Miss California: Hero or Cautionary Tale?

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LTRP Note: Last week, Lighthouse Trails posted an article about Miss California’s statement on national television at the Miss America beauty pageant. We posted the article because it showed that a young woman had more courage than “America’s Pastor” (Rick Warren), who recently reneged on his anti-homosexual marriage statements last year. Since posting the article, we have been contacted by some concerned Christian women who feel that, while Miss California certainly did right in defending the traditional view of marriage (between a man and a woman), we cannot point to her as a role model for young women because of the nature of the beauty pageant wherein women must walk in front of millions wearing almost nothing during bathing suit competition. In a day and age when pornography is wrecking havoc in the lives of men, women, and children, like never before, we cannot compromise–too many are getting hurt. Thus, we have removed the article and apologize if we have offended any women and stumbled any men. We are also linking to a commentary that Ingrid Schlueter of Slice of Laodicea has written today regarding this issue. What she has to say is worth considering.

Miss California: Hero or Cautionary Tale?
Ingrid Schlueter
Slice of Laodicea

The moral confusion among supposedly conservative Christians has been drawn out by, of all things, a beauty pageant. Conservative, “pro-family” activists, bloggers and pastors continue to swoon days later after Miss California responded in a politically incorrect fashion to a question posed her during the swimsuit competition. Christian bloggers and commentators, most of them male, continue to exalt Miss Prejean to the status of a Christian Woman for All Seasons. Rarely has there been this kind of uniform praise for any Christian woman taking a stand on the issue of homosexuality or anything else. Ordinarily, Christian women who take a stand for what is right are told to go home and shut up. Is there a connection between a great body and female credibility among Christian males today? But then that’s another post. Click here to read this entire commentary.


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