this serious situation as soon as possible with a public statement that would denounce contemplative spirituality as a way of knowing God.

Read May 2, 2006 news article on When Storms Come.

This follow up has been issued because of the high interest and concern by many who have contacted us this week.


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