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According to a Wall Street Journal article written by WSJ reporter Michael Phillips on December 19th, 2005, Bruce Wilkinson "resigned in a huff from the African charity he founded." Wilkinson, author of Prayer of Jabez, moved to Africa with his family in 2002 with the hopes of rescuing one million orphans. The article states: "Mr. Wilkinson won church loads of followers in Swaziland but left them bereft and confused ... his departure left critics convinced he was just another in a long parade of outsiders who have come to Africa making big promises and quit the continent when local people didn’t bend to their will."

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"The Dream Maker by Bruce Wilkinson, the famed author of The Prayer of Jabez, tells us that every person on earth has been given a "Big Dream" to pursue. He prods us to let go of the "Familiar," stand up against the nay-saying "Border Bullies," and follow that dream into the Land of Promise. The main antagonists in this "parable" are those concerned parents or pastors who might wisely question an exciting, feeling-based "Dream" or captivating adventure into the unknown....

"Since Mr. Wilkinson's books have inspired millions of people and influenced countless ministries around the world, The Dream Giver warrants our scrutiny.  Four questions we might ask are:

  • What kind of a dream is his "Big Dream"?  
  • Does the Dream Giver in the book present or misrepresent the ways of our Lord?
  • Would this Dream-Driven journey be based on our personal strengths and wants or on God's Grace and Word?

Are Rick Warren and Bruce Wilkinson Working Towards the Same "Dream?"

Read the documentation - Decide for Yourself:

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