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Neale Donald Walsch and "Conversations with God"

Conversations with Whom?

Quotes by Neale Donald Walsch in his "conversations with God":

Walsch: But those who have taught me all about the rights and wrongs, the dos and don'ts, the shoulds and shouldn'ts, told me all those rules were laid down by You—by God.

God: Then those who taught you were wrong. I have never set down a "right" or "wrong," a "do" or a "don't." To do so would be to strip you completely of your greatest gift—the opportunity to do as you please, and experience the results of that.... To say something—a thought, a word, an action—is "wrong" would be as much as to tell you not to do it.... To prohibit you would be to restrict you. To restrict you would be to deny the reality of Who You Really Are.

God: Evil is that which you call evil. Yet even that I love, for it is only through that which you call evil that you can know good; only through that which you call the work of the devil that you can know and do the work of God. I do not love hot more than I do cold, high more than low, left more than right. It is all relative. It is all part of what is.

I do not love "good" more than I love "bad." Hitler went to heaven. When you understand this, you will understand God.

"In 1992 Neale Donald Walsch, a disillusioned and distraught former radio talk show host, public relations professional, and longtime metaphysical seeker, sat down one night and wrote God an angry letter. He was amazed when "God" immediately answered his letter by speaking to him through an inner voice. That night, and in subsequent conversations, Walsch wrote down all of the dictated answers to his questions. The dictation continued for several years. Walsch's Conversations with God: Book 1 was published in 1995 and became the first in a series of best selling Conversations with God books. It seemed that in Walsch "God" had found yet another willing channel for his "new gospel" teachings." from Chapter Three, Reinventing Jesus Christ, Warren Smith

Quotes by Neal Donald Walsch whose "God" is speaking to him.

"And so I have chosen you to be My messenger. You, and many others. For now, during these times immediately ahead, the world will need many trumpets to sound the clarion call." (CWG Book 1, p. 144)

"The purpose of this book, and of all the books in the trilogy we are creating, is to create readiness ... readiness for a new paradigm, a new understanding; a larger view, a grander idea." (CWG Book 2, p. 36)

"There is only one message that can change the course of human history forever, end the torture, and bring you back to God. That message is The New Gospel: WE ARE ALL ONE." (FWG, p. 373)

"There is only One of Us. You and I are One."
(FWG, p. 23)

"There are a thousand paths to God, and every one gets you there." (FWG, p. 357)

Many have been Christed, not just Jesus of Nazareth. You can be Christed, too." (CWG Book 2, p. 22)

Neal Donald Walsch's 5 Point Peace Plan

"These are the Five Steps to Peace, and if you take them, you can shift everything on our planet."
—Neal Donald Walsch

"The New Revolutions also contains a five-step plan for peace in the world. We call it the Five Steps to Peace.... We are suggesting that people become modern day Martin Luther's and take the five steps to peace and tack them up on church house doors, as Martin Luther did with his 95 theses in 1517 in Wittenburg, Germany, which started of course, the first Reformation. Our intention is to stimulate the second great Reformation of world religion. That is our intention, our goal and our purpose. We intend to, in fact, inspire the second great Reformation of world religion.... It is now time for a call to action.Living the New Spirituality, an interview with Neale Donald Walsch by Debbie Smoker

"In October, 2005 Neale Donald Walsch stood before an audience in Deventer, The Netherlands and said, 'You give me 1000 people from across the globe who are as dedicated to Spirit as some people are dedicated to violence and we'll change the world.'" from Neale Donald Walsch's website.

Walsch's New Spirituality: "The New Spirituality is a global movement to create the space for humanity to experience its natural impulse toward the divine in a way which makes no one else wrong for the way in which they are doing it." Neale Donald Walsch, from the Group of 1000 website.

(See Rick Warren's comments
on his own second great Reformation)

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