Resources for Researchers

Valuable resources to use for studying the Word  and for researching.

Also see our resources for webmasters.

"Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world."
I John 4:1

Google News Alerts
Google Alerts
You can receive free news alerts on any topic or name. Every time that topic appears in the news or on the web anywhere, you will receive a news alert from google.

Clairmont Colleges Digital Library
An excellent resource for many different documents (e.g., correspondence between Bob Buford and Peter Drucker, letter from Rick Warren to Peter Drucker, etc.)

MegaChurch Sermons Database
For research only - not listed as an endorsement
Use Caution and Discernment

Internet Archive - Wayback Machine
Way Back Machine
Take a look at any website on a past date.

Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability
A good source when researching various Christian organizations. Often provides email addresses for correspondence.

Go to Amazon, type in the person's name, and a list of his or her books will appear. Many of them allow you to look on the inside, table of contents, front and back cover, etc. through their "Search Inside the Book" feature. You can also see which books the author cites and even read excerpts of those citations. Sample chapters are also usually offered.

Use Google and other search engines. When typing in a name, try using quotation marks around the name to narrow your search. After typing in the name, trying doing various searches with different words (eg. contemplative, ancient practices, spiritual formation, etc.)
An excellent place to buy used books. If you are looking for some titles to study for your research and don't want to buy the books new, try this out. It's a safe and secure website, affiliated with ebay. Usually provides fast delivery too.

Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia
An Internet encyclopedia where anyone can leave information about any topic.

World Clocks - Find Out What the Current Time is in Places Around the World


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