Robert Schuller and Rick Warren

Robert Schuller, Rick Warren — Their Connection and What That Means!

"And there's Rick Warren, a pastor who today is phenomenal. He came to our institute time after time. And in "Christianity Today," his wife was quoted as saying, "When we came to that institute, we were blown away." How God has blessed him. And today Rick Warren is blessing millions of people."—Robert Schuller at Crystal Cathedral, April 4, 2004

"Rick Warren admits that Robert Schuller ... had a great influence upon him. A man who believes it is wrong to call people sinners, a man who will not try to convert people of different religions influenced Rick Warren!"
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Rick Warren and Robert Schuller:

*The Spring '97 Evangelicals Concerned RECORD newsletter[a pro-homosexual organization] said, "More than 80 gay and lesbian pastors and lay leaders from the Metropolitan Community Churches participated in this year's Robert Schuller Institute for Successful Church Leadership at Schuller's Crystal Cathedral." The speakers included Bill Hybels, John Maxwell and Rick Warren. "...he [Warren] and Kay [his wife] drove west to visit Robert Schuller's Institute for Church Growth. Schuller, though, won them over."Christianity Today

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Robert Schuller and Contemplative Spirituality

"I discovered the reality of that dynamic dimension in prayer that comes through visualizing..... Don't try to understand it. Just start to enjoy it! It's true. It works. I tried it."—Robert Schuller
(The Fourth Dimension, Foreword) Schuller's Possibility Thinking Gospel

"The most effective mantras employ the "M" sound. You can get the feel of it by repeating the words, 'I am, I am,' many times over.... Transcendental Meditation or TM... is not a religion nor is it necessarily anti-Christian." (Peace of Mind Through Possibility Thinking, pp. 131-32)—Robert Schuller


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