Global Pastors Network – Embracing Contemplative

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The Global Pastor’s Network (GPN) (co-founded by the late Bill Bright) offers “teaching and training” to pastors around the world (in over 200 nations). According to their website, they are “bringing the finest vision-casting and training to pastors who may not have easy access to the Internet. Due to the size of this global vision, synergistic thinking from many different viewpoints have produced the scope, substance and strategy required to complete the Great Commission in our lifetime.” While the hope of GPN may be to “complete the Great Commission,” this “synergistic thinking from many different viewpoints” incorporates contemplative spirituality (i.e., spiritual formation) and is going to leave a trail of spiritual devastation in the lives of millions of people. GPN-influenced pastors will be introducing their congregations to spiritual practices and beliefs that are contrary to the Word of God and will ultimately negate the Great Commission all together.

Under the GPN Division of Studies is the Spiritual Formation division. Dr. Thomas Trask, the Spiritual Formations Chair for GPN, “represents more than 500 million Pentecostals.” Trask’s GPN Spiritual Formations program consists of 29 key courses. 1 Instructors include contemplative proponents like Dallas Willard (“Setting Self Disciplines”), and Dutch Sheets (“Solitude and Silence”). The GPN video library includes materials by contemplative proponents Rick Warren, Jack Hayford, Max Lucado as well as David Jeremiah and Erwin Lutzer (both who promote contemplative teachers).

One author that GPN uses to train pastors around the world is Southern Baptist, Ed Stetzer (research team director and missiologist at the North American Mission Board). Stetzer believes that Southern Baptists should “jump in” to the Emergent Church conversation.2. Stetzer is one of several GPN influencers who is sympathetic to the emerging church movement, even though mysticism (contemplative spirituality) is the core spirituality behind the movement.

The Global Pastor’s Network is quickly becoming a major conduit for contemplative spirituality around the world. The ramifications of this are serious and alarming given the wide scope of influence that GPN has.

For those who question GPN’s level of influence, a look at their sponsors should eliminate any doubt.

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