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February 14, 2011
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FEATURE ARTICLE:Rick Warren Speaks Out Against Those Warning the Church of Meditation
Chuck Smith Stuns Radio Listeners by Encouraging Woman to Have Abortion – LT Says: Please Nicki, Don’t Do It!
Well Being Built at Contenders for the Faith Discipleship Center in Kenya
False Christ Coming: Does Anybody Care? Is Now in Stock
LifeWay Stores Drops “Warning” Labels on Emergent Books – Says Not Relevant Anymore
TIME Magazine Favorite The Dalai Lama Promotes “Peaceful Marxism”
New Autobiography by Roger Oakland and Understand the Times Ministry Banquet
Mid-Winter Book and Tea Special at Lighthouse Trails Ends Mid-night on the 14th
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Chuck Smith Stuns Radio Listeners by Encouraging Woman to Have Abortion – LT Says: Please Nicki, Don’t Do It!

LTRP Note: After confirming this public press release and after it receiving significant attention on the Internet by numerous sources, Lighthouse Trails has decided to post this as situations like this can be a matter of life and death for unborn children. As much of Christianity is caving in to the deceptions of the emerging progressive spirituality that negates the atonement of Jesus Christ, embraces the homosexual lifestyle as legitimate, how further tragic it would be if Christians now become laxed in their views on the abortion holocaust that has taken place in America. This particular situation in which Chuck Smith responded had to do with two babies who share the same body in the womb of the mother. After you have read this press release, please watch the YouTube video below that shows two 16 year old girls who share the same body. They are two human beings. What would have happened to those two girls had their mother called in to Pastor’s Perspective 16 years ago for advice?  Would those girls be alive today? We beseech Chuck Smith to go on air and humbly, sincerely apologize and set the record straight. In addition, he needs to contact the mother he advised this past week and do EVERYTHING he can do to help her in this situation. And we can only pray she has not taken his advice yet.

(Courtesy CrossTalk and Ingrid Schlueter who informed us about this story.)


Operation Rescue urges Calvary Chapel’s Pastor Smith to retract his advice and apologize to his listeners

Contact: Troy Newman, President, 316-841-1700; Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor, 316-516-3034; both with Operation Rescue,

COSTA MESA, Calif., Feb. 11, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ — The following commentary is by Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger, both of Operation Rescue:

Pastor Chuck Smith, founder of Calvary Chapel, shocked listeners on Tuesday on his “Pastor’s Perspective” call-in radio program when he encouraged a tearful mother to abort conjoined twins.

The caller, who identified herself as “Nicki from Riverside”, indicated that her babies share a body but have two heads and that she was being pressured by her doctors to abort them due to their assessment that the babies would likely not survive the pregnancy or live beyond a day if carried to term. At no time did Nicki indicate how far advanced her pregnancy was or that her life was in danger from the pregnancy.

Choking back tears Nicki told Smith and his co-host Dan Stewart, “My heart does – never wants to have an abortion, but I don’t know what to do. I don’t know – I don’t know what direction to go to right now. I’m really praying hard and trying to believe that the Lord is going to do what He’s going to do with these two little ones, and I don’t know what to do.”

It is obvious to us, with our combined 45 years of experience working with abortion vulnerable women, that Nicki did not want an abortion but was seeking some spiritual affirmation and encouragement that would help her amidst the pressure from her secular doctors to take the lives of her innocent babies. She got none from Smith and Stewart, who told her that God would not condemn her if she chose abortion.

“It’s awfully hard to actually suggest abortion,” said Smith. “But, you know, I’m sure that, uh, in a case like this where the life expectancy is just, you know, is so bleak, and all, that I’m sure that the Lord would not condemn her if she went ahead and had an abortion at this early stage of the development of the fetus.”

Listen to audio clip of Feb. 8, 2011, radio conversation

Smith then went on to misuse the Biblical story found in John, Chapter 8, of the woman caught in the act of adultery and taken to Jesus for judgment. Jesus told the crowd who sought to condemn her, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” After the crowd disbanded in shame, Jesus told the woman, “Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.”

The way Smith used this passage, he was implying that abortion is sin, but that if she went ahead and sinned in this case, God would not hold it against her. There is no basis in traditional Christian theology to support Smith’s misuse of this incident in Scripture. Jesus told the woman to “go, and sin no more,” not to continue her sin with the expectation that God would not hold her to account.

While we respect Chuck Smith’s long service to God and his work in reaching the lost for Christ, his advice to Nicki regrettably showed extremely poor pastoral judgment. His answer was dead wrong, and could lead others to sin and error, along with a life-time of grief and remorse.

The Bible never condones the shedding of innocent blood nor does it allow for the taking of life based on the unfortunate circumstance that someone is sick. Instead, the Bible is full of recommendations to pray and fast for the sick.

Smith and Stewart attempted to “clarify” their advice to Nicki the following day on the Pastor’s Perspective broadcast, but in doing so only made a bad situation worse.

Audio Clip of Feb. 9, 2011, Radio “Clarification”

“I am totally opposed to abortion,” stated Smith. “I believe it is a great sin. I do believe that the 50-plus million children that have been aborted in the United State since the Roe verses Wade is one of the greatest sins of America, and I think that we’re going to be judged for it.”

However, in the next breath, Smith betrays his emphatic pro-life confession.

“I do not believe in abortion as it is being practiced today. However, there can be extenuating circumstances,” Smith continued.

Smith and his co-host then go on to completely mischaracterize the conversation with Nicki the previous day.

We hate to use the word “lie” but there is no other term for what the two pastors said next.

“As the lady said yesterday, the doctors were saying that her life was in jeopardy and carrying the babies, er, uh, baby that is in her womb with two heads, that the baby would not be able to survive more than five minutes after the birth, and that her life was jeopardized by it and she has a little two-year old daughter and I would say in a situation like that with these extenuating circumstances, that God would be gracious and forgiving. But that isn’t endorsing abortion at all…I’m totally opposed to abortion for just any reason, but I believe in being reasonable.”

Smith is speaking out of both sides of his mouth. One cannot say that abortion is justifiable with one breath then say that he is not endorsing abortion with the other. This kind of double-talk only serves to create confusion amongst believers. The Bible is clear; innocent bloodshed is not reasonable, it is sin.

As far as his version of Nicki’s story, the audio recording proves that she never said her life was in jeopardy or that the babies could not survive more than five minutes after birth. She repeatedly referred to her babies in the plural sense.

Smith referred to them as a “fetus” on the first day and later as “a baby with two heads,” language that served to dehumanize the twins in much the same way as abortionists do to justify their actions.

“It wasn’t about a deformity there, it was about something being life-threatening,” said co-host Don Stewart who went on to say that Smith was trying to explain her options in a “lose-lose” situation.

It was grieving to hear Stewart is such an obvious and blatantly deceptive damage-control mode.

Perhaps Smith and Stewart have forgotten that God is the Giver of Life, that He alone numbers our days. The two men completely discount any thought that these babies might be given to Nicki and her husband to bring glory to Himself.

Take the example of Abigail and Brittney Hensel, conjoined twins that have been the subject of a special on TLC. Abigail and Brittney share one body. A YouTube video clip shows them celebrating their 16th birthday, each getting a driver’s license, and discussing the possibility of one day being mothers.

The girls are shown on another video clip answering questions about their condition. “How did you get this way?” one of the girls read off a list. “God made us this way,” answered the other.

Yes, God made them that way, and he made Nicki’s twins the way they are. If God decides to take their lives before birth or decides to give them long, productive lives, like the Hansel twins, that is up to Him. It is not up to us to stand in the place of God and dictate the time and manner of death of innocent human beings, created in His image. Scripture calls that murder.

The least Smith and Stewart could have done was refer Nicki to a peri-natal hospice, such as the one operated by Choices Medical Clinic in Wichita, Kansas. Programs like these counsel families facing terminal diagnoses for their pre-born babies. They help the families cope with the stressful days ahead, support families through the grieving process, facilitate healing all the while allowing the families to show their babies dignity and love during their short lives.

Smith and Stewart owe their listeners a true Biblical perspective. We understand that people make mistakes, but when a mistake is made, we expect men of integrity to own up to it and to do what they can to make it right. These men owe Nicki and their listeners a retraction and an apology.

Given the devastating consequences that could follow Pastor Smith’s unbiblical response to Nicki’s situation, perhaps he is at a time in his long and illustrious career that he should consider refraining giving further extemporaneous advice on call-in shows like Pastor’s Perspective.


Well Being Built at Contenders for the Faith Discipleship Center in Kenya

The construction of the well and the foundation for the Contenders for the Faith Discipleship Center has begun. Check out the pictures to see the progress. Thank you to all the Lighthouse Trails readers who have been donating to make this center a reality.

To see a slide show of pictures of the new Bibles, click here.

Click on any photo below to enlarge. To see the previous set of photos we displayed, click here.


The young woman carrying a 20 ltr. container on her head (this is the way the water has been brought...walking 5km to get it and then the 5km back carrying the water!!

One of the diggers showing me how they come up out of the well...there are holes made on each side which they use for their hands and feet!  I just can't imagine!!

It's a long way down there.

Break time. Whew!

Some of the diggers. Mama Jo says," You can't imagine how physically hard this work is.

Pastor Achilla letting the bucket down into the well for more dirt.


If you would like to participate in donating to the new center or to the purchase of new KJV Bibles in their language, please click here.

False Christ Coming: Does Anybody Care? Is Now in Stock

Warren B. Smith’s new release False Christ Coming: Does Anybody Care? is now in stock. The book is a reformatted, repackaged edition of Smith’s earlier book, Reinventing Jesus Christ.

Book Information:

Retail Price: 14.95; Lighthouse Trails Price: $13.50, 160 pages

False Christ Coming – Does Anybody Care? is the original Reinventing Jesus Christ by Warren B. Smith, published in 2002.

“But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.” Matthew 13:25

Many church leaders believe that antichrist is alive and well and in the world today. But what is being left out of the discussion is how this coming false christ has already mainstreamed his New Age Gospel via a New Spirituality into the world and into the church. Using bestselling books and authors that have been popularized by media favorites like Oprah Winfrey and Larry King, the mystical teachings of this false New Age “Christ” state:

“A slain Christ has no meaning.” 1*Humanity saves itself by recognizing its own divinity – the “God” and “Christ” within.* World peace is dependent upon this understanding that humanity is divine.* The only “Satan” is not believing that man is “God.”* World peace will be attained by eliminating biblical Christianity and all of its followers.* A deadly “selection process” will be instituted as part of Antichrist’s final solution.* “Hitler didn’t hurt anyone. In a sense, he didn’t inflict suffering; he ended it.”

Just as Hitler telegraphed his plans in Mein Kampf, so antichrist has telegraphed his plans through his designated false teachers. Author Warren B. Smith is a former follower of this coming New Age “Christ.” False Christ Coming: Does Anybody Care? describes the deceptive teachings that undergird antichrist’s deceptive Peace Plan. False Christ Coming is a wake-up call to a church that remains strangely silent and in deep denial about the very deception that Jesus warned would come in His name (Matthew 24:3-5). Read this book and then warn your friends and family (2 Corinthians 2:11). Click here for more information including Table of Contents or to order.

LifeWay Stores Drops “Warning” Labels on Emergent Books – Says Not Relevant Anymore

According to a Christianity Today article, LifeWay Christian Stores (resource department for Southern Baptist Convention) has decided to end their “Read with Discernment” labels program that began in 2007.1 Books that LifeWay was carrying at that time by emerging church authors such as Rob Bell and Brian McLaren were suppose to receive labels telling potential readers that they should used discernment when reading the books as the books “may have espoused thoughts, ideas, or concepts that could be considered inconsistent with historical evangelical theology.” But, says Christianity Today, LifeWay has decided to end the warning program. Chris Rodgers, LifeWay’s director of product standards and customer relations, said: “We have been thinking about doing away with them for some time . . . They have kind of become irrelevant.”

It was in August 2006 that Lighthouse Trails wrote its first report about LifeWay Christian Stores. Our article titled “Does Southern Baptist Lifeway Stores Promote Contemplative Spirituality & the Emerging Church” showed that LifeWay was carrying many titles by emerging, mysticism-promoting authors such as Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, Tony Jones, Doug Pagitt, Thomas Keating, Basil Pennington, and Ken Blanchard, to name a few. In addition, our report showed that LifeWay was in an “alliance partnership” with Leadership Network, the launchpad for the modern day emergent movement (and an organization that still today promotes emerging figures).

In October of 2006, Lighthouse Trails issued another report titled “Lifeway Stores Says OK to New Age Sympathizing Authors,” where we showed a letter written by Jim Shull of LifeWay Christian Stores defending their selling books by Nouwen, Keating, and other mystics. The following day we posted “The Spirituality of Thomas Keating” to show why Keating did not fall in line with biblical Christianity.

One day after our Keating article, we posted “Can LifeWay Stores Really Change Direction?”   That article stated:

The question many may be asking right now is, “Now that this has been brought to LifeWay’s attention, can they and will they once and for all stop calling the books in question “Christian” when they actually promote Eastern mysticism, panentheism and other New Age spiritualities?” While we believe that LifeWay may indeed remove some of the titles, as they did recently with 14 titles on Yoga and Buddhism, it will take more than removing books to break the ties with contemplative and the emerging church (both of which have New Age premises).

It seemed by January of 2007 that the situation at LifeWay Christian Stores wasn’t getting any better.  Lighthouse Trails featured an article   by Ethics Daily titled Gay-Friendly Authors Populate SBC’s LifeWay Site, which showed that the Southern Baptist Convention book outlet was carrying books by Homosexual/Lesbian/ Transgendered/Pro-gay authors. According to the Ethics Daily article, there were several books by William Stringfellow (1929-1985) on LifeWay’s site - Stringfellow was described as a gay, lay theologian, social activist and mentor to Sojourners and Walter Wink. (also see Paul Proctor’s 6/10/08 article on this.

In February of 2007, Associated Baptist Press reported “LifeWay removes ‘questionable’ online titles; seeks to improve filtering process.”   The article stated: “LifeWay Christian Resources has removed a number of pro-gay titles from its online store,, after staffers became aware of the books’ availability.”

While LifeWay’s obvious efforts to clean up their store were admirable, Lighthouse Trails issued a concern at that time:

While it is commendable that LifeWay is making serious efforts to improve the content of their online bookstore, there are still countless books on the LifeWay bookstore website that promote contemplative spirituality, some of which are blatantly promoting the New Age. Some of the authors on their site who promote/teach contemplative (i.e., mantra meditation) are: Leonard Sweet, Gary Thomas, Alan Jones, Richard Foster, and Brennan Manning, along with many others.

In July of that same year, Lighthouse Trails posted a book review on Marjorie Thompson’s very contemplative, New Age-sympathizing book, Soul Feast. We reported concerns that so many Christian venues were using or carrying her book. LifeWay was named among those that did. A brief look here at Thompson’s book will  help readers to understand the concern Lighthouse Trails had about LifeWay’s selections. In Soul Feast, Thompson states:

Some Christians find that “mindfulness meditation,” a traditional Buddhist practice, helps them live their Christian discipleship more faithfully. . . .

The practice of contemplative prayer might give a Christian ground for constructive dialogue with a meditating Buddhist. (pp ix-x)

At the time we wrote the book review, Thompson was an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church USA and  a director for The Pathways Center (part of the Upper Room Ministries). Upper Room is a religious organization that promotes Eastern style meditation and is the creator of the popular, meditation tool Walk to Emmaus.

In Soul Feast, Thompson’s “Annotated Bibliography” (books she favors) is a who’s who of pantheistic contemplatives including: Thomas Merton, Henri Nouwen, Anthony de Mello, Tilden Edwards, Edward Hays, Morton Kelsey, and Parker Palmer. Jesuit priest Anthony De Mello, author of Sadhana: A Way To God, says this of meditation:

A Jesuit friend once told me that he approached a Hindu guru for initiation in the art of prayer. The guru said to him, “Concentrate on your breathing.” My friend proceeded to do just that for about five minutes. Then the guru said, “The air you breathe is God. You are breathing God in and out. Become aware of that, and stay with that awareness.” (FMSCN, p. 119)

Soul Feast is peppered with quotes by and references to staunch New Agers like Matthew Fox (The Coming of the Cosmic Christ), Gerald May, and M. Scott Peck. Others in the book are Dallas Willard, Richard Foster, and Brother Lawrence (see our research site for detailed information on these names). All of these named have one thing in common – they believe in the silent altered state that is induced through contemplative prayer, which has led to most of them  to embrace a panentheistic universalistic view of “God.”

By 2008, the warning had been issued to LifeWay; Lighthouse Trails moved on with other issues with the hope that LifeWay would truly embrace  their said mission statement supporting biblical Christianity rather than mystical, emerging contemplative spirituality. It was disheartening to learn two years later that while LifeWay still had many contemplative authors, there was one group of authors they did not embrace – the authors of Lighthouse Trails. An April 2009 Lighthouse Trails article, “LifeWay Stores Erroneously Tells Customers Lighthouse Trails Books “Out of Print,” revealed that not only was LifeWay not carrying any Lighthouse Trails books, but in many cases (which we verified) they were telling customers who were looking for our books that our books were “out of print.” We stated:

An office administrator at LifeWay corporate office told Lighthouse Trails that store managers should be telling customers that the books are in print but that LifeWay will not order them or make them available for their customers. (LifeWay has placed a “D” status – for discontinued – on all Lighthouse Trails books.) Lighthouse Trails informed the office administrator at LifeWay that we did not expect LifeWay to carry our books because of our differing views on mysticism (i.e. contemplative spirituality) . . . 

In our conversation with the LifeWay office administrator, Lighthouse Trails explained that it seemed unethical and dishonest for a Christian organization (Southern Baptist Convention) of its size, income, and influence to mislead customers in this manner toward a small Christian publisher. The LifeWay administrator said that instructions might be issued to the stores that customers should be told accurate information about books that LifeWay does not offer but that are still in print and available through other normal distribution channels (Ingram, SpringArbor, CBD, Amazon, etc.).

LifeWay was carrying The Shack at that time and still does today, but apparently, according to the Christianity Today article, the warning label for discernment will be removed from the book.2

While the online LifeWay Christian Stores website appears to be  no longer carrying books by Henri Nouwen, Brennan Manning, Thomas Keating, Basil Pennington, Tony Jones, Rob Bell, or Brian McLaren, according to the Christianity Today article, LifeWay walk in stores may still be carrying some emerging church authors. CT states:

At the LifeWay store in Franklin, Tennessee, the shelf featuring Young’s The Shack had a warning label, while [Donald] Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years had a bookmark in it telling buyers to ask for more information at the checkout desk. . . .

Shaun Groves, a Christian musician and speaker . . . got so annoyed by the warning he found on [Donald] Miller’s book in a LifeWay store that he walked out . . .

Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz, does not show up on the LifeWay website but if Christianity Today’s article is true, his books are in at least some of the walk-in stores. Miller, an emerging author, shares the same spiritual outlook as other emerging leaders (even in Blue Like Jazz, which has sold over a million copies and has gained enormous influence in the evangelical church). That is why atonement-denier Brian McLaren said there is “no better book than Blue Like Jazz to introduce Christian spirituality.” McLaren said this about Miller because he recognizes Miller as a soul mate of emerging spirituality. When McLaren says “Christian spirituality,” he is referring to mysticism.

The following quote by Miller (in Blue Like Jazz) reveals much about his spiritual outlook:

For me, the beginning of sharing my faith with people began by throwing out Christianity and embracing Christian spirituality, a nonpolitical mysterious system that can be experienced but not explained (p. 115).

This sounds a lot like Erwin McManus, who admits that his book, The Barbarian Way, has at its core, mysticism and in an interview stated: “My goal is to destroy Christianity as a world religion and be a recatalyst for the movement of Jesus Christ . . . Some people are upset with me because it sounds like I’m anti-Christian. I think they might be right” (Christian Examiner, 3/05/2009, “Pastor, noted author takes uncivil approach in new offering”). By the way, LifeWay presently carries many products by McManus.

While the “emerging” authors cannot be found on LifeWay’s website right now, a number of contemplative-promoting authors can be found: Rick Warren, Beth Moore, Gary Thomas, Kenneth Boa, Leonard Sweet, Max Lucado, Larry Crabb, John Ortberg, and Phillip Yancey to name a few  (you can type in any of these names in our search engine to learn about the contemplative propensities of these authors).

The Christianity Today article states that “Only a handful of titles [at LifeWay] received the [discernment] warning labels.” Clearly, LifeWay does not understand or accept that contemplative spirituality is just as dangerous and deceptive as Brian McLaren and Rob Bell’s emerging theologies. So in a way, it may have actually caused more harm than good by having labels on just a few titles when in fact countless titles should have had warning labels. Having the labels could have given the false impression that as long as you were using discernment with the few, you could rest assured with the rest.

How ironic that Beth Moore, one of LifeWay’s main authors,  exalts Brennan Manning in her book When Godly People Do Ungodly Things, but LifeWay has removed Manning’s books from their website. There are actually 21 different products on the website relating to that book by Moore. In Moore’s book, she quotes Manning from his book Ragamuffin Gospel calling the book “one of the most remarkable books” (p. 290) she has ever read. But it is this very book that reveals Manning’s true affinity with contemplative spirituality. In the back of the book, Manning makes reference to Basil Pennington (remember our quote above) saying that Pennington’s methods will provide us with “a way of praying that leads to a deep living relationship with God.” However, Pennington’s ”way of praying” draws from Eastern religions. In his book, Finding Grace at the Center, Pennington says:

We should not hesitate to take the fruit of the age-old wisdom of the East and “capture” it for Christ. Indeed, those of us who are in ministry should make the necessary effort to acquaint ourselves with as many of these Eastern techniques as possible. Many Christians who take their prayer life seriously have been greatly helped by Yoga, Zen, TM and similar practices. (pp. 5-6, from A Time of Departing, 2nd ed., p.64)

Manning also cites Carl Jung in Ragamuffin Gospel as well as interspiritualists and contemplatives, Anthony De Mello, Marcus Borg, Morton Kelsey, Gerald May, Henri Nouwen, Annie Dillard, atonement-rejector Alan Jones, Eugene Peterson, and Sue Monk Kidd.

Beth Moore speaks of Brennan Manning several times throughout her book, including on page 72 where she suggests that his contribution to “our generation of believers may be a gift without parallel” (p. 72). For Moore to consider Ragamuffin Gospel ”one of the most remarkable” books she has read and to say Brennan Manning’s contribution to this generation of believers is “a gift without parallel” leads one to conclude that Beth Moore has absorbed Manning’s spirituality. So while readers at LifeWay cannot get Brennan Manning directly, they will get him indirectly from Beth Moore.

And the same goes for other LifeWay authors – customers can’t get Matthew Fox, Willis Harman, M. Scott Peck, or Thomas Merton, but they get Leonard Sweet, who calls these men his “New Light heroes.” Customers can’t get Richard Foster or Henri Nouwen on the LifeWay website, but they can get Rick Warren who has promoted both Foster and Nouwen. They can’t get books by gay authors anymore, but they get Dan Kimball and his book They Like Jesus But Not the Church where he belittles Christians who think homosexuality is wrong by saying “the church is homophobic.” They can’t get tantric sex advocate Mary Anne McPherson Oliver, but they get Gary Thomas who references or quotes her about a dozen times in his book Sacred Marriage (carried on the LifeWay website).

Over the years, we have beseeched LifeWay’s managers to read A Time of Departing and Faith Undone. We sent the books to some of them because they are well documented, non-vitriolic, and correct in their assessments as to what is happening in the church today. We realize that for them to remove all contemplative aspects of their store, their shelves might be sparsely filled unless they turned to biblical publishers. The problem with much of organized Christianity today is the cost is too high and the loss financially too great to make these changes. But the eternal cost of NOT doing what is right is far greater, and the implications could be staggering.

 To learn more:

Read A Time of Departing and Faith Undone

TIME Magazine Favorite The Dalai Lama Promotes “Peaceful Marxism”

Contact: Christian Investigator, 608-469-7956

MADISON, Wis., Feb. 10, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ — In a recent Sify article, the Dalai Lama, a Buddhist, said he is a Marxist who opposes Communist China’s version of Marxism.

Karl Marx, founder of Marxism, said religion is the “opium of the masses.” He believed religion was the result of rich oppressors taking advantage of poor people. Marx said, “Abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness.”

The Dalai Lama is one of TIME magazine’s all-time favorite religious leaders. His promotion of Marxism is confusing because most Marxists oppose religion. However, some Marxists try to combine their beliefs with Christianity.

An example of this is liberation theology which became popular over the last few years. President Obama’s former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, promotes black liberation theology.

Marxism has never produced good results. More than 100 million people have been slaughtered by Marxist governments. Also, the Nazis, who many consider to be a form of Marxism, killed an additional 24 million people.

For the Dalai Lama to believe that Marxism is good is hypocritical. He fled Tibet and went to India in 1959 because of Chinese Communist persecution.

How could the Dalai Lama promote Marxism after being persecuted by the Marxist Chinese regime? There is no such thing as a benign Marxist regime. Some start out idealistic, but eventually destroy true Christianity and other religions.

Also, from a Christian point of view, the Dalai Lama’s promotion of Buddhism is in error. The Dalai Lama claims to be the fourteenth reincarnation of the Dalai Lama. The Bible does not support reincarnation.

Buddha, founder of Buddhism, did not believe in God. Jesus Christ is thought of as an enlightened teacher, but not God.

The ultimate goal of Buddhists is to arrive at nirvana, the elimination of desires and cravings. By doing this, a person supposedly escapes suffering.

Christian Investigator President Steve McConkey says, “I admire the Dalai Lama’s opposition to Chinese dictators, however, the promotion of ungodly Marxism is troubling. Additionally, pastors need to teach people about these popular beliefs so Christians can defend their faith.”

Steve McConkey is the President-Founder of 4 WINDS which offers the news-apologetics site Christian Investigator (CI). Also, CI produces articles that are distributed worldwide on important issues. He is an honor graduate of Minnesota State University-Mankato (BS-Public Health) and Western Kentucky University (Masters of Public Health).

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A Small Price to Pay by Harvey Yoder


A Commentary: “Celebrate Arab democracy?”

By Caroline B. Glick
Jewish World Review
Out-of-house news source

Over the past week, Israel has been criticized for being insufficiently supportive of democratic change in Egypt. While Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has been careful to praise the cause of democracy while warning against the dangers of an Islamic takeover of the most populous Arab state, many Israelis have not been so diplomatic.

To understand why, it is necessary to take a little tour of the Arab world.

In the midst of Tunisia’s revolution last month, the Jewish Agency mobilized to evacuate any members of the country’s Jewish community who wished to leave. Until the end of French colonial rule in 1956, Tunisia’s Jewish community numbered 100,000 members. But like all Jewish communities in the Arab world the advent of Arab nationalism in the mid-20th century forced the overwhelming majority of Tunisia’s Jews to leave the country. Today, with between 1,500 and 3000 members, Tunisia’s tiny Jewish community is among the largest in the Arab world.

So far, six families have left for Israel. Many more may follow. Two weeks ago Daniel Cohen from Tunis’s Jewish community told Haaretz, “If the situation continues as it is now, we will definitely have to leave or immigrate to Israel.”

Since then, Rached Ghannouchi, the leader of Tunisia’s Islamist party Ennahdha, returned to Tunisia 22 years living in exile in London. He was sentenced to life in prison in absentia by the regime of ousted president Zine al-Abdine Ben Ali on terrorism charges. Click here to continue reading.

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Trapped in Hitler's Hell by Anita Dittman with Jan Markell




New Autobiography by Roger Oakland and Understand the Times Ministry Banquet

Lighthouse Trails has contracted with Roger Oakland and will be releasing his autobiography Let There Be Light sometime in 2011. The book was scheduled to be released in 2010, but a serious injury by Roger in 2009 prohibited the book from being ready. The book was first published several years ago under a different publisher. The 2011 edition will be updated extensively. We will announce at a further date when the book will be released and ready for pre-orders.

Ministry Banquet

Understand The Times will be holding a Ministry Outreach Banquet on February 25, 2011 at the Sheraton in Anaheim, California from 7:00 to 10:00 PM. The address for the Sheraton is:

Sheraton Park Hotel at the Anaheim Resort
1855 S Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92802

This banquet is open to all who can be there.

The cost of the banquet will be $25.00 per person or a table of 8 people will be $199.00. Dinner is included. Reservations can be made online or by calling (800) 689-1888.

For more information or to make reservations online, please go to

SPECIAL NOTE: As many of you know, Roger Oakland has been slowly returning to ministry after his 2009 serious accident that took place on his Saskatchewan farm. Because Roger has been an outspoken and courageous voice against the spiritual deceptions that have come into the church today, he has been a target for vicious attack by Satan. There have been rumors spread about Roger that are untrue and sometimes harmful to his ministry. One rumor going around was that Roger was dead. He learned of this one when he walked into a Christian bookstore, asked for a copy of his book, Faith Undone, and the cashier told him, "Oh the author is dead." Roger answered, "I don't think so. I am he." We know the Lord is our defender, but these are not easy things to endure. Nevertheless, in spite of these attacks, Understand the Times is going forth. We believe Roger can be likened to a pioneer who is forging a trail through an overgrown, weedy path. Many times, pioneers must go alone, but they prepare a way for others. He has lost personally and ministerially friends and supporters who have felt he was too outspoken. Praise God, there have also been many who have voiced their love and support. Please continue to pray for Roger that he will be strengthened daily in the strength of the Lord. Also pray for his family.

Roger's ministry, Understand the Times, is pressing onward in its efforts to contend for the faith in a world that is growing spiritually darker every day. In a few weeks, he and two fellow colleagues will be heading to Myanmar where they will minister to the teachers and children in their orphan homes. When he returns, the banquet mentioned above will take place. If you are in support of Roger and his ministry, if you can, we hope you will attend the dinner. There will be worship music and a number of speakers.

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Mid-Winter Book and Tea Special at Lighthouse Trails Ends Mid-night on the 14th

The MID-WINTER BOOK AND TEA SPECIAL at Lighthouse Trails ends midnight on February 14th.

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I just wanted to tell you thank you for your tea samples. I am enjoying both; the peppermint and chai. I have never had a peppermint tea so good. I highly recommend it to anyone who would like the peppermint to be rightly prepared, with a strong peppermint taste without bitterness. The peppermint is enjoyable in the mouth even in between swallows! Better than i've ever had!! The Chai was also quite enjoyable!! Kim, Canada
Your teas are outstanding, excellent flavor and quality! ... the Scriptures have opened some doors too. Praise the Lord! Kathleen, Florida
Your tea is so smooth that one does not need sweetener or cream with it. Even my husband, who sweetens everything, doesn't ask for cream or sweetener. Barbara, Texas
I gave a tea combo pack to a friend for Christmas. She and her husband put a tea bag at the place of each person sitting at their Christmas lunch table of 6, including guests. They went around the table and each person read his/her verse, and then all of them thought together about what each verse was saying. It was a nice way to use the tea and to introduce Scripture to the event. B.G., Texas
I received my order of Shepherd's Tea today. I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you I'm sitting in my jammies, bathrobe, & slippers right now enjoying a cup of Shepherd's Tea from Lighthouse Trails. So tasty! Thank you! When I drink it, it reminds me to pray for you guys. I love the Bible verses. What a clever idea. God bless you and your ministry. J. in California
I am confident that if you try Shepherd's Tea you will find that it has flavor more unique, robust, and enjoyable than any other tea I can think of on the market. The Peppermint will knock your proverbial socks off! Ray Yungen, Oregon, author, researcher
I love your new tea product & can't wait to try them! Are any of them decaf? They are going to make great Christmas gifts. I think it's a very fine way to support the ministry. God bless you for it, Ellen, U.S.
Hey I Did Not Know You Did Tea? That's Great, Our Auto Repair Biss. Is Growing And When I Get The Office Done I will Be Ordering Some For My Customers. Don, U.S.
Hooray for you in offering tea. Perhaps I'll start drinking tea now that I know I can do so without having new age tea boxes in my home... Thank you for being a purveyor of tea whom I can trust. Truly, Christopher D., CT