4 Comments on BBC News: “Billy Graham: Influential US Evangelist Dies at 99”

Anonymous said : Guest 10 months ago

have a read on this sad story https://www.wayoflife.org/database/billy_graham_and_rome.html

CW said : Guest 10 months ago

I grew up attending a dead church which gave lip service only to the Lord. I heard Billy Graham preach on television during those same years, and he clearly proclaimed that the ONLY way to Heaven was through Jesus Christ, also teaching other true and wonderful Bible lessons. The Lord used him in a powerful way to reach me and show me my need for Jesus. My life was completely changed when I became a child of God. I'm not sure what happened, but somewhere along the line Graham changed. I saw him on Larry King's television show in the late '90s, and couldn't believe my ears when King asked him directly if he (a Jew) needed Jesus, to be saved, to go to Heaven, and Graham minced words, not giving the clear message I had always heard him preach before. Then in more recent years I read that he made unbiblical statements about Muslims and others. This is very humbling to me; it says that none of us can take anything for granted; we need to ABIDE in the LORD always, enduring to the end as Christ Jesus said.

Karen braden said : Guest 10 months ago

Sadly, this man did more damage to the church than good. It saddens me, that as a result from his death, we will probably see his books, sermons, and ecumenical ( inclusive) mindset, re- circulated, and embraced like never before. We have been educated, and warned sufficiently, by the Word of God, that we are to test all spirits, to know, whether they are of God, or, not of God! That's 1 John 4:1. Billy Graham claimed that there are many ways unto salvation, denying that our Lord, Jesus Christ is the only way. The people that he was associated with ( the Pope being a major one), Robert Schuler, and many more, should be cause enough for a Christian to question Graham's teachings in direct comparison to the Bible. The enemy masquerades as light, and as good, and usually under the name of "Christian". Just like the emergent, or, N.A.R. so called "churches" that we are seeing today. It grieves my spirit to say that Billy Graham helped to set the stage for a one world church, and all inclusive mindset. That is the furthest thing from the truth of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Craig Giddens said : Guest 10 months ago

.... probably one of the most influential persons in the ecumenical movement ... bridged evangelicals and catholics ...

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