Lighthouse Trails Research Newsletter
January/February 2006

As we continue to expose contemplative spirituality, we have joined many ministries and individual believers who too seek to defend the faith and the Gospel. 2005 was a very eventful year for the church as contemplative spirituality gained momentum and has literally swept into churches, colleges, organizations and ministries at an astronomical rate. From Purpose Driven to the emerging church movement, from once respected Christian leaders to publishing companies and nearly every denomination, few stones have been left unturned ... contemplative spirituality is here. But through Scripture and solid documentation, it has been proven to be a detriment to all. While there have been several attempts to silence and discredit those believers who are speaking the truth in love, the Lord has been faithful.

As we enter our 5th year of publishing books and websites that warn of impending dangers, we pray that the Lord will give courage and strength to the brothers and sisters around the world who defend the precious faith of our Lord Jesus Christ. And by the grace of God, Lighthouse Trails is here for another year.

"Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ." I Peter 1:13

In This Issue (Click Titles):
  • Thomas Nelson Releases New Book
    Yoga for Christians
  • Deception in the Church and the Coming of the Lord
  • INTERSPIRITUALITY WATCH ... "Emergent Christian and Jewish Leaders in First-Ever Meeting"
  • How Did Rick Warren Sell So Many Books?
  • Youth Specialties No Longer Writing Youth Worker Journal
  • Amazing Quotes
  • Rick Warren Promotes Another Contemplative Book
  • Youth For Christ Teams Up With Youth Specialties and Contemplative Spirituality
  • Announcing Our New "Letter to the Editor" Section
  • Denomination Rejects Purpose Driven and Calls for Rick Warren's Repentance
  • Canada Alert - New Age Influences in the Church
  • The New Age - Here to Stay

  • Thomas Nelson Releases New Book
    Yoga for Christians

    In March of 2006, W Publishing Group, a division of long time Christian publishers Thomas Nelson, will be releasing a book titled Yoga for Christians. You may view information on the book on Thomas Nelson's website.

    Considering that Thomas Nelson has recently released Ken Blanchard's Lead Like Jesus and Brian McLaren's The Secret Message of Jesus, it shouldn't really be any great surprise that they would publish a book promoting Yoga.

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    Yoga for Christians

    Deception in the Church and the Coming of the Lord

    by Dr. Johan Malan
    "Various mystical but unbiblical techniques are applied to experience the presence and power of God – or rather a pantheistic god who is hidden within human beings and within all of creation. Among these techniques are 'Christian' meditation, yoga, visualization, hypnotic regression, inner healing, as well as alternative healing therapies for disease and illness. Ultimately, prayer is altogether replaced by meditation and people learn the technique of achieving a state of alternative consciousness within a few minutes, thereby opening up their 'creative right brain' to unidentified influences from mystical spheres. Scripture-reading is replaced by mystical revelations of God through dreams, visions and inner voices, thereby marginalizing the Bible to a larger extent." Read: Theology and Objectives of the Church by Professor Malan,University of Limpopo, South Africa

    INTERSPIRITUALITY WATCH ... "Emergent Christian and Jewish Leaders in First-Ever Meeting"

    "Leaders from across the United States gathered during the inaugural session of the S3K Leadership Network's Working Group on Emergent Sacred Communities, which took place January 16-17, 2006, at the Brandeis-Bardin Institute in Simi Valley, California."

    Just a few months earlier, in June, Rick Warren met with the S3K Leadership Network to discuss the building of a "compelling spiritual community." ( Watch videos of this meeting.) And, Emergent leader Brian McLaren (A New Kind of Christian) "has met with Synagogue 3000's leadership three times in recent months to discuss shared concerns, particularly surrounding attempts by younger Christians and Jews to express their spiritual commitments through social justice. 'We have so much common ground on so many levels,' he notes." Read More...

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    How Did Rick Warren Sell So Many Books?

    According to The Purpose Driven Life's marketing director, Greg Stielstra, the success of the book was because of Pyromarketing techniques. The same held true for Mel Gibson's Passion movie.

    "Book marketing professionals know the secrets of success that drove sales of Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life and Mel Gibson's 'The Passion of the Christ.' They understand that sales of both blockbusters were driven by techniques outlined in a new book called PyroMarketing by Greg Stielstra. Stielstra was the marketing director for The Purpose Driven Life, the best-selling hardcover book in history." - PyroMarketing- The Secret of Book Marketing Success

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    Pyromarketing Gets the Green Light

    Youth Specialties No Longer Writing Youth Worker Journal

    The magazine that has been handled by Youth Specialties for some time now, has been taken over by Salem Communications. Youth Worker Journal, which has been a conduit for contemplative spirituality, has been owned by Salem Communications for some time now but Youth Specialties was in charge of developing content and editing.
    For more on this and on Youth Specialties:

    Amazing Quotes

    "Today there really aren't that many Fundamentalists left; I don't know if you know that or not, but they are such a minority; there aren't that many Fundamentalists left in America ... Now the word 'fundamentalist' actually comes from a document in the 1920s called the Five Fundamentals of the Faith. And it is a very legalistic, narrow view of Christianity." Quote by Rick Warren, May 2005

    [Fundamentalism is]"one of the big enemies of the 21st century." "Muslim fundamentalism, Christian fundamentalism, Jewish fundamentalism, secular fundamentalism - they're all motivated by fear. Fear of each other." - Rick Warren, January 2006

    "Christianity IS an eastern religion. It has all its roots in the East! It's a bit baffling to me that people lose sight of this, and insist on creating a false separation [see note below] between eastern religions and (apparently) western Christianity." Mark Oestreicher, President Youth Specialties

    "Emergent doesn't have a position on absolute truth, or on anything for that matter. Do you show up at a dinner party with your neighbors and ask, 'What's this dinner party's position on absolute truth?' No, you don't, because it's a nonsensical question." Tony Jones At the 2005 National Youth Workers Convention

    "My goal is to destroy Christianity as a world religion and be a recatalyst for the movement of Jesus Christ," McManus, author of a new book called The Barbarian Way, said in a telephone interview. "Some people are upset with me because it sounds like I'm anti-Christian. I think they might be right."—Erwin McManus, from The Barbarian Way

    More Amazing Quotes
    Emerging Church Leader Quotes



    "The Berean Beacon Ministries proclaims the Good News of Salvation (the Gospel of Jesus Christ). The President and founder is Richard Bennett, a former Roman Catholic Priest. Bennett's website is a wonderful resource with articles, books, videos and audios. He addresses Catholicism, mysticism, the emerging church and PDL.

    More about Richard Bennett's ministry.

    Rick Warren Promotes Another Contemplative Book

    In the January 18, 2006 issue of Rick Warren's weekly e-newsletter, in the Ministry Library Section, Warren recommends a book called Serious Times by James Emery White.
    The book is filled with contemplative references including numerous mentions of Thomas Merton, Richard Foster, the desert fathers and so on. The author encourages the use of lectio divina (see our feature article) and the silence to enhance our spiritual lives.

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    Article on by James Emery White

    Rick Warren and Contemplative Prayer

    Ok, then, I'm a Fundamentalist ~The Enemy of the 21st Century and the New Church Order
    by Scott MacIntyre

    "Being a fundamentalist has become as negative as being a Nazi. And those who call themselves 'fundamentalists' are seemingly deemed as evil as Hitler. This is unfortunate. The whole Christian fundamentalist movement was a call for the church to return to sound doctrine and away from liberalism. The landscape is littered with benign liberal churches, which having claimed some form of godliness, ultimately denied its power." Read the rest of this article by Scott MacIntyre, Wood & Steel Ministries, Ok, then, I'm a Fundamentalist ~ The Enemy of the 21st Century and the New Church Order

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    Rick Warren Predicts Christian Fundamentalism To Be Enemy of 21st Century!


    Many of the modern day contemplatives quote and favorably refer to "Christian" mystics from the past. Here is a partial list to help you with your research:

    If you study the works of the modern day contemplatives, you will see these names referred to often.

    Youth For Christ Teams Up With Youth Specialties and Contemplative Spirituality

    This summer, in two locations (DC and LA), a Youth Specialties and Youth For Christ hosted event will take place - DCLA.

    The event is geared for middle high and high school students and will allow students to "experience intimate worship, relevant training, and interaction with thousands of other students that will lead to life-changing impact."

    Just how will this "life-changing impact" happen? To begin with, "training" will include the use of a labyrinth.

    Speakers for the events include Youth Specialties President, Mark Oestreicher, and Doug Fields, Youth Pastor of Saddleback Church.

    Announcing Our New "Letter to the Editor" Section

    This month we implemented a "Letter to the Editor" form on our research site. We hear from so many wonderful brothers and sisters in the Lord, many of whom have suffered greatly while defending the faith. If you'd like to share your story, it will be a great encouragement to those who feel that they are all alone.

    Denomination Rejects Purpose Driven and Calls for Rick Warren's Repentance

    "At its 69th General Synod, the Bible Presbyterian denomination urged congregations and 'all believers of whatever denomination' to fiercely repudiate and expose the 'egregious error' espoused by Rick Warren and other proponents of the 'purpose-driven paradigm' (PDP) of church growth, reported John T. Dyck, Assistant Clerk of Synod." From Baptist Bulletin, Denomination Repudiates Rick Warren and Purpose-Driven Teaching

    Bible Presbyterian Church Resolution 69:13 "The essential problem with the PDP is that man is unabashedly the measure of all things (Judges 21:25). This problem results in numerous erroneous approaches to the ministry of the Church....We call upon Mr. Warren to repent of his heretical teachings. We are resolved to stand firm against this perversion of Biblical Christianity, and guard against its insidious intrusion into the lives of our churches."

    Canada Alert - New Age Influences in the Church

    On January 17th and 18th, New Age sympathizer Leonard Sweet was the featured speaker at a conference hosted by the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

    Leonard Sweet, who talks about christ-consciousness, meditation and labyrinths and "New-light embodiment" in his book Quantum Spirituality, is a conduit for the New Age into Christendom.

    Related Information:
    Manitoba conference information

    Canadian believers should keep an eye open on the Church Planting Canada National Congress. Leonard Sweet was a speaker in 2003, and it will be interesting to see who is lined up for their next conference in 2007. Incidentally, Outreach Canada, the host of the Church Planting conference, has big plans for Canadians through their Transitional Leadership Ministries. On their list of recommended books is an assortment of books by Buddhist sympathizer Peter Senge and emergent Andy Stanley, son of the well-known Charles Stanley.

    The New Age - Here to Stay

    For those who thought that the New Age has diminished and that the term has become obsolete, try typing "New Age" into google's search engine. That phrase pops up nearly 23 million times. Listen now to a few quotes by some of the New Age movement's most prominent leaders.

    "All of your life you have been told that God created you. I come now to tell you this: You are creating God." - Neale Donald Walsch, (Conversations with God, book 3, p. 256.)

    "The concept of a divine, or 'Christ'-mind, is the idea that, at our core, we are not just identical, but actually the same being." - Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love, p. 30-31.

    "One day, very soon now, when enough people are responding to His Presence and His energy, the Christ will allow Himself to be discovered. - Benjamin Creme, Reappearance, p. 49.

    "A new politics is emerging for the twenty-first century ... It is a mystical revolution that will usher in a mystical age." - Marianne Williamson

    "Tell them to recognize the God within themselves, and to follow that light through the darkness of the tribulations to the dawn of the Universal Age, when only the God-conscious continue to exist, and everyone is like Christ." - Barbara Marx Hubbard, The Revelation, p. 102.

    "In the twinkling of an eye, we are all changed by this experience. It is a mass metanoia, a shared spiritual experience for the human race, a peaceful second coming of the divine in us as us." - Marx Hubbard


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