1. anne

    That is rather dumb. John you made me laugh out loud! I have been sleeping like that myself and I just never knew it was ‘the easiest pose’. It’s almost as though someone is mocking us. He He

  2. John J

    There’s a (dying) yoga position for any problem, didn’t you know?
    Who wants to meditate upon the Creator of everything’s Word? That is so almost 10,000 years ago. What does He know, anyway? He (or she, or whatever), is not in the Me-Too movement.

    By the way, I got myself into this very difficult yoga pose and have been in it for most of my life; maybe I’m kidding and maybe I’m being sarcastic (oh, no!).

    This is it (don’t try it; just read and laugh and warn):

  3. anne

    No wonder it seems everyone is acting differently. When one realizes that in every area of life today ‘meditation’ is used in all programs in every agency, governments, hospitals, schools, work places, Dr. offices, etc., and even church for babies to the elderly, from birth to nursing homes to hospice. The cure for ailing sinful souls without of course the Bible which is the place we all should go instead, but we are not allowed to use it for it has been banned! Even in church, we have fleshly cures and programs for what should be repentance and or separation in a ‘judge not’ society. 1 John 1:6-10

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