Rick Warren and the New Age

Faith Undone by Roger OaklandLearn about Rick Warren's connections to the emerging church - read Faith Undone by Roger Oakland

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Contemplative and New Age!

Saddleback Church is telling thousands of people to study NavPress' Discipleship Journal as a "Bible study tool."

So what exactly is Discipleship Journal?

Take a look at a few of these DJ articles ...

1. Lessons in Prayer from the Great Spiritual Mentors by Timothy Jones: "I had gone on a personal spiritual retreat at a monastery; while there I picked up a card printed with a prayer by Thomas Merton . . . I worked to make Merton's prayer my own." More

2. The Listening Side of Prayer by Stacey Padrick: "I have learned to hear His voice through listening prayer—what some call contemplative prayer ... I slowly inhale, saying to myself Jesus' name, and with each exhalation I release a fear or worry that is on my mind. Then, I continue to think on Jesus' name, yet each time I exhale I think on a characteristic of Jesus." Entire article

3. Introducing Lectio Divina by Luke Dysinger

Other topics in Discipleship Journal, right into the hearts of the world through Rick Warren:

Rick Warren Distorts the Instructions of Jesus to Fit His Global Peace Plan

On August 17th, acclaimed interviewer and broadcast journalist Charlie Rose interviewed Rick Warren. You may listen to this broadcast by clicking here. (You will have to let this file load.)

In the interview, Rose and Warren discuss the Purpose Driven Life paradigm and its relation to Christianity in North America and around the world. Here are a few of the comments:

1. Rick Warren states there are over 2 billion Christians in the world, and says that this number includes hundreds of millions of Catholics.

2. Warren said that, with regard to his book, "I couldn't figure out why it became such a phenomena. I think now it was because God wanted to provide a platform for these other issues we care about." (Warren's 5 global giants)

3. "I've been taking people, irreligious people, people with no background in any kind of faith or they haven't been to church or synagogue or temple in forty years ... and we take them where they need to be.... My goal is to move the American church [away] from self-centered consumerism.

This interview showed very clearly Warren's dream to see Christians and Catholics join together, stating that "minor doctrinal differences" should not keep them separated. "What I am interested in is bringing the church together ... we are never going to agree on a lot of things, but I found we do agree on purpose." He talked about the purposes that all Catholics and Protestants agree on. Read the rest of this article.

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