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June 1, 2007

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Tim LaHaye to Speak at Pro-Contemplative...Conference

Erwin McManus: "Trying to create an entire new category"...of spirituality

Pentecost 2007 - A Step Closer to Global Unity - A Step Further from Gospel

Hope in the Midst of Holocaust

The Passion of the Christ - Motives Revealed by Mel Gibson

Harry Potter and the Superconsciousness

The Secret Behind the Secret

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Tim LaHaye to Speak at Pro-Contemplative Conference 

The 2007 World Conference, presented by the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), will take place September 12th - 15th this year. Because of the pro-contemplative persuasions of the AACC, it is not surprising that contemplatives such as Dallas Willard, John Ortberg, Larry Crabb, and several others will be part of the speaking platform. Larry Crabb, the spiritual director for the AACC, has shown his spiritual persuasions in his books, such as The Papa Prayer, where he states:

I've practiced centering prayer. I've contemplatively prayed. I've prayed liturgically....I've benefited from each, and I still do. In ways you'll see, elements of each style are still with me (The Papa Prayer, p.9).

The AACC is supportive of contemplative spirituality (mysticism), as can be seen in their Code of Ethics where they admit they are "influenced" by the "paradigm offered by Richard Foster" (p. 3). With this in mind, it is surprising and disturbing to see a name on the World Conference plenary speakers list (scroll down page) that has not in the past been associated with contemplative or mystical prayer. That name is Tim LaHaye. LaHaye is known mostly for his Left Behind series, which fictionalizes a possible end-time scenario on the earth. What is surprising is that the Left Behind books have consistently shown, through the story lines, the negative effects of the New Age movement and the role mystical spirituality plays in end time deception.

Some may ask, "What's the big deal? So what if LaHaye shares a platform with contemplative leaders? That doesn't make him one." That's true. But what it does do is two things: First, it makes one ask if LaHaye's vision has become blurry as has happened to so many other Christian leaders (e.g., David Jeremiah, Chuck Swindoll, etc.) who have been influenced by contemplative spirituality; and secondly, his participating in this event will give credence to the entire contemplative movement and has the potential to confuse countless Left Behind readers (remember, over 60 million copies of his books have sold).

Perhaps LaHaye will say (as did Kay Arthur when she spoke with Tony Campolo recently)1 that he will speak anywhere, on any platform as long as he can get his message out. In certain carefully selected situations, this reasoning could be valid, but unless LaHaye is prepared to stand on the World Conference platform and denounce what the AACC and many of the speakers stand for, unless he is going to rebuke and expose what is really being promoted at the World Conference, then for him to share the platform is misleading and is like a slap in the face to faithful believers who have defended the faith and stood against apostasy in these days in which we live. And based on many, many other similar situations, it is highly unlikely Tim LaHaye will stand at that conference and denounce contemplative spirituality (i.e., spiritual formation).

There is also something else to consider. Bringing LaHaye into the contemplative fold as the AACC is doing could help further the convergence that is taking place between contemplative/emerging participants and mainstream Christians. In essence, LaHaye's appearance at the conference could potentially have far reaching effects. We hope and pray that LaHaye will turn down his invitation to speak at the AACC, and in so doing make a bold statement in defense of the Christian faith.

Other contemplative promoters who will be speaking at the World Conference include Dan Allender (Mars Hill Graduate School), H.B. London, Jr. (Focus on the Family) and Max Lucado. Incidentally, Kay Arthur will be there too.

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Example of Workshops at the World Conference: One workshop is called "Using a Curriculum of Christlikeness in Spiritual Formation." According to its description 2, the presentation is inspired by Richard Foster and Dallas Willard. Gary Moon, the presenter, is a contemplative advocate.3 (see other workshops)

Erwin McManus: "Trying to create an entire new category"  of spirituality

In a Relevant magazine interview, Erwin McManus states the following:

Because people don't know where to put our community [Mosaic] they put us in the "emergent" category, and we really are a different animal than emergent. We're not against emergent, but we are not like them.

While it may or may not be true that Erwin McManus is not part of what people think of as emergent, McManus is part of what we call emerging spirituality. There is a difference. Emergent would be within the confines of certain emerging church leaders (Brian McLaren, Dan Kimball, Doug Pagitt, etc.), but emerging spirituality encompasses much more. It is a belief system that has pervaded much of Christianity today. And this belief system has its roots in New Age theology (which goes back to the Garden of Eden and says man is like God and all is united with God). In this scope, Erwin McManus is emerging, and it doesn't really matter if he calls himself emergent or not. But what does matter is that his influence continues to grow right in the midst of Christianity.

David Jeremiah publicly endorsing and promoting McManus, and Rick Warren bringing him on board at the upcoming Saddleback Church Worship Conference & Festival, many more people will be introduced to McManus' spirituality. While it is confusing why Jeremiah would promote him, it is understandable why Rick Warren resonates with McManus - the two are going in the same direction. Regardless, it would be worth our time to examine the underlying layers of both emerging spirituality and Erwin McManus' doctrines. In the past, we have written several articles pertaining to this, and we encourage you to read some of them. Below is a link to the recent Relevant/McManus interview and several links to related information.

In the interview, McManus says, "Our dilemma is that we are trying to create an entire new category, and people keep trying to put us in different ones." Typically, if someone is trying to build a reputation or convince people they are a certain way, they will do what they can to paint a picture of who they really are. Part of this process would be hanging out with like minded people and sharing similar visions with the public. With McManus' rejection of "emergent" and his joining with Rick Warren, it certainly gives some food for thought. And this fall McManus will be joining New Age sympathizers Laurie Beth Jones and Ken Blanchard at the Lead Like Jesus conference. Their common vision they say is "Souls serving souls. Imagine 6.8 billion souls served by LLJ leaders by 2010." I think we're beginning to see this "new category" that belongs to Mr. McManus.

Quotes by Erwin McManus:

The Barbarian Way was, in some sense, trying to create a volatile fuel to get people to step out and act. It's pretty hard to get a whole group of people moving together as individuals who are stepping into a more mystical, faith-oriented, dynamic kind of experience with Christ. So, I think Barbarian Way was my attempt to say, "Look, underneath what looks like invention, innovation and creativity is really a core mysticism that hears from God, and what is fueling this is something really ancient." That's what was really the core of The Barbarian Way. (from another Relevant interview)

My goal is to destroy Christianity as a world religion and be a recatalyst for the movement of Jesus Christ. (Christian Examiner, March 2005)

Some people are upset with me because it sounds like I'm anti-Christian. I think they might be right. (from The Barbarian Way)

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Erwin McManus and the Barbarian Way

David Jeremiah Proposes "Major Paradigm Shift" For His Church

A SPECIAL REPORT: Erwin McManus, the secret behind The Secret


Pentecost 2007 - A Step Closer to Global Unity - A Step Further from Gospel Truth

This year's Pentecost 2007 will take place on June 3rd - 6th in Washington DC. Invited speakers include emerging church leader, Brian McLaren, Bill Hybel's wife--Lynne Hybels (Willow Creek), and liberal mystic-proponent Jim Wallis. Last fall, we reported on Pentecost 2006, stating:

This summer's Pentecost 2006 conference, titled "Building a Covenant for a New America," is another example of how a move towards interspirituality (the coming together of all religions) is quickly taking place....

According to a Wall Street Journal editorial article on the event, Pentecost speaker Howard Dean said, "We're about to enter into the '60s again ... Into the age of enlightenment, led by religious figures who want to greet Americans with a moral, uplifting vision."

While the emphasis of the Pentecost 2006 event was said to be helping the poor, one cannot help wonder about the implications and the results of such a coming together of religious and political ideas, especially when we stop and realize that here too, mysticism plays a significant role.

Pentecost 2006 speaker Tony Campolo states his views on the role of mysticism and uniting all together in his book, Speaking My Mind:

Beyond these models of reconciliation, a theology of mysticism provides some hope for common ground between Christianity and Islam. Both religions have within their histories examples of ecstatic union with God ... I do not know what to make of the Muslim mystics, especially those who have come to be known as the Sufis. What do they experience in their mystical experiences? Could they have encountered the same God we do in our Christian mysticism? (pp. 149-150)

Well, according to New Agers, there is indeed a common ground between Christianity and Islam, in fact between all religions. Mysticism is the glue that binds them all together. In Ron Miller's book, As Above, So Below, he states (quoting Aldous Huxley): "a highest common factor" links the world's religious traditions. He [Huxley] calls this unifying factor the Perennial Philosophy:

"the metaphysical [mystical] that recognizes a divine reality ... each religion [provides] meditative disciplines that help us ... experience our rootedness in the divine ... the spiritual dimension of culture is ... a spectrum of contemplative practices, equivalent in essence, which lead toward experience rather than towards doctrinal assertion." (pp. 2-3)

Will this expected "age of enlightenment" that Howard Dean spoke of at Pentecost 2006 intersect at some point with the evangelical's (e.g., Rick Warren) hoped for "great awakening" or "second reformation"? The gap between the two is narrowing, and mysticism is the bridge that will bring about the ultimate unity.

Now this year, Pentecost will be more of the same agenda. Pentecost 2007 speakers will include Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and three presidential candidates: Hilary Clinton, Obama Barack, and former Senator John Edwards.

One of the tracks for the conference is the Emerging Leaders Track, sponsored by Eastern Mennonite University and includes interfaith emerging leader Shane Claiborn.

While the outward appearance (and the mission statement) of Pentecost 2007 is to battle poverty, the agenda is much broader than that. The term Pentecost comes from the Book of Acts in the Bible when, after Jesus' ascension, the Holy Spirit visited believers and gave them power so that they might preach the gospel. But New Agers (of which category many of the Pentecost 2007 speakers would fall into) have their own idea of Pentecost. Listen asa former New Ager explains:

[Barbara Marx] Hubbard's "Christ" [a false one] describes how planet Earth is at an evolutionary crossroads. He states that the world is about to make an evolutionary leap that will take all creation to a new level. Those who awaken to their own divinity, by aligning themselves as one with God and one with each other, will evolve. Those who continue to believe in "fear" and "separation," rather than in "love" and "oneness," will not evolve. Hubbard's "Christ" claims that with his help most of mankind will choose to evolve, calling this evolutionary leap "the Planetary Birth Experience." He refers to it as the coming time of "Planetary Pentecost." The "birth experience" is a shared event in the future, an "Instant of Co-operation," when everyone on the planet will be mysteriously changed in "the twinkling of an eye," as humanity is collectively born again into a new creation. Those who evolve will actually become a new species as Homo sapiens is collectively transformed into Homo Universalist, or the "Universal Humanity." The "Universal Humanity" will live together as a community of "natural Christs" in the "New Heaven" on the "New Earth" that is the "New Jerusalem." (1)

These words may sound almost too far-out to be true, but this is what prominent New Agers like Barbara Marx Hubbard believe. And in case you think Marx Hubbard is an obsolete and non influential New Age extremist, let us tell you, she is not. Currently, New Agers like herself are working hard with men and women in Congress and other well-knowns (like Walter Cronkite) to establish a Department of Peace. What's wrong with that, you might ask? Marianne Williamson, the head coordinator for this project believes exactly as described above. And it is very possible that their planetary pentecost may become a reality. But if so, it will be a world which will not tolerate Bible-believing Christians. This is what is referred to as the "Selection Process":

"Christ" states that those who see themselves as "separate" and not divine hinder humanity's ability to spiritually evolve. Those who deny their own "divinity" are "cancer cells" in the body of God. "Christ" warns that a healthy body must have no cancer cells. Cancer cells must be healed or completely removed from the body. He describes the means of removal as the "selection process." The "selection process" results in the deaths of those who refuse to see themselves as a part of God. (2)

There is one person who will not be at Pentecost 2007, but who may end up as a presidential candidate as well and has strong ties to the New Age. Al Gore is just such a man. Listen as Ray Yungen elaborates:

It would surprise many Americans to know that they actually voted for a New Age sympathizer for president of the United States in the 2000 election. In a Time magazine article in 2003 called "Just Say Om," former presidential candidate, Al Gore, said the following about meditation:

We both [he and his wife] believe in regular prayer, and we often pray together. But meditation--as distinguished from prayer--I highly recommend it.

One might argue that perhaps Gore was not referring to mystical type meditation and that he didn't have any such proclivities, but this notion would be put to rest by his endorsement of a book (Marriage of Sense and Soul) by Ken Wilber, a leading figure in the New Age. On the back cover of the book, Gore proudly proclaimed Wilber's book is "one of my new favorites." New Ager Neale Donald Walsch publicly revealed Gore's spiritual sympathies in the following comments he made at the Humanity's Team Leadership Gathering in 2003:

You know Al Gore. I know Al well and he says to me, "Hey Neale, I used to be the next president of the United States." Al has read my books and loves them, but he can't possibly say that publicly.... He should be able to, and in the society we're going to recreate he will be able to, but right now he can't.

For those not familiar with Walsch's work, this may not seem that significant. But Walsch is the author of the Conversations with God books, in which millions of copies have been sold. His books are the supposed conversations between Walsch and "God." Walsch's "God" proclaims:

The twenty-first century will be the time of awakening, of meeting The Creator Within. Many beings will experience Oneness with God.... There are many such people in the world now--teachers and messengers, Masters and visionaries--who are placing this vision before humankind and offering tools with which to create it. These messengers and visionaries are the heralds of a New Age. There is only one message that can change the course of human history forever, end the torture, and bring you back to God. That message is The New Gospel: WE ARE ALL ONE. (from For Many Shall Come in My Name, 2nd ed., pp. 55-56)

Walsch believes his "God" told him that Hitler did the Jews a favor when he killed them ( FMSCN, p. 166). If Al Gore, or another New Ager, becomes president of the U.S., will they adopt Neale Donald Walsch's view of God? Time will tell. Right now, most New Agers consider Walsch a highly respected teacher and guru. Ray Yungen says: "In The Secret, Walsch is described as a 'modern-day spiritual messenger' and his Conversations with God books (including the one from which the previous quotes about Hitler were taken) are called 'groundbreaking.'"

What can the true body of believers do at such a time as this? Should we panic? No, not at all. Let us continue to preach the gospel and defend the faith, and may we not grow weary in well-doing but truly be lights in a dark world. It is only by His grace and His strength that we can stand. Let us depend on that for wisdom and courage.

That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world.(Philippians 2:15)

Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ: By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God. (Romans 5:1-2)

And he [the Lord] said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. (II Corinthians 12:9)

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Hope in the Midst of Holocaust

LTRP Note: The following is an excerpt from Anita Dittman's story, Trapped in Hitler's Hell. Anita, who lives today, was a young Jewish teen in Germany during WWII. She had become a Christian believer as a young girl. In this portion of her book, she describes the scene where she has finally been separated from her mother and she is heading to a work camp on a train. In the midst of this frightening time, Anita was comforted by Whom she had come to see as Messiah. Today, Anita (80) still tells her story to students and church groups. She is an inspiration and a reminder of God's faithfulness.
* * * *
(from Trapped in Hitler's Hell by Anita Dittman with Jan Markell):
As the train inched out of Breslau, I peeked into my knapsack to see if my little Bible was still there. Should we be denied physical food, I wanted to be sure we had spiritual food. "We have a great big God, Steffi," I said softly. Steffi stared ahead, expressionless. She appeared to be on the brink of losing touch with reality, and I quickly prayed for her. In an instant her glazed eyes flashed again, and she looked at me. I pointed to the Bible that was wrapped in brown paper in my knapsack, and we both smiled.

We rolled along the German countryside for two hours. I was amazed to see so little destruction, even though I knew the Allies had been concentrating their assault on the major cities. Few of the big cities had escaped the terrible nightly air raids; Dresden was the lone city that stood intact. How long that would last we had no idea. But the rolling, green hills and fields were almost tranquil. I wondered if the farmers knew that horrible suffering existed just miles away, that most of the cities were becoming smoldering skeletons, that victims lay in huge numbers under the rubble, and that many of the living wandered homeless. I wondered if the farmers knew as they peered out of their farmhouse windows at the passing train that the Nazis considered its cargo to be of less value than the cattle that grazed peacefully on the hillsides....

We rode silently, most of us too fearful to talk. I watched as the faces in my car--stared blankly, frozen with uncertainty. How thankful I was for the inner peace that gripped me, giving me an indefinable assurance that God was in total control, not just of our lives, but of Germany, the Allied countries, and all the war-weary world.

When the train stopped at the village of Schmiegrode, we poured out, many being prodded along with gun butts. The men were sent off in one direction and the women in another. Three armed guards escorted about 150 of us women over cobblestone streets for several blocks, and then we entered a wooded area. We walked for some distance--a mile perhaps--to a weather-beaten work camp that was nothing more than a huge cow barn, a horse stable, and a main building for the Nazi staff. The cow barn would be the women's dormitory, and the horse stable the men's quarters. Remaining silent, we walked swiftly, entering the gate and then standing in formation as directed.

After a head count, the women were herded into the barn and ordered to stand at quiet attention while an SS guard gave us instructions. He scowled at us and marched up and down authoritatively in front of our formation.

"This is your new home," he said, a twisted smile on his face. I hope you like it. You have little choice." He sneered as he laughed at us. "You will sleep on the straw on the floor," he continued. "Each of you will be issued two horse blankets. You can put one on the ground over the straw, and you may sleep anywhere in the barn. Outside is a cold-water faucet. You may bathe by putting water from the faucet into a bucket we will provide, or you may bathe in the creek if you like. The toilet is out back. It is just an open ditch, but it is good enough for you." He stopped talking but continued to march up and down.

"Starting tomorrow morning you will be put to work. The Fuhrer looks very favorably on hard workers. Since the German working day has been extended to ten hours, yours will be, too. It will be hard labor for some. We will awaken you at 4:00 A.M., and you will stand in formation out in the yard in the center of camp, where you will be counted and given a slice of bread. Then you will march a few kilometers to the work area. It is about an hour away by foot. Most of you will dig ditches that will stop the Russian tanks that head our way. Your evenings will be free for you to do as you wish. We will appoint one group leader for every ten women, and your leader will get a bucket for you to use to wash your dishes, your clothes, and yourselves. We have a small ration of soap we will give you, but it must last many weeks. We can give you no luxuries, and you must give us an honest day's labor. For your labor, we will pay you twenty marks* a month. I hope you appreciate our generosity, for nowhere else in Germany do prisoners receive any compensation for their labor. You should admire our Fuhrer for his kindness to you." No one moved a muscle or showed an ounce of emotion.

"Wear shorts and lightweight tops because the work will be hot. You will get one midday break for soup and water. Any attempt to escape will result in terrible punishment that could make death a welcome relief. Understand?"

We nodded and said, "Yes, sir!"

"Oh, by the way," he said, turning toward us at the barn entrance, you will not have a day off unless it rains. But, you see, even your God has abandoned you, for it has not rained all summer!" He roared with laughter at the irony of the situation. "You will be issued some rations at 5:00 P.M. Welcome to Camp Barthold, ladies!" With that he gave us the usual Heil Hitler salute and left.

Each of us scrambled to claim a six-foot plot. After Steffi and I grabbed a little area where we could be together, we sprawled out on the prickly straw. "At least it's not Auschwitz," I told her, "and our heads aren't being shaved." That practice was common at many camps. "Let's praise the Lord for that and pray it rains for forty days and nights.God did that once before....

That night we women began to get acquainted with one another. Everyone spoke of the abiding fear they had for loved ones who had been taken away months or years earlier. In many cases they had never heard from those loved ones again. How thankful I was that God had allowed Mother and me to communicate during the last several months. At least I hadn't had to endure a horrible time of waiting and wondering if she was alive (I knew it was just another sign of God's goodness). As I roamed the barn getting acquainted with the women, I met some of the believers who had come to Christ through Pastor Hornig's ministry. "I have a Bible," I told them enthusiastically. "We can read it together at night if you like." Many returned a broad smile. Others had become weak in their faith because of life's hardships. Still others would fall away from God at the camp, unable to believe He would allow such an existence. But some would draw even closer to Him because of Camp Barthold.(from Chapter 9 and 10, Trapped in Hitler's Hell)

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 8: 38,39)



The Passion of the Christ - Motives Revealed by Mel Gibson

by Roger Oakland


The newly released "Definitive Edition" of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" confirms the film was produced with the specific purpose to promote a Roman Catholic agenda that would introduce viewers to the Roman Catholic "Mary" and the Roman Catholic "Jesus."

Understand the Times has been sounding the alarm since the film was released in 2004, stating that "The Passion of the Christ" was not the dynamic witnessing tool that many Bible-believing Christians were touting it to be. With the release of this "Definitive Edition" it can be clearly seen what the true objectives of the filmmakers were and what these "artistic images" were intended to portray-namely the Roman Catholic view that Mary plays a key role in the redemption of mankind, and that the Sacrament of the Eucharist is the heart and core of what Rome considers true Christianity.

One of the many special features in this "Definitive Edition" is a "Theological Commentary" with remarks by three Catholic theologians and producer Mel Gibson running concurrent with the film. Among those selected to participate in this discussion were Father William Fulco, professor of antiquity at Loyola University and translator of the script into Latin and Aramaic; Father John Bartunek, theologian, priest and scholar; and Catholic apologist (former Protestant pastor) Gerry Matatics.

Let's allow these "Passion of the Christ" commentators to speak for themselves.
Click here to read this entire article plus see the full transcript of The Definitive Edition.

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Harry Potter and the Superconsciousness

by Ray Yungen

There are probably very few people in the western world who haven't heard of the Harry Potter book series phenomenon. Not just millions, but tens of millions of adults, adolescents, and children have read these books or seen the movie versions of them. Going by the numbers of the books that have been purchased, few under 25 have not been influenced to some degree by the adventures of this boy wizard. And many ask, what is wrong with that?

The Potter series, though fiction in the technical sense, does make a very real connection to the realm of metaphysics in one spot specifically. In the book called

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, one of the main characters, a professor, tells her class that they will learn divination or see into the future. It's at this point that the book departs from the world of make believe, and enters into the actual teachings of Wicca (witchcraft). The teacher informs the students:

Crystal gazing is a particularly refined art.... We shall start by practicing relaxing the conscious mind and external eyes, ... so as to clear the Inner Eye and the superconscious.

All one has to do is type in the word "superconscious" on google on the Internet and see just how highly promoted that term is. It comes up nearly 130,000 times! Keep in mind, this term is used specifically within the context of metaphysics, and is never used in a non-metaphysical sense. What this means is that any impressionable young person who reads this term, could become more open and comfortable with the mystical realm in real life.

This is what you would be taught if you attended a

real school of witchcraft. Relaxing the conscious mind is, of course, meditation, and the Inner Eye is an occult term used for the Third eye chakra from which all psychic powers, such as divination, spring. But the absolute clincher is the term "superconscious." If you New Age in Arts and Media 95 were to ask any New Age teacher, guru, or practitioner what the "superconscious" is, you would get the same answer-it's the New Age concept of God.* In fact, Buckland's Complete Book Of Witchcraft actually uses the term "Superconsciousness" in reference to what or to whom witches tune into during meditation.

There is another more subtle, yet perhaps more far-reaching aspect to the Potter books. In the series, those people who are "non-magical" or ordinary are called "muggles." They are portrayed as dull, backward, and lacking in personality. It is inferred that if you are a "muggle," you are living an inferior and unsatisfying life. Now if there were no such thing as "muggles" this comparison would be meaningless. How can you feel bad about being something that doesn't exist? But, as I have already shown, The Prisoner of Azkaban presents real witchcraft. So then, not to have access to the "superconscious" makes one a "muggle," (i.e., a non-mystic). This means that the spiritual beliefs of potentially millions of young people, many of them from conservative homes too, may be altered if they pick up this outlook, even subconsciously; thus the Potter books may be a highly effective tool in giving the New Age movement a boost that is unimaginable. It will implant in the minds of multitudes that to fail to embrace mysticism makes you, well, muggle-like.

(This is an excerpt from For Many Shall Come in My Name, 2nd ed., pp. 94-95. Please refer to book for endnote material.)




The Secret Behind the Secret

Dr. Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty has produced a four-hour, four-disk CD set that exposes the truth about the new best seller, The Secret, that Oprah has been heavily promoting. Although the nature of The Secret is occultic and New Age, even many Christians have been drawn to this. The CDs are interviews by Dr. Stan on his Radio Liberty program. You may learn more about this special set at Radio Liberty.


For our research on The Secret, please click here.


Publishing News


 Lighthouse Trails Publishing's 2nd spring release, For Many Shall Come in My Name by Ray Yungen is now here.

* * * *

Most people believe the New Age has been long gone from our society, and if practiced at all now it is only by unconventional fringe types. For Many Shall Come in My Name reveals this is not the case. In fact, quite the opposite has occurred. The New Age movement (a term not normally used by its proponents) has permeated virtually all aspects of our society. This "Ancient Wisdom" spirituality can be quite readily encountered in the following fields: Business, Education, Health, Self-Help, Religion, and Arts & Entertainment. This book examines them all.

Discusses the following:

1. The Age of Aquarius and its meaning in today's world
2. New Age practices like Reiki and yoga
3. Harry Potter and real witchcraft
4. The law of attraction and Oprah
5. Present day New Age prophets
6. Yoga in the public schools
7. Tantric sexuality and its spiritual risks
8. The Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism)
9. Wicca and its growing appeal
10. The occultic explanation of the Holocaust
11. Interspirituality and the coming false Messiah
12. The New Age as a force in politics
13. New Age hostility toward the church
14. The New Age in light of biblical prophecy

For more information on this book, click here.


* * * *

For information on our 1st spring release, The Other Side of the River, click here.



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