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... DOES YOUR PASTOR KNOW THAT YOGA AND CHRISTIANITY ARE NOT COMPATIBLE? LTRP Note: We are hearing more and more reports about evangelical churches embracing Yoga. If ...
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... NEW PRINT BOOKLET TRACT: YOGA and Christianity – Are They Compatible? YOGA and Christianity – Are They Compatible? written by Chris Lawson is our newest Lighthouse ...
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... NEW BOOKLET: YOGA: Exercise or Religion — Does it Matter? YOGA: Exercise or Religion — Does it Matter? by Ray Yungen is our newest ...
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... Church Contemplative Prayer& Spiritual Formation Purpose Driven Movement Remember the Holocaust Sensitive Issues Biographies YOGA- Just Exercise or a Hindu Religion? Check out our Database on YOGA ...
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... "Namaste Nation" – New 2016 Study Shows Staggering Growth in Yoga in America! photo from; used with permission LTRP Note: The following article ...
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... for informational and research purposes. June 21st was the United Nations International Day of Yoga. BBC News Millions of people around the world have rolled out their yoga ...
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... A Former New Age Follower Talks About "Christian Yoga" By Caryl Matrisciana "Christian Yoga?" Many people try to separate the exercises of Yoga from ...
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... Southern California Mariner's Church Wraps Up "Holy Yoga" Sessions (And Answering the Question: "Are Yoga Positions Harmless?") The popular mega Mariner's ...
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... "Christian" Yoga? by Understand the Times with Roger Oakland "Yes to Yoga: Can a Christian breathe air that has been offered to idols? ...
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... Letter to the Editor: My Children Asked to Read About Benefits of Yoga in School To Lighthouse Trails: My kids are taking an AP English class and ...
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