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Many of the links below in this 2006 article are outdated or broken. For an up-to-date report on Cornerstone University, click here.

Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan states that they have "a rich heritage of equipping students with biblical truths to make an impact in the world for Christ." We first learned about Cornerstone when we posted a link last year to an excellent article written by the president of the university, Dr. Rex Rogers. Recently, we discovered that the link to the article was not longer working. In checking the University site, we did not find the article but what we did find was that the university now has a Spiritual Formation program that is promoting contemplative and the emerging church. On the Spiritual Formation resources page, resources include many from the contemplative and emerging camps. When students read these "excellent books that cover important elements of discipleship" from authors such as Brian McLaren, Donald Miller, Richard Foster, Lauren Winner, Jim Wallis, John Burke and John Ortberg, they are going to be introduced to panentheism, interspirituality and Eastern style meditation.

In addition to this, on Cornerstone’s recommended reading list (also part of their Spiritual Formation program), they have books by contemplatives and emergent leaders: Brennan Manning, Brian McLaren, Mike Yaconelli, Robert Webber, Dallas Willard and Richard Foster. Furthermore, a search on Cornerstone’s search engine brings up 17 documents with Brian McLaren and 19 with Leonard Sweet. Incidentally, Brian McLaren was a chapel speaker last fall. (Those two messages can be listened to via the Internet. - scroll down page.) The university is also introducing lectio divina through the Spiritual Formation program.

Once again, young people, many from loving and devoted Christian homes, are being subjected to false teachings, and most likely unbeknownst to their trusting parents.

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