In the Sphere of Silence

Blanchard's latest endorsement of the New Age Movement centers around Vijay Eswaran's book, In the Sphere of SILENCE, which made its American debut on June 4, 2005. According to Eswaran,

The Sphere of Silence, if it is practiced properly, is a very powerful tool. It is not just oriented to any one religion, it is universally accepted and practiced by almost all faiths on the planet. It is through silence that you find your inner being. (Vijay Eswaran, "Author's Message" on In the Sphere of SILENCE).

Of In the Sphere of SILENCE, Columnist Jojo Robles writes:

Eswaran's "Sphere" is a one-hour-a-day contemplative practice that aims to center one's self and "reclaim the other 23 hours" that make up one's day. Interspersed with beautiful quotes from sources as diverse as Mother Teresa of Calcutta to the Bhagavad-Gita, Eswaran guides those who would follow the path of silence "to harness the power of the mind" (Columnist Jojo Robles, "Eswaran's Silent Sphere," November 11, 2004).

Ken Blanchard, co-founder of Lead Like Jesus, writes:

Effective leadership is more than what we do; it starts on the inside. Great Leaders are able to tap inner wisdom and strength [sic] by cultivating the habit of solitude. This book is a wonderful guide on how to enter the realm of silence and draw closer to God. (Kenneth Blanchard, Co-author of The One Minute Manager & The Servant Leader, from the In the Sphere of SILENCE website)

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June 13, 2005 News Release on the American debut of In the Sphere of Silence and Ken Blanchard.

In The Sphere Of Silence Reaches Americans In A Deeply Personal ...
Heliographica (press release) - San Francisco,CA,USA ... Among those praising In The Sphere of Silence have been Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Successful People and Ken Blanchard, author of the One Minute ...

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