George Mair's Book, A Life With Purpose

Rick Warren Biographer, George Mair, Passes Away at 83 – The Rest of the Story

A Life With Purpose by George MairA Life With Purpose

In the email Rick Warren sent to us, he made the following erroneous and unkind statements about George Mair:

"George Mair, an unbeliever, evidently wanted to make a quick buck turning out a book on me, at the peak of the popularity of The Purpose Driven Life."

"Since he is not even born again, he certainly wouldn't understand theology, what I believe, or even the basics of our ministry."

"Practically every page has  either a factual error, a made-up story, or Mair's weird interpretation of my motives and beliefs."

"[A]ny author who gets such basic facts wrong (that are easily checkable) should not be trusted with his interpretation of anything.  This guy, whoever he is, clearly didn't do his homework."

As a result of Rick Warren's personal email to us becoming public, comments made on the Internet about George Mair, based on Warren's email, have ranged from degrading remarks to calling him a complete liar and fraud. Rick Warren has apparently pulled out all the stops to ruin this man's name. Ironically, George Mair told us that he wrote the book because he "believed Rick Warren was a great man."

The following are some excerpts from correspondence we have recently had with George Mair. He has graciously granted us permission to post these.

George Mair with regard to statements made about him by Rick Warren:

"I am stunned by the viciousness of the attacks on me although I know that sort of thing happens (never has in my 20 or so previous works). ... Even more curious to me is what happened to the concept of Christian charity." G.M. (6/8/05)

With regard to Mair's statement that Warren had "hired" Ken Blanchard.

"In connection with the Blanchard reference, while writing my book I regularly attended services at Rick Warren's church and, indeed, have contributed ... to it [financially]. I got the Blanchard information hearing Rick announce it in person from the pulpit --- about 20 rows from where I was sitting that morning."GM (6/9/05)

With regard to Warren's statements about Mair not being a believer or being born again:

"Well, Rev. Rick is again revealing more about what kind of person he is than what kind of persons we are. [Y]es, I am a Christian. ... So, you see Rev. Rick is misinformed. I found this surprisingly sad that a man of Rev. Warren's stature is so intellectually bankrupt that he is reduced to calling people who don't agree with him false names. I would like to know the sources of his lies." (6/15/05)

.... I am curious on what basis anyone claims I am not a Christian."


Click here for more information on Rick Warren's midnight email to Lighthouse Trails.

Was Ken Blanchard "hired" by Rick Warren?

In A Life with Purpose, George Mair said,
"Rick taps the best and most famous to help train church leaders to be like Jesus. He has hired Ken Blanchard, author of best-selling The One Minute Manager, to come to Saddleback to help train people how to be effective leaders" (p. 193).

In a November 2003 sermon, Rick Warren said, "Ken [Blanchard] has signed on to help with the Peace Plan, and he's going to be helping train us in leadership and in how to train others to be leaders all around the world. In fact, he was here this week and I've asked him to just give a little video greeting."

Comments: If anyone is at fault here for using the wrong words, it is Rick Warren who should carry the blame. In his sermon he gave every indication that Blanchard had come on board.


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