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What Others Have to Say About Richard's Letter

What Others Have to Say About Richard's Letter

See Richard's Letter (Christian Man Practices Contemplative)

Please tell Richard from Florida a huge thank you for the letter he sent to you regarding his experience with "centering prayer." I am fighting this heresy with close friends and Richard's letter will hopefully be very useful in the battle (actually the Lord's battle, but I am in the middle of it).

Richard's letter was very helpful to me. Even more uplifting was Simon's (South Africa) response. I identified with everything he had to say, especially the part of suffering mild depression by being told by the contemplatives that my faith in Jesus was not enough and that my spirituality was weak and if I did not "get the anointing", etc. I have wondered many times if I was missing out on something. Thank you Simon, thank you! I know that I am not missing out on anything at all and this is exactly what the Bible has been constantly telling me. I agree totally with Simon where he said "Be careful; don't add anything to your Faith in Christ Jesus!" Do not add anything! It is by Faith in Jesus alone I know I am saved." I really did need to hear those words.


I want to say thank you for the latest newsletter where Richard from Florida shared his story about how he got involved in contemplative prayer. I too was confused by their teachings for a long time, it seemed like my "spirituality" was never good enough and that Faith in Jesus was "just not enough" it really did seem that way and I suffered severe depression because of the heavy burden that the contemplatives put on "spirituality."

I thank God for the day I came upon Lighthouse Trails ministries, on the pages on your website I found many helpful articles that opened my eyes to the dangerous heresies of the contemplatives. Many of my friends still think I have gone a bit mad, because from recommending the books of the likes of Brennan Manning and Richard Foster; I have gone to the opposite, recommending the Bible above all other books. Strange that Christians so lightly esteem the Bible. I know I did, until I hit rock bottom in the spirituality of the contemplatives and was considering "alternative spirituality as an option.

Until I read the book by Ray Yungen, about where all this strange "spirituality" was headed, I really did not think it was such a big deal and I see now that the devil really waits till you hit a low in your low to make you consider things that are not of God. I now propagate that according to the Scriptures I am justified by faith alone, and saved by grace alone and above all others, I value and treasure my Bible, and all off a sudden my friends and family think I have become conservative and eccentric. Truly our God is a God who is gracious.

I wish I could say to more people "Be careful; don't add anything to your Faith in Christ Jesus!" Do not add anything! It is by Faith in Jesus alone I know I am saved. It is hard and sometimes bitterly lonely, when even your local church is permeated with these foreign practices. I have spoke to our elders too and many of them do not see it! The road indeed is very narrow that God ordained for the Christian to travel and the notion to add to your faith, works and prayers centered on the inner self is so prevalent.

The common response I still get is, so what is wrong with centering prayer? What is wrong with the writings of contemplative authors?... I must not be so narrow minded!! God loves everybody and all roads lead to Rome, don't they. It requires a steadfast faith in Christ Jesus and the Bible as the infallible Word of God to escape these heresies. They are so subtle and I too was ensnared by them.

I thank God that I never felt comfortable with them though. So to our friend Richard in Florida I simply say: God bless you—your testimony is powerful, and God will pull down many strongholds only stand firm in your faith in God's Word alone. It is sometimes a very lonely road but when it comes to matters of our eternal destiny, we cannot compromise. To my friends at Lighthouse Trails, God bless you for your ministry, I pray many more will receive the light of the glorious gospel through your ministry and be delivered from the terrible deception of contemplative prayers and the occultist roads it leads to. God knows. I wish with all my heart that Christians everywhere would see this deception for what it is and be spared the pain I experienced. Be alert! the enemy of our souls comes in like an angel of the light. Grace and Peace Be with you.

South Africa

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