Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life and Ecumenism


1. Four references to well-known Catholic mystics in Purpose Driven Life:
a. mystic Brother Lawrence, p. 88
b. St. John of the Cross, p. 188
c. Catholic priest, Henri Nouwen, p. 188
d. Mother Theresa, p. 125, 231

Check out Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Catholics.


In November 2003, at a Saddleback church service, Rick Warren announced that Buddhist/New Age sympathizer Ken Blanchard has "signed on" to help implement Warren's global peace plan. This summer, Warren and Blanchard will be speaking throughout the world at the Willow Creek sponsored event, The Leadership Summit.

Purpose Driven Ecumenism
"According to Warren, (with the help of Chuck Colson) "one billion foot soldiers who have the promise of the power of God" and "have the Biblical mandate and the command of God" and "the moral authority to do it" – are being called on to establish the PEACE Plan. It looks to me as if the PEACE plan will have to be ecumenical in nature."—Roger Oakland


Synagogue 3000 Aims to Increase Jewish Worshippers
with the help of Rick Warren
Spero News
"Evangelical Christian Rick Warren, and mega-church pastor, advized Synagogue 3000, an umbrella Jewish organization pushing for synagogue transformation.... According to Synagogue 3000, an umbrella organization pushing for synagogue transformation, there was "a pathbreaking meeting with Rick Warren." Read more ...

Rick Warren:
Not Interested in Converting Jews

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