Overlake Church and Revolution Conference

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Recently we were contacted by a member of Overlake Church in Redmond, Washington who shared with us concerns about Overlake’s affinity with contemplative and emerging spiritualities. Overlake Church is a non-denominational church that states it “believes the Bible to be divinely inspired and inerrant.” However, this November they will be hosting the Revolution Conference, which will feature Brian McLaren and other speakers who promote the emerging church and contemplative spirituality. The conference is for “Young (18-35)/emerging leaders, practitioners of all ages and pastors looking for validation, acceptance, hope and partnership.” Workshops will offer an array of topics on the emerging church and contemplative spirituality.

An interview introduction with two of the speakers says the following:

Christine Wicker and Helen Mildenhall used to be dedicated church goers. They have both left the building and the religion called Christianity. Why? What was it about our religion that made life less abundant and more difficult for them? Why do they still find themselves interested in Jesus? What do they think we could do to improve?

Partners of the event include the contemplative George Fox Evangelical Seminary and Mars Hill Graduate School.

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