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Global Mind Change by Willis HarmanWillis Harman
Institute for Noetic Sciences

"There never has been a more lucid interpretation of New Age consciousness and what it promises for the future than the works of Willis Harman."
From the front cover.

Is Christianity Today Confused?

Christianity Today calls Willis Harman a father of the New Age movement and a metaphysical futurist but recommends Leonard Sweet who says Willis Harman helped him find "New Light." One must ask, Why is Rick Warren on the front and back cover of Leonard Sweet's book, Soul Tsunami?

Read the Christianity Today article—
The Higher Self Gets Down to Business
"The esoteric use of ordinary words like self-actualization, intuition, and visualization in the New Business spirituality (see "Utopia or Kingdom Come?" p. 36) cannot be appreciated without considering their role in the cosmic scheme of the movement's unofficial father: metaphysical futurist Willis Harman. Harman, who died in 1997, founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences and helped start the World Business Academy. Noetic comes from the Greek word for intuitive knowing. Intuition was no mere "gut feeling" for Harman, but the very means of connecting to the one Universal Mind. Nor was visualization merely a means of clarifying goals, but of altering material reality. Both intuition and visualization were central in the evolution of consciousness that Harman envisioned. Gathering the philosophical, scientific, and paranormal wisdom of the ages, Harman developed a metaphysical vision of the planet in which business, as the emerging dominant power, would play a central role. Harman's vision fits, if not defines, the New Age tenet of mystical evolution."Read More ... —Christianity Today, 2003

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