Brian McLaren andMarcus Borg

Emerging Church Leader, Brian McLaren, Teams Up with Interspiritualist Marcus Borg

March 30, 2006 - Last week, we issued a press release regarding an interview done by emerging church leader, Brian McLaren. In the interview, McLaren suggested that the doctrine of hell and the Cross were false advertising for God.

We have now learned that this summer McLaren will be speaking in Portland, Oregon at the Center for Spiritual Development with interspiritualist Marcus Borg.

The conference, titled The Church in the 21st Century, will take place at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral on June 14th - 16th.

McLaren reveals his admiration for Borg in his recent interview and on his website says he has "high regard" for Borg. And yet, Borg is clearly against the Atonement and the doctrine of the Cross. In Borg's book, The God We Never Knew, he states he is "a Christian of a nonliteralistic and nonexclusivistic kind" (p. viii). In plain terms, this means he does not believe the Bible should be taken literally nor does he believe that Jesus Christ is the only avenue through which man can obtain salvation. Of contemplative prayer, Borg says, "I learned about the use of mantras as a means of giving the mind something to focus and refocus on as it sinks into the silence" (p. 125). Borg goes so far as to say that Jesus Himself "would have been shocked at the suggestion that he was divine" and puts Him in a category with Buddha and Mohammed.

Brian McLaren, one of the most influential evangelical leaders according to Time magazine, is indeed influencing many people, especially our young people. How can we as Christians, and how can Christian pastors and leaders, sit back and say nothing at the expense of people's souls? Isn't it time this Cross-despising spirituality is called for what it is? While we wish no harm or ill-will to Brian McLaren or those with similar sympathies (and we pray their eyes will be opened), we believe it is wrong to call them Christian leaders and allow their teachings to permeate throughout Christendom. The origin of Christianity goes back much further than the Desert Fathers or the Catholic church. It goes back to a group of believers who stood to the death, proclaiming that Jesus Christ was God come in the flesh and was the only path to the Father. May we be even half as bold as they.

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