Richard Foster Quotes

 "The wonderful thing about contemplative prayer is that it can be found everywhere, anywhere, anytime for anyone."—from the Be Still DVD

"[W]e began experiencing that "sweet sinking into Deity" Madame Guyon speaks of. It, very honestly, had much the same "feel" and "smell" as the experiences I had been reading about in the Devotional Masters" (from Renovare Perspective.01/ 1998)

"What an inviting picture of movement and work in harmony with the divine Center of the universe"( Inward Simplicity: The Divine Center,)

"Can we live in virtually constant communion with the divine Center of the universe?"( Inward Simplicity: The Divine Center)

"Simplicity, then, is getting in touch with the divine center" (Simplicity)

"Thomas Merton has perhaps done more than any other twentieth-century figure to make the life of prayer widely known and understood ... his interest in contemplation led him to investigate prayer forms in Eastern religion ...[he is] a gifted teacher ..." (Spiritual Classics - p.17)<

"Dom John Main understood well the value of both silence and solitude ...Main rediscovered meditation while living in the Far East." (Spiritual Classics - p.155)

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