Laurie Beth Jones: Finding "Divine" presence in everyone ....

*An author and proponent of New Age ideas.

* Shares speaking platform with Barbara Marx Hubbard, Neal Donald Walsch, Matthew Fox and countless other New Agers: See Business and Consciousness Conference


From Her Website:

"The elements you find in the PEP Profile are universal. Every culture understands and respects the elements. Native Americans used pray to the elements, Hindus incorporate the elements into their healing rituals and the Chinese words 'feng shui' actually mean 'wind and water.' The Kabbalah [Jewish mysticism] states that the four letters which stood for Yahweh (YWEH) are actually a tetragrammaton meaning Earth, Water, Wind and Fire." See the previous website of Laurie Beth Jones

Laurie Beth Jones' "Affirmations for Leaders":

* I proudly say I AM.

*I shape my own destiny. What I believe, I become.   What I believe, I can do.

- From end of Jesus CEO.

See Laurie Beth Jones I AM statements

"I have been challenged by the concept of meditation ... I decided recently to accept the invitation of a friend to experience the sheer silence of meditation—undirected prayer. ... I had before only sensed intellectually ... But by going deep into prayer I could almost feel it." —Laurie Beth Jones, Teach Your Team to Fish: Using Ancient Wisdom for Inspired Teamwork, p. 142.


Quotes by
Laurie Beth Jones

"My personal mission and vision is to Recognize, Promote and Inspire Divine Connection in Myself and Others." - Laurie Beth Jones LBJ Mission  (

"For me to refer to God as "She"would unfortunately put this work beyond the boundaries of acceptance and understanding for too many people. We must search for an all-inclusive terminology." —Laurie Beth Jones, Jesus CEO: Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership, p. 305.

In talking about Jesus: "Jesus regularly visualized the success of his efforts ... 'I always do what pleases God.' ... Was this conceit? Or was it enlightened creativity and self-knowledge? ...Jesus was full of self-knowledge and self-love. His 'I am' statements were what he became."—Laurie Beth Jones, Jesus CEO, p. 7, 8.

(See our research on visualization.)

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