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National Youth Organization Kicks Off New Age Promoting Conference September 29, 2005

The 2005 National Youth Worker's Conference began today and will be promoting New Age and Eastern religion practices. Cathy Mickels, author of Spiritual Junkfood has taken on the task of alerting the public, and Jim Brown, a reporter for American Family Radio (AFA affiliate) has reported on her efforts in an article that came out today in Agape Press.

The conference will include labyrinths and contemplative prayer, a mantric-style prayer that is similar to Transcendental Meditation. Doug Fields, youth pastor of Saddleback Church, is one of a large line up of speakers and artists, some of whom are specially trained in Eastern religion practices.

Worthy of mention, Rick Warren brought to his own Purpose Driven Youth Ministry conference, earlier this year, speakers from Youth Specialties and the related Group Publishing.

Agape Press Article:
Author Accuses Christian Publisher of
Dabbling in 'New Age' Spirituality

by Jim Brown (AFR)

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