Does ‘No Name-Calling Week’ Include Christians?

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by Linda Harvey

If your school has launched a bullying prevention program, it will most likely be a big focus this winter. Many schools will observe “No Name-Calling Week” in late January.

But is respect for Christians part of these “no name-calling” lessons? Or does this effort in reality create more division by labeling and stereotyping objections to homosexuality? The labels are “homophobia,” or “hate,” or claiming that opposing cross-dressing is “heterosexism.” Thousands of us are highly offended because it’s not true. I know my own heart and there’s no hate there; there is in fact, grave concern for these kids, lots of prayers, etc. Yet I and others will never change our minds about homosexuality, because we know the truth. I used to approve of homosexuality but changed my mind when I got more information, not less.

The truth is, homosexuality itself is hateful.Click here to read this entire article by Linda Harvey of Mission America.