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SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT ROGER OAKLAND: As you will recall, we sent out a prayer request last week for Roger Oakland who has become quite ill. We didn't have a lot of details then and still don't but his family had asked for prayer. However, we do know that doctors are conducting more tests this week to determine the cause of his illness, and once we know something more, we will pass that information on to you. On behalf of Roger and his family, thank you so much for your prayers. We know his long-standing ministry has been a tremendous blessing to many people.

Lighthouse Trails 2018 Year-in-Review – Part 1 – Top 10 Letters to the Editor

2018 Year in Review - Letters to the EditorEvery year around this time, Lighthouse Trails presents its Year in Review. This is an opportunity to read stories you may have missed and also to get a wide-lens glance at important things happening in the church and the world from a discernment and biblical point of view. As always, our primary focus at Lighthouse Trails is the Gospel. We hope this Year in Review edition will point readers to that very message.

Our first category is Letters to the Editor. Throughout the year, we receive many letters to our editors. When we post them, they become a source of encouragement, understanding, and even direction for our readers as many are going through similar experiences. The following 10 letters from 2018 are in order of date posted.

1. Letter to the Editor: Removed Children From 4-H After Flyer Arrives Announcing Mindfulness for 4-H

2. Letter to the Editor: The Handwriting on the Wall . . . and Rightnow Media

3. Letter to the Editor: Concerned About Lighthouse Trails Upcoming Book Challenging Calvinism

4. Letter to the Editor: Freedom of Religion Being Seriously Challenged in Canada

5. Letter to the Editor: Church Sends Out Letter Apologizing for Distributing Jesus Calling

6. Letter to the Editor: Pastor Not Listening – Starting Biblical Study in Home on Discerning the Times

7. Letter to the Editor: A Painful Journey Out of Bondage

8. Letter to Editor: Caution to Parents: Anne of Green Gables—”Anne With An “E”—Pushes LGBT Agenda

9. Letter to the Editor: My Former Baptist Pastor Went From Spiritual Formation Into the Orthodox Church

10. Letter to the Editor: My Church—Heading Into Troubled Waters With One Deceptive Teacher After the Next


Lighthouse Trails 2018 Year-in-Review – Part 2 – Top 10 Out-of-House News Stories

The following are the top ten out-of-house news articles. These were posted throughout the year for informational and research purposes and not necessarily as an endorsement of the content or the source, but we believe the information is important to be aware of. Listed in order of date posted.

1. “Despite Widespread Claims” – “Meditation Does Not Make You a Better Person, Study Finds” – The Telegraph (UK)

2. Study Shows Americans Are Forgetting About the Holocaust – NBC News

3. Child-Rescuer Kenneth Miller Released From U.S. Prison After 2 Years – Lifesite News

4. Katy Perry Invited to Speak About Transcendental Meditation at Vatican Conference Along with Other Meditation Teachers – Huffington Post

5. “Boy Scouts Changing Name To ‘Scouts BSA,’ As Girls Welcomed Into Program” – NPR

6. Christian Baker Who Refused to Do Same-Sex Wedding Cake Wins at U.S. Supreme Court – WND

7. “Teaching Pastor Resigns Over Willow Creek’s Handling of Allegations Against Bill Hybels” – Chicago Tribune

8. “‘They Hid It All’: Catholic Priests Abused 1,000 Children in Pennsylvania, Grand Jury Report Says” – New York Times

9. “Mindfulness Meditation in Public Schools: Side-Stepping Supreme Court Religion Rulings” – Huffington Post

10. New Muslim Congresswoman From Minnesota, “Ilhan Omar Flip-Flops, Shares Support for BDS” – Jerusalem Post

photo from; used with permission

Andy Stanley’s “Irresistible”: Not So Irresistible!

By Gregory R Reid

As a Christian researcher and minister, I approached the reading of Andy Stanley’s book Irresistible with an account of Andy Stanley’s message to the Southern Baptist Convention that helped me to understand Stanley’s core belief concerning the Scripture. He had told the gathering at the SBC, “I would ask preachers and pastors and student pastors in their communications to get the spotlight off the Bible and back on the resurrection.”  Along with similar statements, it was clear to me that Stanley was not strong on the necessity of the Scriptures in our call to preach the Gospel and build up the church.

Stanley’s book Irresistible did nothing to take away that perception. In fact, it appears that Stanley has doubled down on his assertion that Scriptures are not all that necessary in our commission.

Stanley begins the book with the idea that the church used to be irresistible but now people are walking away from God in droves, and he believes it is largely because of the Bible being preached the way it is. He asserts that we change our language and our assertions about the Bible, and that will make us more irresistible somehow.

Stanley spends a great deal of time explaining away his controversial assertions. On the one hand, he will declare that the Old Testament is obsolete, and on the other, he tries to explain that it is still good to have for history, stories, etc.

The first part of the book is Stanley’s effort to prove that the Old Testament, the law, etc., is obsolete and has been replaced by the New Covenant. In effect, there are some of Stanley’s assertions that are correct. But it is not all that he says, and therein lies the problem. Like so many new emergent ministers, the tendency is to try to weaken, eliminate or downplay those parts of Scripture that are troublesome or appear to be in opposition to current cultural mores and lifestyles.

Although there are many true things in Stanley’s book, the number of bones one must throw out to find the chicken is rather overwhelming. His ideas in the second part of the book that we must follow Jesus’ command to love others and that will be our motivator and decider on how to handle people is right, and we would all benefit by understanding that love is the fulfillment of the law, and it is the reason why we do what we do.

But many of Stanley’s conclusions as well as his assertions are problematic on many levels. Here are just a few:

  1. He reduces the Hebrew Scriptures to stories and history and does not feel we should put any authoritative stock in it for ourselves as New Covenant believers.
  2. He uses the phrase “replaced” and “replacement” of Israel and the law several times, raising a concern that he may subscribe to the evangelical movement of “replacement theology” that believes God is through with Israel as a nation and simply replaced them with the church.
  3. Stanley spends a great deal of time planting seeds of doubt as to the accuracy, scientific and archeological and even moral authority of the Scriptures.
  4. Stanley asserts that the reason we are not irresistible to unbelievers is that we keep using the term “the bible says” and that the reason most “nones” walked away from church is that they lost faith in our Bible stories that simply got torn apart in college. And while it is true that many church kids lose their faith in college under the brutal attacks from secular and atheistic professors who are able to argue circles around them, the answer is not to further weaken young people’s faith in the Scriptures but rather to fortify and arm them with the truth of the accuracy, historicity, and spiritual power to transform hearts and lives through the Scriptures. I would further suggest that the reason many, many church kids fall away in college when their faith in Scriptures is undermined may be because they did not have a personal saving encounter with Jesus Christ to begin with.
  5. He asserts that we would become irresistible if we simply stopped using language like “the Bible” and stopped using the Old Testament and the law and ten commandments as our authority or proof of our faith.
  6. Stanley continues to subtly suggest that the Old Testament was contradictory, flawed, and at odds with science and archeology. I suggest the lack of apologetic facts here is very dangerous to young audiences. It leads them to believe that even though there are flaws and mistakes and errors in Scripture, it does not matter, because our faith isn’t based on Scripture. While partially true that our salvation is based on Jesus and His resurrection, it is a grave mistake to suggest that Scripture does not play an extremely significant and crucial part in our faith – not our salvation, but our faith and spiritual growth as we seek to be conformed into the image of Christ. And, we must realize that Scripture is the frame work of our faith. 
  7. While Stanley seems to suggest neither Jesus nor the apostles based much on the Scriptures, the fact is that they were all committed to “the Word of God.” The Hebrew term was “Torah observant.” When Jesus said, ‘They have kept your word” (John 17:6), that is what it meant.
  8. Much of Andy’s theology is based on the idea that the Old Testament is obsolete and only good for stories and history. On the other hand, Jesus Himself said, “Sanctify them through the truth. Thy Word is truth”(John 17:17). What Word? The Hebrew Scriptures. When Satan contended with Jesus in the wilderness, Jesus said, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God”(Matthew 4:4). What Word? The Hebrew Scriptures.

The real crux of the matter is that Stanley spends far too much time weakening people’s confidence in biblical accuracy as well as telling them they have almost nothing to gain from reading the “Old Testament.” But while there may be old and new covenants, there is really just one book. Jesus affirmed both the accuracy and God-breathedness of the Hebrew Scriptures, as did Paul and Peter. Basic theology taught us that the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed, and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed. But more than that, the truths contained in the Hebrew Scriptures are God’s truth.

Perhaps Stanley’s problem is that he does not believe there is any more to the Scriptures than stories and history. But those who have taught and preached and carried the Scriptures throughout history and were used to produce some of the greatest revivals in history did so carrying the whole weight of scriptural authority with them, not deeming half of them obsolete. In fact, in the book of Acts, almost every major public preaching message, whether by Peter, or Paul, or Stephen, was literally a retelling of the Hebrew Scriptures, from prophets to history to wisdom and Psalms.

Perhaps Stanley’s other issue is that he does not believe in the AUTHORITY of the Word of God. Those of us who have lived by it and preached by it for our whole lives can attest that it is not “just a book,” but the Word of God is powerful on multiple levels.

He sent forth His Word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions. (Psalm 107:20)

Thy Word have Ihid in my heart that I might not sin against thee. (Psalm 119:11)

And perhapsmost central,

Thou hast magnified Thy Word above all Thy Name. (Psalm 138:2)

If God so glorifies His Word, we should be very careful not to lessen its place or importance.

It is also not accurate to say that if we dosome of the things Stanley suggests, we will suddenly become irresistible to the world. Jesus, in fact, made it plain that the world would largely hate believers, not find us or our message irresistible (Matthew 10:22).

While some of Stanley’s suggestions are valid, the repeated undermining of respect and acknowledgement of the power and authority of the Word of God, both Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, as well as pointing out several times how indefensible many of the Old Testament things are, can only serve to get new believers to disregard the Old Testament altogether – especially since Stanley deems them “obsolete.” This makes the book a dangerous book heading in a dangerous direction. As with the former evangelical Rob Bell’s book Velvet Elvis, which Irresistible closely resembles, it has the effect of being a systematic tearing down of faith in the Scriptures, and whatever good things are said will not be sustained without a solid scriptural foundation to enable the reader to walk in truth.

Lighthouse Trails 2018 Year-in-Review – Part 1 – Top 10 Letters to the Editor
Lighthouse Trails 2018 Year-in-Review – Part 2 – Top 10 Out-of-House News Stories
Andy Stanley’s “Irresistible”: Not So Irresistible!

Lighthouse Trails 2018 Year-in-Review – Part 3 – Top 10 Articles by Like-Minded Ministries

Lighthouse Trails 2018 Year-in-Review – Part 4 – “Coming Out of the Closet” on Calvinism
Nothin's Real Anymore
A Short Thought on Man’s Views Vs. God’s Views on Eternal Security
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Lighthouse Trails 2018 Year-in-Review – Part 3 – Top 10 Articles by Like-Minded Ministries

The following are the Top 10 stories written in 2018 by like-minded ministries (most of whom are also authors Lighthouse Trails represents). In order of date posted (oldest to newest):

Roger OaklandRoger Oakland

1. Biometrics and Big Brother by Roger Oakland – A trend is sweeping the world that has the potential of impacting every person on the planet. It will mandate the way we buy or sell consumer products or identify our location as we move from place to place. Rarely a day goes by without news explaining how citizens around the world are being processed for the purpose of global personal identification. In order to understand what is happening, you need to know what is meant by the term biometrics.

2. Transgenderism and Our Childrenby Maria Kneas and Lois Putnam – In the Bible, God makes clear distinctions between light and darkness, good and evil, male and female, adults and children, animals and humans, plants and animals, living and inanimate. These distinctions or separations are clearly important to God, and anything that attempts to destroy these distinctions is trying to undermine foundational principles that God established.

Cedric FisherCedric Fisher

3. Enduring End-time Trials by Cedric Fisher – When the Believer attempts to fight the enemies of righteousness in his or her own strength and abilities, it is a huge mismatch. Sometimes all that we can do in the firefight of light against darkness is to cry out for more light. Like a solar powered vehicle, we are “light-powered” and must stay in the light to function at optimum performance.


Mike OppenheimerMike Oppenheimer

4. Is Francis Chan Right That God Will Destroy Those Who Challenge Christian Leaders? by Mike Oppenheimer – Recently, Francis Chan spoke to a group at Bethel Church, and using Bible verses, he warned that God will destroy (kill) anyone who questions or opposes the teachings of Christian leaders. He proceeded to name some of those leaders (e.g., Rick Warren, Mark Driscoll, John Piper, etc.) who should not be spoken against.

5. Spiritual Discernment What It Is and How to Get It by Dr. Shelton Smith -You cannot get a graduate degree in spiritual discernment. I don’t know how much of it you have, but you need to keep working at it so you’ll be sure to have it on any given day. If you don’t have it, you’ll fall back into carnality and begin doing things the way the world does and that’s always a mistake! Spiritual discernment: seeing what God sees, counting it the way God counts it, understanding it as God reveals it, and accepting it as God declares it. Get it and don’t let go of it!

Bill RandlesBill Randles

6. Satan’s War on Children by Bill Randles – The world I was born into was already undergoing a moral and social transition which probably alarmed my elders, but it is all but gone now. The only thing my children, grandchildren, and their generation can know of it is the anecdotes we who once lived in it pass on to them.


Warren SmithWarren Smith

7. “God’s Dream”—Satan’s Ultimate Scheme by Warren B. Smith – Google the term “God’s Dream,” and you will immediately find countless references on Christian websites to this popular spiritual term. An ever-increasing number of Christian authors, pastors, youth leaders, evangelists, bloggers, musicians, and everyday believers are using the term “God’s Dream” as if it has some sound scriptural basis. It doesn’t.


Gregory ReidGregory Reid

8. The Emergent Church’s War on the Word by Gregory Reid – It was, of course, inevitable that the Emergent Church would begin to have babies that were even more unbiblical than itself. Andy Stanley is one of those spiritual offspring of a departure from biblical faith and adoption by experiential religious deception. In 2016, he told a group of pastors at the Southern Baptist Convention that they needed to get the spotlight off the Bible (August 2016 “Onward” conference). Now his spiritual “children” are following suit.

Carl TeichribCarl Teichrib

9. “Anger, Vitriol and Venom” From the Parliament of the World’s Religions by Carl Teichrib – Yesterday was the first day of the Parliament of Worlds Religions in Toronto, which was primarily comprised of opening ceremonies. Speakers included the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, our federal minister of immigration, a video message from the Dalai Lama, various Parliament leaders (including one who is an executive with the World Federalist Movement), and a talk by Jim Wallis (was openly hostile to Republicans and conservatives).

Lynn Lusby PrattLynn Lusby Pratt

10. “Temple Prostitutes” – Another “Fruit” of Contemplative Spirituality by Lynn Lusby Pratt – That title was a crack I made around 2006 when I became aware of the new wave of false teaching entering the church. One aspect of that teaching hinted that our experience with Jesus was (should be?) sexual. (Christians who use a mantra, as in contemplative prayer, and go into an altered state of consciousness sometimes have erotic experiences, which they mistakenly believe to be “union” with God/Jesus.)

Lighthouse Trails 2018 Year-in-Review – Part 4 – “Coming Out of the Closet” on Calvinism

In 2018, Lighthouse Trails released a book by a Canadian pastor titled Calvinism: None Dare Call It Heresy. Needless to say, this created quite a large firestorm for Lighthouse Trails. Below we have listed ten posts from this past year to our “coming out of the closet” on our beliefs about Calvinism. To read the entire post of any of these ten entries, click the title of any article. If you would like to read comments made by readers regarding the book and these other articles, after you click on a title and are taken to the blog, simply scroll to the bottom of any article to read comments. You can also leave your own comments as well.Calvinism: None Dare Call It Heresy

Lighthouse Trails Publishing Announces New Release: Calvinism: None Dare Call It Heresy – Today, a growing number of churches, ministries, and Christian colleges are promoting Calvinism. While Calvinist scholars claim that Calvinism is complex (and they have indeed created a complex system), the rudiments of it are very basic, and it can be readily understood.

Calvinism Book: A Hornet’s Nest  – I am neither Calvinist nor Arminian; in my considered understanding, the Bible teaches neither of these with any degree of clarity, and even further, within both systems of thought, there is much falsity and that which perverts and distorts the Christian life and tragically, even the believer’s understanding of God. Both systems have as their greatest enemy the reading and consistent study of God’s Word in its context!

Letter to the Editor: Reflections of a Calvinist “Unelect” – We moved to this small town as quintessential Yankees without having done any real homework. My spouse and I always considered ourselves devout, but “garden variety” believers in Jesus Christ, along with everyone else we’ve ever known. We joined the largest church in town, largest population in a church, and it is strongly affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. Half the town appears to attend this church or a few small other Baptist churches in the area.

Letter to the Editor: Lighthouse Trails Book on Calvinism is Allowing False Teaching into LT – I am really sad that you are anti Calvinist in your ministry. I was a student at Biola university and conversed with you about their heretical teaching in their New Age spirituality.

A Potter Looks at Romans 9 – Calvinism offers a distorted view of salvation based largely on a misconceived idea of what God is like. And while Catholicism is rooted in a misconstrued perception of what John 6 is talking about, Calvinism, likewise, is founded on an equally misconstrued view of what Romans 9 is talking about.

One Woman’s Journey Into Calvinism  – My introduction to John Calvin came one spring night while driving down a desolate Wyoming highway. It was early evening. The road conditions were mildly challenging, which was often the case in that part of the country. I was listening intently to reformed theologian R. C. Sproul lecture about Romans 8:28-30.

Letter to the Editor: A Painful Journey Out of Bondage -Having been in a staunch Reformed, 5-point Calvinist church for over 10 years and never being able to embrace it (though I kept that to myself) and feeling guilty that something was wrong with me was very damaging. The joy of His salvation left me little by little with the paralyzing fear of not being a chosen one.

Letter to the Editor: Concerned About Lighthouse Trails Upcoming Book Challenging Calvinism – I’m attending a Presbyterian church. I am not a Calvinist, and my pastor knows it. . . . If you publish that book about the Presbyterians, then that will turn away a lot of your readers who are Presbyterians. And that could be a large proportion of your readers because Presbyterians tend to be well-educated people who care about doctrine.

Letter to the Editor: The Calvinist Book – For Such a Time as This – Just seeing your intention to publish has motivated me to write to you. I want to say emphatically that I thoroughly endorse your stand and thank you for your determination to publish the Truth. At a personal level, Calvinism has had a most destructive, life-altering influence on my family through relatives who had departed from Calvinist Christianity but who have subsequently turned to the occult.

Man’s Views Vs. God’s Views on Eternal Security – For many believers, the doctrines of foreknowledge, predestination, adoption, and election paint a completely distorted picture of God, at least from how God has revealed Himself within His Word.  Misunderstood biblical teaching always results in a misunderstanding of the person of God and His purposes, even His relationship to you and me. In the case of these doctrines in particular, there are three basic areas by which they are perceived, each claiming to be Scriptural.

Nothin's Real Anymore

By Trevor Baker

Somewhere in my mind rings the words to an old Christian song. I can’t quite remember it’s name but I do recall some of the words. In essence it was saying that we needed to stop by the church sometime when our soul is in trouble.

This all sounds like good, wholesome common sense but does this old, tried and proven exercise still apply today? One would have to wonder as the climate of the church continues to morph into a strange and peculiar thing.

I have stopped into countless churches over my 20 years of music ministry and I must say that I have been stunned on more than one occasion. Let me give one example.

Once I performed a Sunday morning concert at a beautiful country church that had about 100 attendees. A deacon told me before the service that there were 18 new converts in the previous year. This was quite an amazing thing to hear in our day. Eighteen new Christians in a small church and all in one year!

As I scanned the audience for an hour that morning, I searched for the faces of these 18 new Christians and came up empty. Some would say, “ you can’t tell a book by its cover” and to that fact I can partially agree. Not all faces of new Christians light up like a lightbulb because not all personalities are the same. That being said, I have just been around the block too many times and have heard too many testimonies throughout the years that were filled with deep emotion and so this made me very puzzled that morning. Click here to continue reading and to listen to one of Trevor’s newest songs.

LTRP Note: Lighthouse Trails has carried a number of Trevor Baker's CDs for several years and have so appreciated his music ministry to the church because he always tells it like it is.


A Short Thought on Man’s Views Vs. God’s Views on Eternal Security
eternal security

By Judson Casjens

For many believers, the doctrines of foreknowledge, predestination, adoption, and election paint a completely distorted picture of God, at least from how God has revealed Himself within His Word.  Misunderstood biblical teaching always results in a misunderstanding of the person of God and His purposes, even His relationship to you and me. In the case of these doctrines in particular, there are three basic viewpoints by which they are perceived, each claiming to be Scriptural.

Oddly enough, the true biblical teaching has no name; however, in general terms, the two other viewpoints are Calvinism and Arminianism.  While these last two groups view each other more often than not with disdain, when studied honestly they actually share common ground in one particular area—that of what is termed eternal security.  Honest and understanding adherents of each teaching don’t, and in fact cannot, know they are in truth “saved” until their last and final gasp of breath.  For while the Arminian teaches and believes one can lose and then regain one’s salvation, the Calvinist under the teaching on the Perseverance of the Saints (the “P” in TULIP) cannot know he has, in fact, persevered until he has completed his earthly sojourn, an understanding of which teaching not many have seriously considered.

To be quite clear, in each and all of these groupings, there are to be found true and very upstanding believers and scholars; it’s just that when it comes to these teachings, which are all intertwined and interdependent by the way, the understanding is skewed and there is a genuine tendency to “read into” biblical passages their respective beliefs.  Put another way, while they may be excellent scholars, in most passages, as portions of Scripture touch on their beloved doctrines, they quite frankly have a tendency to manipulate, twist, redefine, and in other ways conform and interpret them into their own preconceived mold. 

As we read many of these well-respected men’s writings, this is something of which one needs to be acutely aware.  This raises the question we all should be asking anyway—do you know the beliefs and teachings of those you listen to and whose books you read?  Have you discovered the root from which their teachings stem?  Even evolution can be made to sound plausible if one ignores all the assumptions upon which it is based.  We’re in a time when this discovery is much easier to make with the advent of the Internet.  The utter failure to practice this is one of the major reasons so much error has entered the church; to be clear, I have seen this failure in many pastors (who need to be questioned as well).  Are you of the opinion that when John wrote the following, he was writing to someone else?

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.– 1 John 4:1

This is found within a context in which Jesus’ commandments and false prophets are being discussed.  As noted earlier, large numbers of believers are living their lives with a total uncertainty and lack of honesty to what they’ve been taught, not possessing the knowledge of being presently secure “in Christ.” It is His power that guarantees us eternal life and salvation—and it is utterly tragic if we do not lay hold of the truth of the Gospel.  It really doesn’t become any clearer than this verse if we let it say simply what it says:

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. – John 3:16


Bryce Homes Kenya - 7 Years and Continuing On


Bryce Homes in KenyaA recent photo of some of the Bryce Home children in Kenya during a visit by Understand the Times co-administrator Kevin Fox of Saskatchewan, Canada. The Kenya Bryce Home program began seven years ago under the leadership of Roger Oakland through his international Bryce Homes for widows and children program and has continued to be successful in helping Christian widows and their children with food, housing, education costs, spiritual needs, and starting small home businesses. The support from Lighthouse Trails readers has been an integral and vital part of this missions work in Kenya. If you would like to join us and other LT readers in financially and prayerfully supporting this Understand the Times work, please visit


Below is a slideshow we put together this past fall of the Bryce Home program in Kenya. If you can't view this video, click here.


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Special Pastors and Leaders Booklet Pack

This pack of 15 booklets contains all the booklets Lighthouse Trails has sent to pastors and leaders in the last three years in our special mailings to them three times a year. If your pastor missed out on these, you can now purchase the entire set at a very low price. We can send the pack directly to your pastor for you, or we can mail it to you for you to give to him. This pack would also be excellent for Sunday school teachers, youth pastors, and other church leaders so get as many as you think you can use. The booklets contain essential information to help inform Christian leaders and pastors of the spiritual deception in the church today through various avenues (emergent, contemplative, New Age, interspirituality, ecumenism, etc).

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10 Scriptural Reasons Jesus Calling is a Dangerous Book (Smith)

5 Things You Should Know About Contemplative Prayer (Yungen)

Rick Warren’s Dangerous Ecumenical Path to Rome (Oakland)

The Shack and It’s New Age Leaven (Smith)

Yoga and Christianity: Are They Compatible? (Lawson)

A Serious Look at Richard Foster’s “School” of Contemplative Prayer (Yungen)

The New Missiology: Doing Missions Without the Gospel (Oakland)

Shack Theology: Universalism, TBN, Oprah, and the New Age (Smith)

Israel: Replacing What God Has Not (Oppenheimer)

D is for Deception: The Language of the “New” Christianity (Reeves)

Mindfulness: What You May Not Know and Should Have Been Told (Kneas/Putnam)

Lectio Divina: What is it, What it is Not, and Should Christians Practice it? (Editors)

A Course in Miracles (Smith)

The Jews: Beloved by God, Hated by Many (Pearce)

Oprah Winfrey’s New Age “Christianity”—Neale Donald Walsch, “God,” and Hitler (Smith)


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SUPPORTING LIGHTHOUSE TRAILS: For those who would like to support Lighthouse Trails, we always appreciate both your prayers and your giving. And for those who have faithfully done that over the years, we thank you with all of our hearts. We know that some people may have the impression that Lighthouse Trails does quite well financially because we sell products that we publish and because our resources have had such a far reach; but, the truth is, it takes everything made through sales to keep Lighthouse Trails operating. Publishing, at least for small presses such as ours, is rarely a high-profit business. It would take a best seller to see that, one that the masses of people love. And because we are not just a business, but even more so a ministry, we keep our prices as low as we can, give away many resources, and have also made much of our material available for free on the research site and blog. That's not how big corporations run things as that would hurt the bottom line (profit), but we see the needs out there, and we trust God to keep us going as long as He sees fit.

We thank you in advance for seeing the value in a ministry like Lighthouse Trails and coming along side us with your prayers and support.

It is our prayer that we will faithfully be humble servants of the Lord’s work for years to come should the Lord tarry. If you would like to donate to Lighthouse Trails, you may send a donation by mailing it to: Lighthouse Trails, P.O. Box 908, Eureka, MT 59917. Or you may call 866/876-3910. There is also a donate option on our store website. (There is also a PayPal option on that page.)

Lighthouse Trails is not a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, so your donations will not be tax deductible.


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The Lighthouse Trails Research journal is a 32-page subscription-based journal mailed to your home, office, or church and can be ordered at any time during the year. Your subscription (which will entitle you to a full twelve months of journals-6 issues) will start when you subscribe. Click here to read more information or click here to sign up. Subscription rate: $15/year (6 issues) for U.S.; $29 for Canada; $42 for other international. (There is no added postage charged for the journal - the mailing costs are worked into the subscription fee.)

When you sign up, you will receive the most current issue of the journal at the time you subscribe. Click here to subscribe now. You can order past subscriptions for $3.

You may purchase subscriptions for friends, family members, pastors, etc. Just put that person's name in the ship to area when ordering online.

Call 866/876-3910 or e-mail

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For various addresses, just order single subscriptions,or mail in the addresses and payment.

NOTE: This subscription-based journal can be used in addition to this free e-newsletter you are getting in your e-mail box (the e-newsletter will continue to be sent out 2-4 times a month via e-mail at no charge). (view sample issue of print journal) It's never too late to subscribe for the print journal - anytime is fine.



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Shepherd's Bible Verse Tea - Sampler BoxIn 2010, Lighthouse Trails began a small organic tea division as a way to help support the ministry of Lighthouse Trails. Thus the creation of Shepherd's Bible Verse Tea. Each tea bag has a string with a tag, and on each tag is a KJV Bible verse (95 verses used). Since the tea division began, we have had many people tell us how much they love our tea. We hope you will consider getting a box and trying it out. It is a wonderful gift too and helps to remind people about God's wonderful Word.

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