Lighthouse Trails Research Project exists as a service to the body of Christ, helping to equip in the defense of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and of the biblical Christian faith. While all of our own articles (and books) are copyrighted material, we want the material to be available to be used on other websites, in newsletters, newspapers, on radio, in articles, and in books.

The following guidelines should be applied:

1. When quoting passages of Lighthouse Trails articles or books, please give the proper citation: For books, cite the author, publisher, date of publication and page number(s). For articles, cite the article title, the author (and date when one is given). If no author is given on an article on our site, then cite author as: "Editors at Lighthouse Trails Research Project."

2. Under the U.S. Fair Use Act, it is legal to quote small portions of books and articles (some say 300 words, but that is only an approximation) without the permission of the author or copyright owner. But the proper citation must always be given (author, date, etc.).

3.If you are quoting more than what is allowed under the Fair Use Act, such as an entire article, we ask that you put a live link on the article you use back to our website and the original page the article comes from. This would be in addition to full citation. If you are using an entire article in a printed form, we ask that you give the web address for Lighthouse Trails Research Project.

4. If you want to use a full article from this website (or our blog) that is written by someone other than our "Editors" or by Ray Yungen, you will need to contact that writer directly.  Once again, for small portions (under 300 words), you do not need permission legally, but you must cite properly.

5. If you are quoting from one of our books, and want to use more than what is allowed under the Fair Use Act, you will need to get written permission from Lighthouse Trails Publishing, our publishing arm.

If you have any questions about how to use our material, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are grateful that you wish to use this material and hope it will be beneficial to you in your work.

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