Bryce Homes Kenya—Year-End Report

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One of the Bryce families in Kenya

LTRP Note: Lighthouse Trails readers have been supporting Roger Oakland’s Bryce Homes for Widows and Children Program in Kenya for many years. Below is a year-end report from the board members and overseeing pastors in Kenya. Also, check out the new slideshow (below) we put together with some of the photos from 2020. Please remember to pray for the Bryce Home widows and children in Kenya. This year has been a particularly challenging year. To become a support partner or to learn more about the Bryce Homes Program in Kenya, please visit Roger Oakland’s website,

Year-End Report From Kenya Board

Bryce Homes Kenya has every reason to thank God for this timely program that has been putting smiles on the faces of orphan children and widows at a time the world continue to battle with the effects of covid-19 pandemic. It is now ten years since this program humbly began in Kenya with Roger Oakland as the steward with the help of UTT and Light House Trails. We, the Bryce Homes Board in Kenya, have always been keenly following the growth of this program by conducting a general assessment through the testimonies from every beneficiary. These homes are branded as BH and accorded numbers. We are currently overseeing 33 BHs.

Every month, we take two day trips to reach out to every BH at the doorstep unless a home is inaccessible. During the monthly trip, we serve every BH with the foodstuff and laundry. Click here to continue reading report.

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  1. Jeffry

    Thank God for Bryce Homes for widows and children’s programs in Kenya. Missionary work done for the Lord. Pray that theyWill continue till we hear the shout that takes us all Home. Many of the Missionaries that I know come to America for a break but can’t wait to return to their mission field because they say most Americans do not want to hear the Gospel. How sad but true. God Bless all of them.

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