Random House Buys Multnomah Publishers

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This month, Random House publishers purchased the Oregon-based Multnomah Publishers. See Multnomah press release.

Multnomah isn’t the first Christian publisher that is owned by a secular corporation. Random House also owns Waterbrook Press while Zondervan has been owned by Harper Collins since the late 80s.

While the purchase of Multnomah by a secular company will concern some folks, Multnomah has been publishing contemplative/emerging books long before they were bought out. They have published books by Brennan Manning as well as titles by Bruce Wilkinson, Philip Yancey, and Andy Stanley.

If Random’s other “Christian” imprint, Waterbrook Press, is any indication of the future of Multnomah, we can expect an even stronger emphasis on contemplative, emerging and New Age spiritualities. While WaterBrook Press considers itself to be an “evangelical” publishing house, it publishes books by emerging church/contemplative authors Leonard Sweet, Dan Allender, Doug Pagitt, Chuck Smith Jr, Steve Rabey, and Lauren Winner.

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