Doug Pagitt, Solomon's Porch and Christian Yoga

Body Prayer: The Posture of Intimacy with God by Doug Pagitt
Doug Pagitt
"God also invites us to be re-created and to join the work of God as co-(re)creators." Doug Pagitt Church Re-Imagined, p. 185.
(To understand more on this New Age concept of man being "co-creators," read Reinventing Jesus Christ.)

"Christian yoga has been gaining a devout following, and Twin Cities pastor Doug Pagitt has endorsed the practice in his new book, Body Prayer: The Posture of Intimacy with God."—
Twin Pioneer Press
(12/03/2005 edition)

"When people discover we are a church with a yoga class ... they sometimes assume that we're simply out to appeal to the cultural creatives and the neo-hippies." (p. 53, Reimagining Spiritual Formation) —Doug Pagitt

"Synagogue 3000 (S3K) and Emergent have announced a ground-breaking meeting to connect Jewish and Christian leaders who are experimenting with innovative congregations and trying to push beyond the traditional categories of 'left' and 'right.'"—Doug Pagitt on the emerging church joining with Synagogue 3000

BEWARE: Christian Conferences in 2007 Including Contemplative Promoting Speakers

2007 will host many "Christian" conferences. Unfortunately, a significant number of them will be including speakers who promote contemplative spirituality, a belief system that ultimately leads away from the Cross of Jesus Christ, not to it. Below are some of those conferences. If your church has plans to send your pastor, young people, men or women to one of these, you may want to reconsider. If they go, they will sit under the tutelage of some who promote contemplative. Click here to read this entire article.

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