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... John MacArthur Says Emerging Church in "Disarray and Decline" Evidence Shows Differently In a July 2011 article titled "Grow Up. Settle Down. Keep ...
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... The "Kingdom of God" in the Emerging Church: A Theology of Despair and Hopelessness By Bob DeWaay Imagine a world where the polarity of time is ...
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... it's OK for Christians to quote those who teach false doctrine. Adherents of the emerging church and contemplative spirituality have basically turned Acts 17 into a license for a ...
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... Kimball and McManus' New Emerging Network Going From the Frying Pan into the Fire As Lighthouse Trails reported last week in our article, "Some Say ...
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... Brian McLaren's Mystery Project Out of the Bag CANA Initiative A Gathering of Emergents National Cathedral in Washington DC Recently, a reader brought to our attention a ...
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... Letter to the Editor: Is Compassion International Going Emergent? 2014 Update: To further illustrate how Compassion International is going down the contemplative/emergent path, in April ...
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... NEW BOOKLET: How to Know When the Emerging Church Shows Signs of Emerging Into Your Church How to Know When the Emerging Church Shows Signs of Emerging Into ...
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... The Merging of Native Spirituality and the Emerging Church... for the "Healing" of the Nations? By Nanci Des Gerlaise (First Nations Cree ...
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... Emerging Spirituality Bridging the Gap between Good and Evil by Roger Oakland The serpent's temptation of Eve in the Garden of Eden, that we can be like ...
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... NEW BOOKLET TRACT: Native Spirituality "Renewal"& the Emerging Church Native Spirituality "Renewal"& the Emerging Church written by Nanci Des Gerlaise is our ...
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