Ken Blanchard and the Hoffman Quadrinity Process

On April 20th, Lighthouse Trails Publishing sent out a press release concerning Ken Blanchard who "signed on" with Rick Warren to help implement Warren's global PEACE Plan and to help Rick Warren train leaders around the globe (see sermon).

In the press release, we listed several books in which Ken Blanchard has either written the foreword or placed his endorsement on the front or back cover. These include: Mind Like Water by Jim Ballard, What Would Buddha Do At Work by Frank Metcalf, The Corporate Mystic by Gay Hendricks, The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success by New Age leader Deepak Chopra, and Death and Letting Go by clairvoyant Ellen Tadd.

Further research on Ken Blanchard's endorsement of New Age teachers and mystics has painted an even bleaker picture than before. Added to our previous list is Blanchard's endorsement of motivational speaker Brian Tracy's book, Maximum Achievement. In chapter six, "The Master Power"(p. 179), Tracy says "many of the greatest thinkers who have ever lived have stood in awe before this power and have written about it." He continues, "Madame Blavatsky, the Russian theosophist, called it, 'the secret doctrine.'" Blavatsky's book, The Secret Doctrine, is one of the foundational books, which under girds the New Age and the new spirituality. Of Brian Tracy's book, Blanchard says: "I guarantee the strategies and skills presented in this book will unlock your hidden powers [occult?] to succeed."

If Blanchard's endorsement of Brian Tracy's book isn't enough to show where Blanchard's spiritual sympathies lie, then perhaps the following will do so. Robert Scheinfeld is the author of a book called The 11th Element. Scheinfeld, a man who boasts of going through the AVATAR program, teaches in his books and seminars a concept that within every person is an invisible network and an inner intelligence or Inner CEO. Of this invisible network, Scheinfeld says, "That network links all of us together at the unconscious level and stores information on what everybody is doing all over the planet."

Ken Blanchard makes no secret of his admiration and trust in Scheinfeld's theory. On the back cover of Scheinfeld's book, Blanchard says: "The 11th Element teaches you the valuable skill of asking for assistance from your 'Inner CEO' to improve your decision making."

Mind Like Water, What Would Buddha Do At Work, The Corporate Mystic and The 11th Element are precise manifestos on pantheism and interspirituality and thus a denial of the gospel of Jesus Christ. One can only conclude, in light of his glowing endorsements, that Ken Blanchard must be in one accord with the authors of these books.

But Ken Blanchard has taken his spiritual sympathies another step further. It's a step that cannot be ignored. As we mentioned in our April 20th press release, Ken Blanchard is on the Board of Advisors of an organization called the Hoffman Institute (home of the Hoffman Quadrinity Process). For those of you who may wonder what exactly the Hoffman Quadrinity Process is, we turn our attention now to a 2003 book named, The Hoffman Process written by Tim Laurence, the present director of The Hoffman Institute. I don't even think words can fully describe the disturbing anti-biblical message in this book. But to see Ken Blanchard's name on the inside endorsement page nestled in between Sonia Choquette (a third generation psychic), Margot Anand (a tantric/mystic sex teacher), and staunch New Ager, Joan Borysenko, is an utter disgrace.

In both the book and the Hoffman Institute web site, Ken Blanchard states, after having taken the course himself, that: "The Hoffman Process brings forth spiritual leadership in a person. It made my spirituality come alive." (emphasis added)

Let's look at a few quotes in Tim Laurence's book to gain a perspective on the spirituality of the Hoffman Process.

  • "'I asked my friends up above. They always have the right answer," he replied, referring to his spirit guides that, as a psychic healer, he often consulted."-Tim Laurence, speaking about the Hoffman Process founder, Bob Hoffman, p.15.

  • "Many traditions around the world focus on the breath as a link to the divine. -- Indeed, it is used as the focus of the Buddhist practice called Vipassana, or 'insight meditation.'" (Also see pages 89 and 299 of Rick Warren's book, The Purpose Driven Life for his explanation of breath prayers.)

  • "You can use a short meditation to remind yourself of this connection to all others in this world of ours. - As you breathe, feel that breath coming from your core essence." p. 207.

  • "When you are open to life, you start noticing the divine in everything." p. 209.

This is just a very small number of the many similar quotes throughout The Hoffman Process. The question must now be asked: What is Rick Warren doing by allowing Ken Blanchard, a man who clearly supports the teachings of New Age gurus and mystics, to "sign on" to train "one billion soldiers for Christ?"

For information on the relationship between Rick Warren and Ken Blanchard, see our press release page at Lighthouse Trails Research Project.

Q & A
When Did Ken Blanchard Become a Christian? According to his own autobiography, We Are the Beloved (1994), Blanchard has been a Christian since the mid-80s. In his own words he says, "In 1985 my [spiritual] journey got a boost when Margie and I met Bob and Linda Buford." A few pages later in the book, Blanchard says, "I bowed my head and said, 'Lord, I can't save myself here.'" And then, "I accept Jesus as my Savior and the bridge between You and me."

See Table of Ken Blanchard Endorsements and Dates


Ken Blanchard Endorses New Age Teacher Jack Canfield's Recently Released Book, The Success Principles:
Within the pages of this book, Canfield encourages the use of practices such as visualization and meditation, along with quoting page after page of New Age authors and gurus. Blanchard says of The Success Principles, "Canfield and Switzer have put their methods to success in an illuminating and easy-to-read book. Jack's teaching is highly effective and this new book will be the gift to give this year."

In Jack Canfield's own words, he reveals his New Age, mystical beliefs. In an article written by Canfield, "Choosing to Be Happy" he says, "Every religion I've looked at has some technology.... I've studied all of them and found what works for me and I've tried to make it available to others. What works for me is a combination of disciplines: I do yoga, tai chi which is a Chinese martial art and three kinds of meditation: vipasana, transcendental and mantra (sound) meditation."

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