NEW AGE Pathways in the Church

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by Let Us Reason Ministries

By now, there should be no doubt that the new age movement has permeated the culture with its beliefs and practices. Year after year the public has become more exposed to its teachings through the TV, magazines and the spiritual trends in society used by the populace (yoga, meditation, relaxation techniques for our stressed out lives.)

This new spirituality that was once underground, practiced by a few in the 60s and 70s is now one of the most popular lifestyles, many of its tenets and practices are now accepted – even by the church. In fact many in the church promote out right new age occultism without barely a challenge.

Both My wife and I came out of the new age movement and we were practicing nearly the same type of spiritual exercises that are now being used inside the church, the only difference were the terms used to identify the practice. To see this taking place is very disturbing. What makes it more dangerous is that those who are promoting these endeavors do not want to listen to others who have been down this path before they became Christians. They ignore their warnings and reject the facts and try to undermine the person. Click here to continue reading this article.