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Mark Driscoll IS a Contemplative Proponent

Lectio Divina and the Dangers of Contemplative Spirituality

Dear "Contemplative Christian": Are you the victim of seducing spirits?

Hindus critical & dismayed of "Hollywood types" describing Tantra as just sex

Will Saddleback Contemplative Join Jonathan Falwell "Team"?

Green Lies and Phony Science

Bus Ride to the Future - A True Story about Yoga

Rick Warren and the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill - The Rest of the Story


Alert: The Voice New Testament: Heresy for this Generation

Winter Break Check-Up - Is Your College a Contemplative One?

Two New Films Depicting the Courage to Speak the Truth

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Mark Driscoll IS a Contemplative Proponent 

Mark Driscoll is a name that has grown in popularity among evangelicals especially over the past few years. Somewhat known for his vulgar and crass language in public, he has been invited to speak at conferences by a wide assortment of Christian leaders-John Piper and Robert Schuller to name two. Driscoll also shared a platform this year at the Gospel Coalition National Conference with a number of respected Christian evangelical figures such as D.A. Carson, Erwin Lutzer, and Joshua Harris. Coming up in 2010, Driscoll has been invited by Rick Warren to speak at the Radicalis conference.  

Although Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Fellowship in Seattle Washington, is said to have denounced certain aspects of the emergent church, Driscoll is a proponent of the main element behind the emerging church - contemplative prayer.

Presently, on Driscoll's website, The Resurgence (see whois info) is an article titled "How to Practice Meditative Prayer." The article is written by an Acts 29 (Driscoll's network of churches) pastor, Winfield Bevins. A nearly identical article on Driscoll's site, also by Bevins, is titled Meditative Prayer: Filling the Mind. Both articles show a drawing of a human brain. In this latter article, Bevins recognizes contemplative mystic pioneer Richard Foster:

What do we mean by meditative prayer? Is there such a thing as Christian meditation? Isn't meditation non-Christian? According to Richard Foster, "Eastern meditation is an attempt to empty the mind. Christian meditation is an attempt to fill the mind" (Celebration of Discipline). Rather than emptying the mind we fill it with God's word. We must not neglect a vital part of our Judeo-Christian heritage simply because other traditions use a form of meditation.

Bevins has got this very wrong, as does Richard Foster. Contemplative proponents say that, while the method practiced by Christian contemplatives and eastern-religion mystics may be similar (repeating a word or phrase over and over in order to eliminate distractions and a wandering mind), the Christian variety is ok because the mind isn't being emptied but rather filled. But in essence, both are emptying the mind (i.e., stopping the normal thought process). That is where the contemplatives say making a space for God to fill.

The Bevins' reference to Richard Foster is not the only contemplative marker on Mark Driscoll's site . In an article written by Driscoll himself, ironically titled Obedience, Driscoll tells readers to turn to Richard Foster and contemplative Gary Thomas. Driscoll states: 

If you would like to study the spiritual disciplines in greater detail ... helpful are Celebration of Discipline, by Richard Foster, and Sacred Pathways, by Gary Thomas.

In Celebration of Discipline (1978 ed., p. 13), Richard Foster says that "we should all without shame enroll in the school of contemplative prayer." To understand Foster's meaning of "contemplative prayer," he has written a number of books that clearly show his propensity toward the mystics (such as John Main and Thomas Merton). Devotional Classics, Spiritual Classics, Meditative Prayer, Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home are a few. His founding organization, Renovare, has a vast number of resources, articles, etc. that further substantiate our claims that Foster is a contemplative proponent.

As for Gary Thomas, in his book Sacred Pathways (the one Driscoll recommends), Thomas tells readers to repeat a word for 20 minutes in order to still the mind. This is the basic principle in all Eastern and occultic methods.  This is not an idle charge.  Anglican mystic Richard Kirby astutely observes in his book The Mission of Mysticism that with this spirituality the method differs little than that of occultism:

The meditation of advanced occultists is identical with the prayer of advanced mystics; it is no accident that both traditions use the same word for the highest reaches of their respective activities: contemplation (samadhi in yoga). p. 7

Driscoll is just one of many Christian figures whose contemplative propensities is being completely ignored or overlooked. For the sake of the Gospel, which contemplative spirituality negates by its very nature, we pray that believers will not look to those who follow and promote this spiritual deception.

Further Information:

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Some Say the Emerging Church is Dead - the Truth Behind the Story


 Lectio Divina and the Dangers of Contemplative Spirituality

by Ken Silva,
Apprising Ministries

Right Back To The Dark Ages

Following a trail that was initially cut by the online apologetics and discernment ministry Lighthouse Trails Research years before Apprising Ministries has been covering the rise in popularity within Protestant evangelicalism of practicing corrupt Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism (CSM) ala Living Spiritual Teacher and Quaker mystic Richard Foster, with an assist from his spiritual twin Dallas Willard. It's a rapidly spreading-and very dangerous-fad; and if left unchecked by spiritually timid evangelical leaders, CSM is going to be the cause of much division within the church visible.

My research shows that as far back as the early 80's even conservative evangelical seminaries were using-in a positive way-Foster's magnum opus Celebration of Discipline, which Dr. Gary Gilley rightly calls a virtual encyclopedia of theological error. However, Foster and Willard's speculative so-called spiritual disciplines were really given a boost under the guise of spurious Spiritual Formation (SF) by the egregiously ecumenical Emerging Church aka Emergent Church-morphing into Emergence Christianity (EC)-which is a cult of postliberalism now firmly within mainstream evangelicalism. Click here to continue reading this article.

More on Lectio Divina, click here. Also read Castles in the Sand, which is a novel about lectio divina and contemplative spirituality.

Dear "Contemplative Christian": Are you the victim of seducing spirits?

by Ray Yungen

I once heard a radio interview with Richard Foster that revealed the high regard in which many influential evangelicals hold him. The talk show host made his own admiration obvious with such comments to Foster as, "You have heard from God . . . this is a message of enormous value," and in saying Foster's work was a "curriculum for Christ-likeness." I found this praise especially disturbing after Foster stated in the interview that Christianity was "not complete without the contemplative dimension." 1 Of course, my concern was that Foster's curriculum would result in Thomas Merton-likeness instead.

When I look ahead and ponder the impact of [what I am saying], unquestionably there are some very sobering considerations. The contemplative prayer movement has already planted strong roots within evangelical Christianity. Many sincere, devout, and respected Christians have embraced Thomas Merton's vision that:

The most important need in the Christian world today is this inner truth nourished by this Spirit of contemplation . . . Without contemplation and interior prayer the Church cannot fulfill her mission to transform and save mankind.2

A statement like this should immediately alert the discerning Christian that something is wrong. It is the Gospel that saves mankind, not the silence. When Merton says "save," he really means enlighten. Remember, Merton's spiritual worldview was panentheistic oneness.

Some will see [what I am saying] as divisive and intolerant-especially those who share Merton's view of the future. Pastors may be set at odds with one another and possibly with their congregations; friends, and even family members may be divided on the issues of contemplative spirituality. Nevertheless, having weighed the pros and cons, I am prepared to receive the inevitable responses from fans of these contemplative mentors. And although I sincerely feel goodwill toward those I have critiqued, I am convinced the issues are of vital importance, leaving me compelled to share them regardless of the cost.

After taking an honest look at the evidence, the conclusion is overwhelming that contemplative prayer is not a spiritually-sound practice for Christians. The errors of contemplative spirituality are simple and clear for the following three reasons:

· It is not biblical.
· It correlates with occult methods (i.e., mantra, vain repetition).
· It is sympathetic to Eastern mystical perceptions (God in everything; all is One-Panentheism).

These are well-documented facts, not just arbitrary opinions. Furthermore, the contemplative prayer movement is uniform, indicating a link to a central source of knowledge. Based on the above facts, we know what that source is.

The apostle Paul warns us of seducing spirits in his first letter to Timothy: "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils." (I Timothy 4:1)

 Click here to continue reading and to print.


Hindus critical & dismayed of "Hollywood types" describing Tantra as just sex 

LTRP Note: Please be sure to read the related articles (see links at bottom of this posting).

by Rajan Zed (out-of-house news source)
Independent News Media

Hindus critical & dismayed of "Hollywood types" describing Tantra as just sex

Hindus are strongly critical of "Hollywood types" who apparently think and describe of Tantra as just sex, including actress-producer Trudie Styler's recent reported announcement that "Sadomasochism is the new Tantra".

Acclaimed Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that Tantrism was a major channel in Indian religious traditions and besides Hinduism, it also exerted considerable influence on Buddhism and Jainism. Sankaracharya had mentioned the names of 64 Tantras. Click here to continue reading.  

 To understand more about Tantra and its role in the "new spirituality, read:


Will Saddleback Contemplative Join Jonathan Falwell "Team"?

According to a post on Jonathan Falwell's Twitter account, Saddleback contemplative-proponent Lance Witt will be joining the leadership team at Thomas Road Baptist Church. The post states:

I'm excited that @lancewitt will be joining the TRBC team in January. Another hand on deck to help us reach people for Christ.

An office staff member at Thomas Road Baptist Church confirmed that Witt will be coming on staff on January 5th, 2010.

Jonathan Falwell is the son of the late Jerry Falwell and pastors his father's church in Lynchburg, Virginia. Concerns by some have grown since the passing of the elder Falwell. In a 2008 Lighthouse Trails report "Jonathan Falwell Becomes Vice-Chancellor at Liberty - Which Direction will Liberty Go?," it was pointed out that Liberty University (where Jonathan Falwell serves as Vice-Chancellor) is using contemplative/emerging authors in their classrooms and other venues. One of those mentioned in the report is Rob Bell. The influence of Richard Foster, contemplative pioneer, is also evident at Liberty. For example, in a Code of Ethics for the AACC on Liberty's website, it states:  

Although rooted primarily in an orthodox evangelical biblical theology, this Code is also influenced (according to the paradigm offered by Richard Foster) by the social justice, charismatic-pentecostal, pietistic-holiness, liturgical, and contemplative traditions of Christian theology and church history.

Additionally, Richard Foster's books have been used in classes at Liberty as have Henri Nouwen's, Erwin McManus' and a number of other contemplative/emerging figures.

While many may not know the name Lance Witt, Lighthouse Trails has written about him in the past. He has served as an Executive Pastor at Saddleback. In a LT article titled "Is Saddleback a Contemplative Church," it states:

In an article written by Saddleback pastor, Lance Witt, titled "Enjoying God's Presence in Solitude," Witt says we are "designed to enjoy the presence of God, but that's easier said than done." In the article, Witt uses Thomas Merton as an example of someone who knew about solitude. But Merton's solitude was connected to his Buddhist sympathies. Merton likened contemplative prayer to an LSD trip.

Witt finishes his article with:

The goal of solitude is not so much to unplug from my crazy world, as it is to change frequencies so that I can hear the Father. Richard Foster has said, "Solitude doesn't give us the power to win the rat race, but to ignore it altogether."

What does Witt mean by "changing frequencies"? Several years ago, Lighthouse Trails spoke with Lance Witt, via email, and asked him if the kind of contemplative prayer he taught was a practice in which words or phrases are repeated over and over. He told us that it was indeed this type of prayer he taught. This "changing frequencies" is contemplative language and means going into an Alpha state of mind (an altered state of consciousness) in order to stop distractions. It's like putting the mind in neutral. Contemplatives believe this is how they can hear the voice of God.

Lighthouse Trails has spoken with Lance Witt a number of years ago, via email, and asked him if the kind of contemplative prayer he taught was a practice in which words or phrases are repeated over and over. He told us that it was indeed this type of prayer he taught.

In the summer of 2008, Rick Warren (a major advocate for the contemplative/emerging movement) and Lance Witt were both speakers at the Innovate Church Conference, held at Thomas Road Baptist Church; so for many, it will seem a natural step to bring Lance Witt on board. But for Lighthouse Trails, it is seen as another step toward an organized Christian church that is heading quickly toward a time of departing and of a great mystical-based apostasy.

Also see:


Green Lies and Phony Science

To understand the politics behind the environmental movement and its persuasive propaganda, let's look at the social ambitions that drive it. Its agenda was formed during the sixties, when four overlapping anti-establishment groups joined to form the Green Party in Germany: radical feminists, Marxists (the new Left), peace-niks (the anti-war movement), and hippies seeking spiritual enlightenment. Small wonder they chose Vladimir Lenin's birthday as their Earth Day.-Berit Kjos

by Berit Kjos
Kjos Ministries

As the Copenhagen Conference on global warming ended with a rising snow storm that blanketed Europe with record-breaking freeze, the world was treated to a welcome glimpse of reality: Our planet has been cooling, not heating, this last decade - in spite of human activities and the CO2-spewing jets of the powerful global elite!

Having failed to complete the binding treaties that would have committed humanity to a socialist/economic management system, the would-be world managers flew home through the icy storms. They had tried to conceal and counter the damaging revelations of "ClimateGate," but the world had seen the evidence of their fraudulent science. Their next step toward global control will most likely take place in secret places behind locked doors - not unlike the leadership of the European Union.

The Ups and Downs of Climate Change

In spite of Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth," there has never been any scientific consensus on human-caused global warming! His claim that Greenland's ice will melt, causing oceans to rise twenty feet, is science fiction, not reality. Unadulterated scientific facts show us that, since 2005, Greenland's ice mass has been growing, not shrinking! So has its population of polar bears.

During a medieval period of global warming (warmer than now), Norwegian viking explorers settled on Greenland's grassy coast. But the climate cooled, and by 1350 AD, ice covered their fields and coastal waters. That "Little ice age" - a natural shift in the revolving cycles of nature - wiped out the entire community. However, during that warming period - almost a millennium before the media would blame SUVs for warm days - the Atlantic coasts were not buried by rising oceans. In fact, any slight variation in ocean levels are naturally moderated by increased evaporation during warmer cycles. Our Maker planned His creation well. Click here to continue.

 Resources to help with this topic:

God of Wonders DVD

A "Wonderful" Deception by Warren B. Smith



Bus Ride to the Future - A True Story about Yoga

LTRP Note: Yoga is on the rise in the Western world. Even in Christian circles, Yoga is being widely practiced. "Christian" Yoga teachers say that the exercises can be done without invoking Eastern mysticism. But this is not accurate information. Caryl Matrisciana was born and raised in India. Today, as a Christian film maker, she testifies that Yoga is the Heartbeat of Hinduism. The following is an excerpt from her book, Out of India.

"Bus Ride to the Future"
by Caryl Matrisciana

When I was twenty years old, my family returned from India, where I was born and lived for most of my life, to England, our homeland. It was during the turbulent sixties, and I was about to be introduced to a movement that didn't even have a name yet. How could I have possibly known then that the strange and mystical religion I had been surrounded by in India would someday be at the heart of a spirituality that would influence millions around the world?

I will never forget that hot, muggy day in London in the summer of 1966 when I was twenty years old. How could I forget? After all, it was the day that changed my life forever.

Perhaps if I had been out in the English countryside or beside the sea, that hot, stifling day would have been bearable-but in the city it was miserable. Oh, to be in a garden with its soothing assortment of colorful flowers, my feet dangling in a cool spring!

Reality was all too blatant. The British capital was steeped and simmering in its own crowded bustle, intense noise, and pandemonium of traffic. By day's end I could hardly bear the sound and sweat of it all as I was jostled along in an overcrowded, red, double-decker bus through rush-hour traffic.

Still, in spite of all the unpleasantness, a breathless anticipation filled my soul. That surging excitement was my only motivation to struggle across blistering-hot London. I knew I was on my way to a marvelous experience.
Eventually the bus rounded Piccadilly Circus and honked impatiently at the myriads of pedestrians overflowing onto the streets. The sidewalk vendors and little shops were teeming with hundreds of tourists. T-shirts hanging on shop canopies sported the slogan "swinging London," along with coffee mugs, postcards, and dozens of other souvenir items.

A New Spiritual Gospel
The phrase "swinging London" had recently been splashed across the world's newsstands by Time magazine1 and had captured an atmosphere that really did permeate the London air. I basked proudly in the energy that surrounded me, enchanted with the good fortune to live and work in this pulsating metropolis.

The bus changed gears noisily and puffed out dirty diesel fumes. We moved slowly down Shaftesbury Avenue, the heart of theater land, in Soho. My pulse pounded harder. The next stop was my destination.

I pushed my way through the crowded bus and jumped off with a spurt of enthusiasm. Renewed vigor had me effortlessly nudging my way through throngs of theater goers who crowded the sidewalks. At last I arrived! I stood still for what seemed to be an endless moment, absorbing the glowing neon advertisements that assured me I was at the right place. The theater marquee carried but one word. The name of the show was Hair.2

Soon I was to experience the musical blockbuster that the whole world was singing about. The people milling around me were quite different in appearance from those on the bus. Denim jeans, casual Indian cotton shirts, and hippie informality identified almost everyone. Hairstyles ranged from long to longer to longest. I grinned to myself, realizing I too looked like the in generation. At the same time, it was a relief to know that my parents couldn't see me now. How they would argue that I was not conforming to the "required London theater dress."

I had waited months for tonight. Tickets for Hair were nearly impossible to buy. I clutched mine protectively, waiting to squeeze through the door. Scanning the crowd, I searched for the friends I was to meet.

The air buzzed as people hummed various songs from the score that was about to begin. Never before had I gone into a show already so familiar with its lyrics and tunes. For months the airwaves had carried those melodies around the world.

Still, I could not have imagined the impact the show itself was to have on my life and thinking. I would not have guessed how religiously I would follow this new spiritual "gospel." I was about to be "converted" by the message of Hair, along with thousands of other people of my generation.

We shuffled inside and located our seats. The theater darkened. The rustle of programs stilled. Chills and goose bumps spread through the audience as the orchestra began to play. There was heavy, loud rock music as magnificent, full voices swelled in harmony. There were colors, lights, and sounds. Everything mingled together to draw me willingly, passionately, into the phenomenon. Never before had I known such intense involvement in a theatrical production.

With exciting extravagance, the show animated and popularized outrageously impudent and risqué ideas. Tricky little songs whipped us into attitudes of rebellion and promiscuity. We cheered and applauded the demise of family, society, government, and country. We decried the past and its values. We sang about the hopeless state of our planet; we coughed and choked for the pollution and wept over the sadness of war.

Every person in the audience was transformed into a mystical searcher through the song lyrics. Everyone contemplated the plaintive question asked in, "Where Do I Go?" That particular song had us following everything, nothing, and even myself. It had us asking the eternal question posed in the lyrics, "And will I ever discover why I live and die?"3

Like many other people my age, I had never considered that topic before, but I was to do so a thousand times in the days and months to come. That evening's performance was to lead me, and countless others, on a spiritual quest.

Having disparaged the past and present and looking grimly into the emptiness of no solution, Hair suddenly gave a glimmer of hope. We whooped ecstatically through the marvelous escape presented in "Hashish." This gleeful song promoted the wow experience one could achieve through no less than twenty-five different highs.
In the years to come, I would get hooked on one particular high and try several others. I would understand all too well the appeal of replacing realism with psychedelia.

A New Way of Thinking
L ittle did I comprehend at the time that through this musical I was being subtly introduced to a new religious system. One song ridiculed the faith of my youth. It encouraged us not to believe in God per se, but instead, to see that we ourselves were like gods. Joyfully we sang the immortal words of the great poet William Shakespeare, taken from his play Hamlet:

What a piece of work man is!
How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty.
In form and moving, how express and admirable, In action how like an angel,
In apprehension how like a god.4

My perception of the world was about to change. From here on I was being introduced to a new alternative to my old way of life-one that in the future was to jealously lead me into an uncompromising spiritual dimension. "Let the sunshine in," the cast vocalized.5

"Let the sunshine in!" we responded at the tops of our voices. Oh yes, oh yes! Let the sunshine in! My heart ached with hope. How I longed to experience this new "opening" and its promised sensation. In any case, it would have been hopeless to struggle against the overpowering emotional, mental, and sensual seduction taking place. (To read this entire chapter one of Out of India, and for endnotes and credits, click here - picks up on p. 17. For more information or to order, click here.)


 Rick Warren and the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill - The Rest of the Story

Comments on the Rick Warren
By Rick Warren, Pastor of Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, Calif.,
Regarding the Pending Anti-Homosexuality Bill Before the Ugandan Parliament

by Sandy Simpson
Deception in the Church Ministries

In a letter and video statement to the government and church leaders in Uganda, Rick Warren laid out his reaction to the anti-homosexuality bill that is pending with the Ugandan Government. Warren opposes it.

Now there are some provisions in the bill that any Christian should oppose such as imprisonment and possible death penalty for homosexuals (apparently just for being a homosexual), forcing pastors to report private counseling with gays, etc. However statements by Warren such as "While we can never deny or water down what God's Word clearly teaches about sexuality, at the same time the church must stand to protect the dignity of all individuals - as Jesus did and commanded all of us to do." does not address at all what the Bible teaches on sex outside of marriage which is defined as between a man and a woman including homosexuality. All sex outside of marriage is a sin before God and must be repented of. This also means that repentance will be followed by a turning away from practicing sin to practicing righteousness (1 Jn. 2:29; 3:4, 8, 10). When Warren states: "ALL life, no matter how humble or broken, whether unborn or dying, is precious to God" this is true but the Gospel is left out of this equation, thus presenting only part of the picture, thus presenting error alongside of truth. God wants all men to be saved and does not want anyone to perish (2 Pet. 3:9), but that is why He sent His only Son to die to purchase us salvation and forgiveness from our sins if we believe in Him and repent. Homosexuality is a sin and those who practice sin are destined for damnation (1 Cor. 6:9-10). Practicing homosexuals are living lifestyle sin, thus God does not love their sin and will punish them if they do not respond to the conviction of their sin by the Holy Spirit.

Though some of the provisions of the anti-homosexuality bill are unjust and should be removed we have to understand that HIV/AIDS is a huge problem there and is being propagated and spread by homosexual behaviors as well as other methods. Uganda is trying to find ways to protect their society against this deadly sexual disease. Warren states that we all have "the freedom to make moral choices and our right to free expression are gifts endowed by God.". This statement comes from his erroneous teaching on "gifts". He has taught repeatedly on this subject in his "Purpose" series and often confuses natural gifts with spiritual ones. Do we have the right to make choices that cause others to die of AIDS? If the "free expression" of homosexuality is a "gift endowed by God" then why does God prohibit it in Scripture? We are not just free to do anything we want as people created by God. There are laws against murder, and infecting others with HIV/AIDS should be prosecuted just as any other act of murder is. If you knowingly give someone poison and they die will you not be tried for that crime?Please click here to continue reading this article.




 by Ken Silva
Apprising Ministries

Apprising Ministries has been covering the growing gay agenda within the church visible for the past year. It's simply beyond question that it is causing major problems in the dying mainline denominations who long ago kicked out Sola Scriptura in favor of highly subjective Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism, which is actually a new form of Gnosticism. 

Through the evil influence of the the egregiously ecumenical Emerging Church aka Emergent Church-morphing into Emergence Christianity (EC)-which is a cult of postliberalism now firmly within mainstream evangelicalism-this issue is also crossing over as you can see in Growing Gay Agenda In Evangelicalism and Emerging Church And Adele Sakler TransFORM Gay Agenda In Evangelicalism.

Benefiting from wider acceptance within the EC we're now seeing those like gay affirming "pastor" Jay Bakker  and "queer inclusive" ELCA "pastor" Nadia Bolz-Weber gaining louder voices as these rebels against the final authority of God's Word try to convince us that having sexual relations with another of the same sex i.e homosexuality is fine for the regenerated Christian.

And this is precisely why the Lord moved me a while ago to begin covering this issue; with Holy Scripture we can light up the night sky so you can see the position of enemy forces, for only those who would reject Sola Scriptura like ELCA Bishop Mark Hanson Who Say The Bible Is Not The Final Authority. This is what to the tragic vote I covered in ELCA And Homosexuality.

What you need to understand here is that those who affirm that those unrepentant in their practice of the sinful and deviant lifestyle of homosexuality love to portray themselves as being so loving and tolerant; however, that façade quickly crumbles the moment you disagree with them. And let's not forget here that the disagreement is over what God has clearly said in the Bible. Click here to read the rest of this story.

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Alert: The Voice New Testament: Heresy for this Generation

LTRP Note: The following information is about a  "Bible" called The Voice. Please also see our February 2007 article titled, "Thomas Nelson Goes Forward with 'The Voice' - A 'Bible' Project by Emergents"

by  "From the World Hears Them" Blog

 From the Creators [of The Voice]:

Previously most Bibles and biblical reference works were produced by professional scholars writing in academic settings. The Voice uniquely represents collaboration among scholars, pastors, writers, musicians, poets, and other artists. The goal is to create the finest Bible products to help believers experience the joy and wonder of God's revelation. This is the first-ever complete New Testament in The Voice translation. Writers include Chris Seay, Lauren Winner, Brian McLaren, Greg Garrett, David B. Capes, and others.

 Click here to read more of this information.


Winter Break Check-Up - Is Your College a Contemplative One?

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Two New Films Portraying the Courage to Speak the Truth

The following items have been added to our online and catalog store. Each item was carefully chosen and has a vital message.


The year is 1525. A nun and a priest flee their religious orders as they become convinced that the Catholic church is not representing true biblical Christianity. A beautiful love story about the two who eventually marry, Michael and Margaretha Sattler seek out the true purity of the Gospel.

The Sattlers join a group called the Anabaptists and risk their lives to defend the true faith. Rejecting the Catholic tradition of infant baptism, they call for baptism to once again become, not a mark of citizenship, but a voluntary decision to follow Christ. As their movement grows, so does the determination of their enemies to stop any means necessary. Click here for more information or for ordering. See video clip of film.



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