23 UK schools ditch Christian school assemblies for Islamic or interfaith worship

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Birmingham News
(courtesy Underground News US)

A COUNCILLOR has blasted Birmingham schools for ditching traditional Christian assemblies in favour of Islamic or multi-faith worship.

Twenty-three city schools no longer provide morning prayers, which are endorsed by law. Instead they have applied for an exemption from the council.

The revelations come as figures show Asian children now outnumber white pupils in Birmingham primary schools for the first time.

Coun John Lines, Cons, said: “We’re still a Christian society in Britain and giving up these traditional assemblies is sad. We should be making more people aware of Christianity.We accept and recognise other faiths but this is Britain and we are still Christians.”

Director of The Christian Institute, Colin Hart, said: “The worst thing of all that schools can do, whether they have a determination or not, is a multi-faith mish mash.” Click here to continue reading.

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