BACK TO SCHOOL – Is Your College Student Safe?

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Pretty soon, it is back to school, and thousands of teens and young adults will be flooding the doors of Christian colleges and seminaries. For nearly five years now, we have been researching Christian colleges and seminaries, have spoken to countless professors and several presidents and have found that most of these higher education institutions are either heading into or are already saturated with contemplative/emerging spirituality. From recommended booklists to classroom-required textbooks to Chapel speakers to college-sponsored conferences, the schools are endorsing, promoting and teaching this New Age, anti-biblical belief system. On our Contemplative Colleges page, you can see the many we have already listed. The list continues to grow as contemplative spirituality races into and overtakes much of Christendom. We have provided this list as a warning and resource for parents and students.

If you are getting ready to send your young adult child to a Christian college or seminary, please take some time to find out whether that institution will be promoting contemplative prayer and the emerging church. If they have a Spiritual Formation program, find out which books are going to be used. (See below for a list of some of the more popular contemplative authors used in colleges and seminaries.)

Christian Colleges That Do Not Promote Contemplative/Emerging: If you know of a Bible-believing Christian college or seminary that does not promote contemplative or emerging and does not have a Spiritual Formation program, please drop us an email and tell us the name of the institution. We would like to post some of these on our research site. A few that we know of are:

Corban College (formerly Western Baptist College – Oregon)

Pillsbury Baptist Bible College (Minnesota)

Bob Jones University (South Carolina)

Calvary Chapel Bible College (California)

Each of the schools listed above do not have a Spiritual Formation program, nor do we know of any promotion of contemplative prayer or the emerging church within the school. They also do not promote Purpose Driven materials, which are a catalyst for contemplative spirituality.

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