Chuck Smith Jr. Promoting Contemplative

Calvary Chapel Chuck Smith Jr. Pastor of Capo Beach Calvary Promoting Contemplative

Chuck Smith Jr Speaks:
(from his book)

The End of the World ... As We Know ItOn Fundamentalism - "Eventually, though, I recognized how outdated, parochial, and rigid the fundamentalist subculture had become. p. xiii

On the Past: "[T]hose who hesitate will miss out on a great work of God that is now taking shape ... we have not seen a crucial period in church history for at least two hundred years .... have to discard some of our old wineskins ... you will need a road map ... this book will provide that map," p. 9.

On the Future: Popular culture is becoming increasingly postmodern. ... Popular culture is not evil. ... Christians need to find new ways to present the gospel," pp. 86, 91.

On Contemplative: "More and more Protestant Christians—and we are way behind the Roman Catholics on this score—are discovering a new, yet old way of reading the Bible: lectio divina." p. 103

"I doubt that the current interest in Christian spirituality is simply a fad.... Esther de Waal's The Celtic Way of Prayer is one of many books that offers spiritual expression in a variety of paths that have long been minimized or overlooked." p. 103.

The Celtic Way of PrayerThe Celtic Way of Prayer

From the book:

"First say the Lord's prayer, then face east, hands raised in the ancient position of prayer ...then make the sign of the cross and repeat the formula to four quarters, first with the eyes cast down, then looking up to heaven," p. 160. "... lectio, the monastic way of praying with a phrase from Scripture, repeating it, rocking it back and forward, letting it move into the depths of one's own self until it goes beyond words, into silence, into contemplation," p. 130.



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